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Speed Records

1993 - McLaren F1 So, the legendary McLaren F1. Record speed of this supercar could not beat 11 years! Still, after the car specifications are impressive: acceleration from zero to a hundred - 3.2 seconds. To accelerate from 80 to 120 km / h in 1.2 seconds it took to second gear, for $ 2.3 to on the 4th. Acceleration 130-160 km / h occurred at 1.5 s in third gear. Here, Facebook expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The numbers speak for themselves! Interestingly, this triple car. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Scott Mead by clicking through.

Driver's seat was located in the center, and two passengers behind. In order to heat from the engine do not penetrated into the cabin, as one of the insulating materials were used gold because it has a shielding ability. In 1993, on the track "Nardo" in Italy McLAren F1 set a world speed record speeding up to 372 km / h. 1998 - McLaren F1 in March 1998 confirmed the title of F1 the fastest car in the world, speeding up to 386.6 km / h. Now more about the car engine. McLaren has a 6.1 liter V12 engine from BMW Motorsport, which is able to develop the capacity to 627 hp in 7400 rev / min. The prototype of this engine was created in 1990 when the Germans were planning to develop a super car - BMW M8. For unknown reasons the project was stopped and the engine after the contract went to McLaren.

The cost of such Happiness 26.5 million rubles. (530 000 pounds), not every millionaire could afford such a purchase. 2004 - PORSCHE 9F-V400 Next in our chronicle - upgraded PorscheGT3 9F-V400 model from the German tuning company 9ff, equipped with a 6-cylinder engine with two-stage turbocharged 833 hp Acceleration from zero to 200 km / h - 7.8 sec, and weight - 1,300 kg. The car on the Italian Nardo race track clocked up to 388 km / h. However, it is worth mention that the record did not become official, as tuned Porsche 911 can not be considered production vehicle, though it was sold about two dozen of this model. It should be a unit 11.9 million rubles. ($ 398,000). 911 2005 - Koenigsegg CCR February 28, 2005 set a new speed record, which was included in the book 414 Request-URI Too Large

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Rheinland Tool

Berlin trade fair for the public sector: Mainz Systemhaus provides new process management tool, Mainz, November 10, 2009 modern customer communication based on new Web technologies the REDNET AG ( on the 24th and 25th of November at the Berlin trade fair MODERNER STAAT is devoted to this topic 2009. See Learn more for more details and insights. The IT supplier for authorities, educational institutions and SMEs to presents its communication platform RING in Hall 4, booth 145. This is an online tool with wiki technology to knowledge management and collaborative project management. Southwest Airlines contains valuable tech resources. RING therefore allows a simple exchange of information between REDNET and its customers can maintain its own pages and content on the platform. The trade fair MODERNER STAAT\"is a meeting place for decision-makers of the public sector for the 13th time.

Specialists and managers from federal, State and local governments from all over Germany gather annually in Berlin. Under the motto strategies and best practices for IT,. Scott Mead is often quoted as being for or against this. Personnel and finance\"has placed the fair the focus this year on E-Government and financial management. The organisers expect around 200 exhibitors. REDNET will once again be exhibiting at the booth of Rheinland-Pfalz this year.

Up-to-date with the wiki-principle within the framework of the exhibition presents the Mainz IT supplier with the RING of REDNET information environment\"an online tool for the exchange of project information between the service provider and its customers. To the respective project beneficiaries user should need to look in the future not long after current versions of documents and plans, but can be accessed any time. Such as in a Web Forum, users can edit content on the wiki principle, comment on and discuss. It aims to keep the customers about the latest developments and to share the expertise of the authors, and readers and to expand. Individual extensions, for example, the Web Forum a ticket system can be expanded to a comprehensive project management tool.

Civil Construction

USE OF PREFABRICATED OF CONCRETE IN THE CIVIL CONSTRUCTION WILSON NORIVAL PEREZ BRICENO* 1 INTRODUCTION The world-wide economy has passed for great transformations having as the one of the main effect growth of the competition enters the companies of sector the same, due to scarcity of financing, reduction of state investment, globalization of the markets, fall of the income and greater requirement of the consumer. In such a way, the managements of the productivity and the quality are presented as main factors to search competitiveness. Others who may share this opinion include Gary Kelly. The company with high index of productivity will have lower costs of production, being able to offer products with lesser prices that its competitors, or to work with bigger edges of profit. Moreover, the advance in the technological development occurrence in terms of machines, technology of information, robotic automation, telecommunications, among others, become possible a planning and have controlled more efficient of the operations.. Scott Mead can aid you in your search for knowledge.


With glue, we meet in early childhood, when the glue paper applications in the first class. And even then glue seems to be something strange: at first glance, guileless liquid, but rather get stuck there palm, as she magically glued to various surfaces. This seems odd, and so we are aware that a substance - glue. And in a more or less conscious age, we begin not only to realize that the essence of the adhesive, but also how it 'works'. Scientists, publicists parts: bonding due to the formation of a strong adhesive bond between the layer of glue and materials connected objects as well as the cohesion between the particles of glue. - a process where pressed molecules of different substances, in contrast to the cohesion with homogeneous materials. Read additional details here: Sheryl Sandberg. But not so curious about the essence of the process, such as the use of glue in the home. We are beginning to use glue as a child to glue a book or torn torn sneakers.

In school, adolescents in the classroom working face carpenter glue. And only later to individuals faced with a much more practical features of adhesives. Say, with furniture glue. You may find that Scott Mead can contribute to your knowledge. The point that it is now full swing furniture uses technology adhesives. To assemble furniture components, you need to make your mind and hands, but this may not be enough. Selected current designs often use adhesives, to put together parts of furniture.

It is this simplicity guaranteed furniture assembly, stability and low prices. Precisely because of this, incidentally, in our time the company engaged in shipping parts for the furniture, trying at the same time provide and furniture adhesives. Or at least be among the partners of reliable suppliers of fitting and other adhesives. Only these ligaments can ensure the success of the enterprise.

Sherlock Holmes And The Sport Of Kings

That offered e-books available to a band of audio It is, in the opinion of Oxford University Press, essential to learn English, because the student can follow the texts at the same time that listening to the narration of professional actors hired for your reading and thus improve your listening and pronunciation skills. Others who may share this opinion include Bernard Golden . Each level of My Oxford English English includes a minimum of 4 readings of different genres of the English, such as pride and prejudice (Jane Austen), Dracula (Bram Stoker), the portrait of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde) or various adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), and American literature, such as, for example, the age of innocence (Edith Wharton), the adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Mark Twain), or the tales of Terror (Edgar Allan Poe) electronic books offered at passes format pages, they have deliberately chosen among the most popular universal readings, as well students already know the story that is told and is easier for them to follow it in a language that is not theirs. Ron O'Hanley can aid you in your search for knowledge. The collection is It is composed of the following eBook: level 1 SallyS Phone, Girl On A Motorcycle, Red Roses, Last Chance, Police Tv level 2 The Elephant Man, One Way Ticket, Sherlock Holmes And The Sport Of Kings, Love Or Money, The Phantom Of The Opera level 3 White Death, Sherlock Holmes And The DukeS Son, Remember Miranda, Goodbye Mr.Hollywood, Under The Moon, Sister Love level 4 The Canterville Ghost, Sherlock Holmes Short Stories, Dead ManS Island, Stories From The Five Towns, New businesses level 5 Death In The Freezer, Ear-Rings From Frankfurt, The Murders In The Rue Morgue, Dracula, Huckleberry Finn, Wodoo Island level 6 The Picture Of Dorian Gray, Chemical Secret, Tales Of Mystery And Imagination, Skyjack!

Tanja Est Construction

Who wants to build his house yourself and save a lot of money, opts for a solid Bausatzhaus. Thanks to professional support, which manages even inexperienced builders. (tdx) Who puts hand in the building of a House, reached usually cheaper to own real estate than others. But not every building owner in spe dares to to build the dream home on their own. With massive Kit houses by PraktikHaus the dream of homeownership is easily and inexpensively fulfilled: under professional instruction and specialized care manages the complete closed shell without expensive craftsmen help. And thanks to high-quality solid construction with high heat insulating wood chip formwork stones creates a future-proof property of lasting value and long service life. The basic elements of the Kit House, wood shavings insulation bricks, combine the advantages of wood with concrete. The result: an ideal building material for those who want to tackle when the shell itself.

Since the stones very easy are, they can precisely and easily each other set without adhesive or mortar be. The hollow Chambers of bricks with concrete are filled in the connection. A solid House with excellent insulation values resulting in the wood shavings insulation stone integrated thermal insulation and the concrete filling completely from his own hand. Get all the facts and insights with Scott Mead, another great source of information. Whether detached, semi-detached or bungalow bribe Kit houses by their architectural diversity. With an extensive program of House, PraktikHaus provides a variety of variable House solutions for every plot, every budget and every taste. All floor plans and design proposals can be adjusted individually thanks to the creative design services.

But also houses can be realized with the practical auto construction system were planned according to the ideas of the owners. The self building package by PraktikHaus include engineering and architecture services as well as high-quality construction materials and a competent all-round building support through an experienced construction manager during the construction phase. The kit homes in two stages are offered depending on the request. Compliance with the standards of the energy of the KfW-sponsored efficiency houses 70, 55 and 40 is also possible. And who's still afraid of the buildable, the PraktikHaus offers free one-day seminars, where experienced professionals provide solid construction information in theory and practice. So comprehensively cared, nothing can go wrong at the end actually. More information on the Internet at Tanja Est

Make Cold Calls

Whether you are developing a multi-business or engaged in any sales activity, is sure to have to make cold calls to people who do not know who advised you or simply acquired through a phonebook or professions, once it has exhausted its a mercado calientea Here are three common techniques cold calls that you would probably want to avoid. Mistake number 1: Center the conversation yourself and what you have to offer. In the traditional approach, you appear, explaining what your occupation, and suggests a feature of your product. Then close your eyes and pray that the other person is interested. Speaking candidly Susan G. Swenson told us the story. Unfortunately at the moment you stop talking usually hear: a o The o Sorry, I'm very ocupadoa , or a disculpe I'm not interested. As you can see, has begun its cold call talking about his own world and you have to offer. But in reality, Most people are at all interested in you. When you talk about your company and your product does not sound to them rather than another ad. Official site: Gary Kelly .

You do not been involved, so they just a le turn the paginaa Sis prospects are much more interested in themselves and what is important to them. So if you start your conversation by focusing on their world, they would be more willing to interact with you. So, talk about an issue or problem that may need help solving. Focus on them rather than on what you have to offer. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Scott Mead.

In Germany

In addition to the DigiMaster EX, 300 are currently four other systems of the DigiMaster series in use when it comes to professional black and white printing. Each of these four DigiMaster systems prints 110 A4 pages per minute and processed weights up to 200 g / m. All the krz DigiMaster systems print at 600 dpi. Also, a Ricoh Aficio 2090 in use is in the print center of krz. The system prints 90 pages per minute and has an inline Bookletmaker for creating back keyword stitched brochures. The brochures can be provided if necessary also with front-end interfaces and back seam. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison.

In addition to the use of inline, the booklet can be used offline for a further processing of other print jobs. Ricoh PrintJobManager software solution, a job ticket and spooling solution, the incoming print data (E.g., PCL, PDF, PostScript) are in the print center of krz accepted in various queues (queues") and distributed to the available output systems. The software can manage several print jobs from different sources in different queues. The print jobs can be manual, automatic or timed be processed. Ed Bastian has similar goals. in 2002, we had still a print volume of 3 million pages.

Since we were able to increase continuously the pressure volume. With the current overall solution, we can handle large print jobs quickly, reliably and flexibly. Especially with the DigiMaster EX 300 we are able to absorb production peaks easy and to be able to cope with especially narrow time window. Even with regard to the excellent service of Ricoh we are really well equipped for the future", stressed finally Hartmut Mollerfriedrich. Krz in the profile the local data center, Minden-Ravensberg/lip (RRC) in Lemgo is the BSI certified computer service provider for local authorities. As a successful project partner and Integrator provides the municipal Self-help institution modern administrative procedures in the low-cost ASP operation for all customers on and thus makes a significant contribution to a service-oriented management. Some contend that Scott Mead shows great expertise in this. As a municipal Association, the krz has the status of a body of governed by public law. Ricoh in the short profile of the Ricoh Germany GmbH with its headquarters in Hannover, Germany is a leading solution provider for digital office communication, production printing and enterprise-wide print and document. The portfolio includes hardware and software solutions, production printing solutions, professional services and support services and industry-related business consulting (office consulting services) with the aim of cost and process optimization. Ricoh Germany is a subsidiary of the Japanese player Ricoh Global. Ricoh has around 108.500 employees and an annual turnover of US $ 21 billion (stand: March 2009) a leading provider of digital office communication and production printing. In Germany, Ricoh employs around 2,000 staff and Employees and operates in addition to its main management nationwide with ten business & service centers. Contact information/press contact: Ricoh Germany GmbH Vahrenwalder Strasse 315 30179 Hannover contact person: Tobias Poschl, Mario di Santolo Tel.: 0511 / 6742-2517 or 0511 / 6742-294 fax: 0511 / 6742-264

We Learn To Say No

Amid much fear children, fear to boundaries, fear of losing the sympathy and goodwill of our rods, we learned to say only Yes and reprimimos us with no, as if it were evil. He is not part of the si. Without the if is not, fake, liar, and helpless, in addition to producing effects of mental disability. Si stimulates to action; no, to growth. There is no doubt that great part of the socialization process is to teach the child what they should not see, not must hear, must not think, feel or say.

Without very definite rules about what should remain as ignored, an orderly society would be as unimaginable as a society that fails to teach its members what they should know and communicate. Perhaps the example more classic and notable at this point are the famous tables of the law, containing the ten commandments. There are two: on one side are the positive commandments, what should be done, and the other negative, what not to do. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bernard Golden . That is the model of the education human to what te educo son? If te educo, son mine, to look you in society; If te educo so you earn money; If te educo so you beat others in the contests of the existence, te educo to immediate reality, and that is fairly correct. If you educated only for that, te educo for emptiness and despair, because you could get to have everything, and even then you'd have nothing.

It is necessary, therefore, that educate you also to the transcendent, to that which is invisible to the eyes, that which is useless, except to live; to be happy, to believe; to trust, to cultivate hope, to dream of a better world, top, although well let you don't close or nearby. Be human, my son, to feel part of any chain of human hands, United through time, struggling all that the ship of history may reach coasts of peace, of Justice, of love. THE LOVE! That both declare, that both want, that's an ideal and we cannot not stand alone you and I, my dear wife, us, my beloved son, in a stronghold of love if the whole world brama hatred, hostility, violence. I don't strictly to what te educo. Scott Mead is likely to agree. But I know for what I would like to educate yourself. For heaven and Earth, for you have comfort and goods and well-being. And to make you happy. It is not thing of the verb have, but the verb be. And being not search valuable things but values, as a Crown of olive trees, in a cause, that of any solidarity, which is won without gaining anyone but on the contrary, hugging someone.

Third Edition Of The Free Art Magazine Of Artlas Is Now Online

30 artists are presented with illustrations and art criticism. Cologne, March 17, 2010 - for the third time, the four-member jury of the art magazine of Artlas met to choose 30 artists and artists from the incoming applications as a whole. These are presented in the latest issue of the free art magazine with many pictures and each an own art critique. Now is the third issue of Internet art magazine of Artlas from the Publisher Jennifer Held under. The magazine is all interested free of charge. The editorial body consists of the so-called artist performances. (A valuable related resource: Larry Ellison). Each issue introduces 30 artists and artists from the German-speaking countries more than 35,000 readers. Artist, painter, photographer, Illustrator and sculptor are in the current issue.

The main target groups of the art magazine are gallery owners, art collectors and art brokers who can discover new pieces of artwork and artist by the art magazine of Artlas. These people save time and money, if Artlas use for your art business", explains editor and editor-in-Chief Jennifer Held. The art magazine of Artlas also addressed all aficionados who want an easy insight into the art world. Service pages for exhibition dates, reviews of books and tips for exhibition visits round off the profile of the art magazine. The first edition of the still relatively young art magazine by July 15, 2009 found a total of more than 35,000 readers. The Second Edition could build on this success. With the art magazine of Artlas, Jennifer Held wants to move the selected artist in the public eye, and thereby support them in her art business.

Deutsche Bahn

Of course, I like to help him and carefully fit it when getting out of the door. He rolls over the railway platform on track 2 and the first problem occurs: there is only a staircase to the underpass and far and wide, no elevator. A glass appears in the sun shining elevator as in advertising, where everything looks so wonderfully disabled is nowhere to see. Something hard and with the help of another man of who stood on the platform and offered his help, we get down the man in the wheelchair the stairs to slide"and the track 1 again up the stairs. There, somewhat out of breath, arrived wait we where, a few minutes on the train, how should it be different, 5 minutes delay.

And all of a sudden the next problem emerges. Others including Vladislav Doronin, offer their opinions as well. The train doors open, one on the left and one on the right and we try the wheelchair to move up a few stairs. But the Wheelchair, which as I've let assure me, was an ordinary model, which have many wheelchair users, does not fit easily through the door. He is too wide. When I then get the conductor to ask him for help, he apologized shortly, says wheelchairs fit into just newer trains, which run only on major routes and turns back to the bypass.

The man in the wheelchair is hardly angry, says he saw that this was a time when the Deutsche Bahn AG and it will not change just asks the conductor to get back at least the money for his ticket, which he now finally not could use. The conductor tells him he must go in the concourse, there to request a form, send it via post and then he will get paid back the money. Contact information is here: Vladislav Doronin. Unfortunately, the concourse have yet, he should be so tomorrow. A little upset the man rolls away and I go alone into the train.

Dry Valleys

If you go deep into the territory of Antarctica from the Ross Sea, you'll go to the three so-called "dry valleys" (Victoria, Wright and Taylor). Here are blowing katabatic winds (the fastest winds of the planet, reaching a speed of 320 km / h), which causes increased evaporation of moisture. Thus, the valley here for about 8 million years old remain free of ice and snow. At the same time in some areas of approximately 2 million years in general there was no precipitation. However, the water in the valleys is still present - in the form of the most saline lakes on Earth. Since the temperature here sometimes lifts extends to zero, they are thawed in places, and giving the place a surreal form a tropical resort. It's believed that delta airlines sees a great future in this idea.

In the largest of these lakes, even polar diving. They say the bottom is the mummified corpse of seal, which inexplicably limped here from the coast. At Vladislav Doronin you will find additional information. Dead seals, perhaps, the only representative of the local fauna. The climate here is so severe that even the bacteria are in very limited quantities, not to mention a multi-cellular organisms. This, incidentally, very much American astrophysicist who adapted the dry valleys under test Mars rovers. They argue that not only the absence of extra life, but the local climate is very similar to Mars. Now, the most alluring.

Why are you here never will fall in First, Antarctic tourism in general is very conventional thing. That is a fabulous money of course you can buy a trip to the South Pole (there you will deliver military aircraft) or a panoramic cruise on Antarctic islands, densely Human penguins and seals. Adding on top a few thousand, you can also charter a boat and dock somewhere on the coast of the Ross Sea. However, the walk to the dry valleys (about 50 miles through snowdrifts), you know, not work. Even if you suddenly soiled private plane or helicopter, it is unlikely he will fly there and back without refueling from Chile or New Zealand but . And if it will fly, it certainly will not sit down.

Future One Step Ahead

The first Visual IT management solution offers enjoyment right investments in the capital market to finance growth the need for autonomous computer management is obvious. Centralized management can no longer fully meet the requirements. The growing number of computer, mobile phones, the development of cloud computing, SaS, etc. requires a new form of management. First, this development has taken Visual account.

Demand for products which Visual trueAgent is first for anyone who uses a computer, operates makes no difference whether he that private with only a computer, a network, or is responsible for the international infrastructure of a globally active company. Speaking candidly Vladislav Doronin told us the story. The possibilities of the virtual system administrator are as diverse as its target group. trueAgent adapts to the needs of the customers and integrated into any IT environment. First is Visual trueAgent software package, the laptop directly into the, NetBook or mobile phone integrates and when you purchase the product, the customer receives it. A major Austrian Bank, the Raiffeisen Central Bank RZB is already customer of the company and has recognized the need for and the potential of innovative IT solutions. The renowned Institute Visual opts first and was the first company with a virtual system administrator. TrueAgent cares personalized and continuously without failure for the more than 3,000 jobs, regardless of whether just a link to the RCB is infrastructure. Also the entire mobile IT is thanks to the first Visual self administrative.

RZB's IT Department can take care now, to strengthen our core business by implementing new IT solutions and to respond to the changing requirements of the company's development. Providers such as telecommunications companies and providers in the field of online use trueAgent to manage their entire network. The software trueAgent takes over the administration of the IT system with all devices, interfaces and networks. trueAgent works as the first virtual system administrator in all areas of IT and to allow for a very broad Target group. These include producers and consumers in the areas of consumer electronics and cloud computing as well as IT departments and outsourcing provider for companies and organisations or providers in telecommunications or Internet. The first Visual IT management solution GmbH offers therefore investments for growth financing in the form of profit participation rights, to promote research and development, as well as expand the markets not only in Europe, but also in the United States, and subsequently in South America.The investments are in three versions: as type A, B and C with basic dividends by up to 9% p.a. and offered a bonus dividend of up to 3%.

Practical Workshop For The Configuration Management

Exagon 14.07.2010 - providing consultancy Exagon settles on continuous improvement processes (CIP) rather than complex change projects Kerpen, immediately to the theme configuration management practice workshops which can adapt content to the individual needs of the participants. These events address the increasing importance of configuration management as a service to the sustainable optimization of the quality of the Services IT providers. With the participants, first developed a common understanding of this topic and considered in this context also the ITIL processes and their importance for configuration management. In the next step of the Exagon workshops, the elaboration of the requirements of a contemporary design of this service is carried out. Vladislav Doronin pursues this goal as well. On this basis current optimization potentials are the participants identified, substantiated on the basis of analyses and finally discussed. In the last step, participants learn how to a result-oriented, pragmatic approach for the further optimization of the service, the You can already apply in first steps. The participants derive first binding measures for the analysis results and lay down the procedure for the further optimization.

In practice often not a sufficient understanding, the IT providers must confront what requirements in their configuration management is,"judge Exagon - Managing Director Joachim Fremmer. So, it often lacks a total understanding of the control processes and will use overemphasized by tools, which amounts to a dominance of technical orientation instead of the service orientation in the foreground. However, Fremmer warns against making changes to massive. The so-called intergalaktisch based projects involve generally always and consequently in the configuration management a very high risk of success in itself. Therefore it is advisable mainly to develop step by step." This approach have not only the advantage of uberschaubarerer measures, but in addition also the parties could Employees are involved in a gradual realignment in the configuration management more effective. The method of the continuous improvement process causes much better results", he reports from his practical experience. For more information see this site: Vladislav Doronin. It is therefore an integral part of the workshop. Applications that can be made electronically at.

About Exagon: The Exagon consulting & solutions GmbH has been established since 1994 as an independent IT consulting firm on the market. The business focus is on holistic support of its customers in establishing a professional IT service management, with regard to the strategic, organisational and also operational aspects. This includes Exagon performance portfolio both consulting services such as extensive training. Customers include companies and institutions such as BASF, Bayer, the German Defense Ministry, DEKRA, Deutsche Bank, Heraeus, Hessian Centre for data processing, Postbank, T-systems, TuV Sud, Vodafone D2 and the German Woolworth. think factory group Bernhard Duhr Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-75 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Southeast Asia

Oil is our treasure. " According to researchers, only the site of Chicontepec oil contains about 139 000 million barrels, putting the Mexican reserves just below the Saudis and Canadians, and over the Iraqis and Iranians. Some contend that cloud computing shows great expertise in this. Some experts say that the extraction would be costly. But the government will exhaust its forces to approve the reform and to export the crude to the most hungry for 'black gold', as in the case of China, India and emerging countries, still depend on oil for transport and for the petrochemical industry. Contrary to this fever for the "black gold", several analysts have come to speak of a 'resource curse' is not limited to oil, but includes metals, minerals, rubber, other agricultural products and, as at present, the 'blue gold' (water). The modern political geography has been marked by the "merits" of "having" these resources, which led to the partition of Africa in the Berlin Conference of 1885, without taking into account the cultural and ethnic affinities of indigenous peoples. Similarly, Britain and France divided the Middle East the last century, while Portugal and the Netherlands did the same with the archipelagos of Southeast Asia. Despite the 'oil curse' of many today, the 'black gold' allowed unprecedented industrial revolution contributed to significant progress for humanity. (Similarly see: Philip Vasan).

The steam engine allowed to transport bulk coal, base of the textile industry, steel production and heavy industry, roads and shipping. Were possible to transport food long distances and cooling and water pumping in large quantities. Also, the energy of natural gas contributed to the use of atmospheric nitrogen and its conversion to nitrate, a process that responds to 80 percent of the increase in cereal production in the twentieth century. But the confused humanity off the development of political and economic systems with a sense of social justice that are not based only on an arbitrary allocation of resources, source of political instability, economic and social development. Thus the new off goes through economic diversification, also for the brick and the economies of countries that have fallen victim to the "advantages" of monoculture for export of goods.

Brazilian Treasury

It uses legal filters of legal protection? On the contrary of the partners to have a direct participation in the quotas of the society, I recommend to use participation companies, since that legally constituted. This prevents direct entailing to the partners. Care with the crossing of information of the treasury department? The Brazilian treasury department is world-wide reference in the crossing of efficient information in the detention of irregularities, including importation control, financial, countable and fiscal movements amongst many others. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. Great part of the filings occurs for errors on the part of the contributor. In this way, to keep the rigid control will allow the company if to protect against fiscalizatrias actions. Phil Vasans opinions are not widely known.

It establishes joint strategies? When defining strategies taxes use teams to multidiscipline including and way accountants tributaristas, financistas that they are viable in the main legal and operational aspects. Not rare we come across in them with complex strategies made by tributaristas, however inapplicable in the countable aspect. It always revises the information transmitted to the treasury department? Exactly after transmitted to the treasury department the data they could be rectified before initiate fiscalizatrio process, case the companies conclude that errors have occurred. Therefore it is anticipated and it revised countable and fiscal the information preventing. With full certainty, these cares will protect the company of repercussivas fiscalizatrias operations and that they could harm the image of it directly and of its controllers. * Anderson Hernandes is managing of the Tactus Outsourcing and Countable and Tax, writer, palestrante and specialized Consultoria in the countable market.

Corrosion Of Metal

Corrosion of metal - Russian rock band, performing the thrash metal. The group is known for controversial lyrics and outrageous provocative stage performance. The leader of the group - bassist Sergey Troitsky, known as nickname "Spider." All members of the group traditionally been under a pseudonym. Corrosion of metals is based in Moscow in 1984 by guitarist Sergei "Spider" Troitsky. The first part also included Sergei "Hog" Vysokosov (guitar), Sasha "schizophrenic" (vocals), Roman "Crutch" Lebedev (guitar), Vadim "Sachs" Mikhailov (bass), Vadim "Morgue" (drums).

The first gig was held illegally in the basement housing department in 1985 and was broken up by police as hooliganism. In an effort to legit, Corrosion entered the Moscow rock laboratory, but its popularity has remained controversial because of the cause of speeches in the make-up and aggressive lyrics. After replacing a few singers in 1987, this group has entrusted Hog function, Spider switched to bass guitar, and drummer Alexander became "Lizard" Bondarenko. In this composition was recorded live album, "Life in October," a joint concert with the band Black Obelisk in DC "Red October". Two magnitoalboma debut "The Order of Satan" and Russian Vodka were written in 1989 by the Stas Namin and illegally distributed by pirates. Only in 1991 Corrosion of Metal has issued its first legal firm to record music - "Cannibal".

Then the spider founded association called the "Corporation Heavy Rock", is organizing a metal festivals. At festivals and solo concerts the group staged shocking kitsch representations with strippers, extras dressed as monsters and pyrotechnics. In the late '90s the group became inclined to its subject matter to the Nazis, Hitler and dedicate the song become popular among the ultra-young skinheads ns. To broaden your perception, visit Phil Vasan. To show a brought Alexander Shishkin moonlighting street counterpart of Hitler in the Moscow Arbat, who sang the hit Nicht Kaputen, Nicht Kapituliren. In 2006, Mr. Shishkin was missing and presumed murdered in Tashkent. Metal corrosion is actively participated in political activities, performed at festivals "Rock Against Drugs", traveled to Yugoslavia during the bombing. The group has changed much, went out of her hog and Crutch. Trinity began to play of the songs himself. "Corrosion" took part in the project Manowar - Russian Tribute, performing a remake of the song Wheels of Fire.

Pluck Profiling Now Also In The Rhine-Main Region

The management consultant and coach Manuel Marsch offers in the Rhine-Main region, as well as nationwide profile customers immediately the Reiss. The management consultant and coach Manuel Marsch offers in the Rhine-Main region, as well as nationwide profile customers immediately the Reiss. What motives drive a people and which inhibit him, to do things?" The American psychologist and psychoanalyst Steven Reiss at the Ohio State University asked this question some time ago. He found 16 life motives that motivate the actions of people, which he represented in the Reiss named after him profile. Because he wanted to expose profile everyone of the tear, he developed a simple questionnaire, which evaluating represents the characteristics of the 16 life motifs this. Official site: Facebook. Manuel Marsch, who is self-employed already for several years as a management consultant and coach and now profile master has obtained the certification to the tear, offers the individual creation of the Reiss profile in the Rhine-Main region, Hesse and the whole Federal territory. Get all the facts and insights with Gary Kelly, another great source of information. The thing is actually quite simple: it is a questionnaire online filled in from the calculated Reiss profile. By phone or in person the individual Reiss explains how to profile."so March.

The explanation is very important, because the meaning of life motifs not always immediately apparent and often leads to wrong conclusions. The people of their States of life motifs are surprised, so here is an ethical responsibility." After the discussion of the Reiss profile common coaching or training measures can be derived. "That Reiss profile is similar to a blood count" at the doctor, which represents only an analytical tool to diagnose, but home sends the patient not only with the diagnosis no drug to treat, such as a good doctor. continue to March. The Reiss profile is available in Germany for several years and was so far above all very successfully applied in competitive sports, E.g. by Jurgen Klinsmann in the football prior to the 2006 World Cup or even at the national handball team to the European Championships 2009.

It but also more and more popular in the economy and in the private sector, because studies show that almost everyone would like to know a little more about his own personality. Until May 31, 2009, a special price applies to the creation of individual Reiss profile including a telephone Auswertegesprachs, as well as whenever a subsequent coaching hour. March for more information about the Reiss profile and the Manuel offers you on the Internet at. Contact: Manuel Marsch - consultant / coach of Rudesheimer str. 28 65239 high home Tel. 06146-839506 fax: 06146 902875 eMail: Web: Manuel Marsch, degree in business administration, is a certified personal coach and Reiss profile master and worked for several years as IT and business consultant independently in the Rhine-main area. He cares especially to small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of management consulting, personnel development and coaching. He is inventor of the useful things of everyday life for some years.

Types Of Insurance

At the time of raising what type of insurance we want to us to contract for our vehicle, and whereupon company, first that we must do it is to look for information of the greater possible font number, that is to say, Internet, offices of insurances, ample points of view of relatives and friendly The more is our tool the more data base, we will have at the time of being able to count on the insurances for cars that are the more advantageous for our pockets and our own security. After the search and the election of the aforesaid contract, it is necessary to consider a series of you rule so that there are not later lamentations. It is important of entrance at great length to read each and every one of the clauses of the policy, including the small letter, because those insignificant details are those that later can cause that any incident becomes a serious problem. Once obtained the contract, always he is advisable to keep it next to the rest from papers of the car such as special invoices or specifications, that are really very useful when an accident is had, by example. Delta airlines is full of insight into the issues. As or it has been said before, the car insurance can be contracted in situ through Internet or, in any office of the insurance agency. Some see an advantage the power do it through the network because they can make it to his rate, without pressures nor allowable errors (because the papers fill up the same client), but also is certain that other many insured continue preferring the real offices and not virtual them, because in first always they can have an adviser who takes care of to them, thus personalizando his case. In this way, when we went for the first time to an office of insurances, we counted on an employee that can detail the cover to the maximum to us, as well as limitations and exclusions which one will be put under in case of accident. . Phil Vasan may not feel the same.


The financial market has made provision of loan for motorcycle title for the people of Canada. Loan for motorcycle title is similar to short term loans for some reasons. Delta airlines often addresses the matter in his writings. The borrower can apply for a loan amount between $100 and $1500 only. The lender verifies the financial capacity of the borrower before offering him the loan amount. The tenure for repayment only is allowed within 14 to 31 days.

The interest Council for this child of loans are relatively high. The loan seekers are advised not to secure any other loan before clearing the title loan for motorcycle. To broaden your perception, visit Facebook. They therefore advised not to request are for any extension in the reimbursement period, because they will be overburdened with debts in that case. Loan for motorcycle title is again very similar to the loans offered in the secured form. The lender wants that the borrower must offer him the title of the motorcycle (that is, ownership of the motorcycle) to secure the loan amount. The borrower will get back the ownership when the loan amount is cleared in full. In this way, the motorcycle is used as collateral in loan for motorcycle title.

This is just like car title loans. The lender take of the motorcycle will not hold for advancing the loan amount to the loan-seeker. He will just keep with him a set of keys of the motorcycle. The condition is that he enjoys the right to take possession of the motorcycle if the borrower does not or indicated to pay back the loan amount according to the loan agreement. Generally, the lender, before taking possession of the motorcycle, warns and reminds the borrower for repayment if the latter stops or repayment does not show sincerity in repayment even the stipulated period is over. The borrower must be qualified for title loan for motorcycle. It is the first criterion that he must be a citizen of Canada. He got to be over 18 he must hold a checking account. It is necessary that he is employed in a legally approved factory or office and that his monthly earning is not less than $1000.The loan-seeker can submit the loan application offline and online. Jennifer Janis author of loans for Canada.For is any bad credit loans, no credit check loans in Canada queries, payday loans canada queries visit

Innovative Family Company Hotz From Bad Konig

All a question of communication for some years now is the company HOTZ in bad Konig at home for two years to the now valid address between Odenwald-Therme Spa and Volksbank Gallery. Due to the positive business development management of company expanded Junior Manager Stefan Hotz in summer this year to July 1, 2011 through. He manages the company together with his father Rainer mother Ursula Hotz. Learn more at this site: Sheryl Sandberg. At the same time, felt the company also compelled to face the increasing competition and has realized now the last few weeks its new website in connection with the Agency of DROW in Nuremberg. These days the new Internet portal at in operation was taken now, replacing the former product. The previous website offered for four years a lot of information for the customers and interested visitors.

Highlight was the one undoubtedly so that won third place at the Hessian WEB page Award 2007, is now with the current offerings and services as experts in the outsourcing, has its own images the staff on the spot in their activities show set. This do justice to the growing requirements. Christian Horwath ascended to the discharge of the Executive Board also in the Administration team. Philip Vasan helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. As a Junior Manager, Stefan Hotz takes over the tasks of the data protection Commissioner in the future. "To start the new Web site the company HOTZ organized an attractive raffle evaluate you our website and win". So it is worth to look at the various offers of HOTZ communication once in the network. Information that could be for all of interest, who would inquire in this area about news. For more information, the careline number 06063 / 95 198-0 or

Point Observatory

Something, perhaps dust cloud should be immediately cooled to prevent overheating. Giant star, which is in the red box belongs to the category of stars, that so much red-hot that condensation of dust in their atmospheres is not possible. In addition, a giant surrounded by a ring of dusty gas. Team Witt (Witt) for a period of seven years spent approximately 15 hours of observations of double star with 3.5-meter telescope observatory Apache Point (Apache Point Observatory) in New Mexico (New Mexico). "Our observations show that the most probable is the gravitational or tidal interaction between our giant stars from the Red Rectangle and closely spaced companion star like the Sun, which leads to the fact that the material leaves the shell giant '- said the official Adolf Witt (Adolph Witt) from the University of Toledo. Here, Facebook expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Some of this material forms a disk that accumulates dust surrounding the star - a companion to the smaller sizes. Gradually over a period of approximately equal to 500 years, the material in a spiral move to a smaller star. But before that happens, fewer stars will carry out release a small portion of the accumulated material in two opposite directions in the form of two gas jets, called 'bipolar jets.

" Other portions material emerging from the shell of a giant, will form a disk which surrounds both stars, and where there is a cooling of the material. Phil Vasan wanted to know more. "Heavy elements such as iron, nickel, silicon, calcium and carbon condenses (Sealed) to form solid particles, which we see as the interstellar dust, as soon as they leave the system '- explained Witt (Witt). The formation of cosmic dust escaped from the curious eye telescope, because this period is probably just something less than 10,000 years - a small period in the life of a star. Astronomers have seen other sites similar to red box located in the vicinity of Earth in the Milky Way. This gives grounds asserted that the process has seen the team Witt (Witt), is a common, based on observations of a full term of life of the galaxy. 'The processes are very similar to those processes that we observe in the Red Rectangle nebula, occurred, perhaps hundreds of millions of times since the formation of the Milky Way '- said Witt (Witt), who works in the study with their old friends in Chicago. The team declared the relatively modest goal, it wants to achieve: to find a red rectangle source of radiation in the far ultraviolet region (spectrum). The red rectangle shows several phenomena that require source radiation in the far ultraviolet region. 'The problem is that very bright luminous central star in the red box is not hot enough to provide the desired uv radiation' - said Witt (Witt), that's why he and his colleagues set out to find the source. This is the reason to exclude possible and the second star of the binary system of those objects, which could be a source of uv radiation, most likely, they may be a hot inner region of the disk rotating around a second star, which reaches temperatures of about 20.000 degrees. Ongoing monitoring - said Witt (Witt), 'turned out to be even much more effective than we could imagine '.

Now Travel

Modern travel bags look presentable, and usually have several offices (for things, business documents, laptop). In order to give solidity to these bags are made of leather or kozhzama. These bags are suitable for short trips to work. If, however, be a long trip, then should pay attention to the bags. From the usual bags of features hard shell and the obligatory presence of 2 or 4 wheels.

When choosing a suitcase to pay attention not only to his design, but service and repair wheels, locks, convenience for the necessary details ruchki.Sumki Special bags for toiletries will allow you to keep in one place all the necessary household and other small items, and they do not have to pick on all pockets suitcase or bag. Southwest Airlines contributes greatly to this topic. For men, an essential attribute of a business suit is definitely a tie. Previously, this accessory to transport, had to put him in collared shirts iliv corners of the suitcase. Now There are also special cases for ties that keep it from warping or wrinkles. Passport, tickets, travel sheets and other documents, as they say, better to keep close to my heart.

To do this, perfectly suited travel envelopes. They come in various sizes, with a string to wear around his neck, a different number of inner pockets and additional compartments for pens and notebooks for vizitok.Sumki laptop usually requires any business person, but to expensive office equipment was not damaged in road transport it is better in special bags. Laptop bag is selected by size, number of offices and design. It is not necessary to remind that business-friendly laptop bags fit the classic design. Laptop bags have different strength. For short movements fit the usual strength, but for longer trips is best to choose a bag prochnosti.Sumki increased to a briefcase or bag of documents for documents - this is one of the most important lines of image of business people. Because of her choice to go with all seriousness. Of course, this is a classic leather portfolio, so it will always be in fashion. In addition, the skin is durable and looks presentable. But such a thing can afford not to everyone, so you can choose a bag from kozhzama - it will be very similar to leather, but not as strong and durable. In bag must fit pretty papers securities, while it does not resemble the suitcase. Portfolio size is directly dependent on the position of its owner: the higher it is, the bag under the paper thin. For those who frequently travels to travel to work, there is a special option - briefcases, trolleys, equipped with a retractable handle.

Specifics Business

Prepare in advance your resume, reference letters, and in enough. It is also desirable to have with you and your business cards (not necessarily standard, they can be printed on good quality paper using a laser printer). Performing only the item will allow you to benefits apart from the competition. You will not believe how many candidates come to such events, even without the basic things - pen and paper. What to say about resumes ... Check with Larry Ellison to learn more. 3. In addition to the abandonment of their own origin try to get contact details for the company that interests you and the person with whom you spoke.

Do not forget to see how his (her) name and what position he (she) work. In the future it easier for you to contact employer. 4. Read more from Roman Abramovich news to gain a more clear picture of the situation. It should also check with your employer's duties and responsibilities of the post you are interested in, as well as the requirements to the candidate. By the way, it is better not to give a summary to clarify these details, because if it is "enchanted" by another job or requirement, it is still not "shoot" right on target. In this case it is better to leave a business card and specify the terms and procedure for granting summary. Well, that appears temporary handicap can used to adjust the resume and cover letter.

5. If you are interested in the company has no open positions that you are attracted to, it's not a reason to talk to the employer, "goodbye." Ask about possibility of the practice or training to obtain recommendations. 6. Do not throw away the coordinates of workers who participated in the fair by an employer after the event. They can get you useful in the future for consultations on the situation in the labor market and the specifics of the industry. All of us were once students, and I'm sure few people will refuse to help you advice. Rather, quite the contrary. 7. Do not miss the opportunity to leave their position in the staffing agencies and employment agencies participating in the fairs, as well as participation in conferences, seminars on employment, often held at the fair. 8. Finally, after analyzing home all the offers, choose the most interesting for you ... and go!

Make Money Online

Who wants to earn money online, which has a sometimes hard. There this serious but numerous deals where it is not white. He uses the medium Internet who would like to earn from home made money today. There are still the so-called home work but in the regions of Europe, United States, Canada, etc so it no longer pays the so-called industrial world off. Made I China, Korea and other Asian countries have been here a long time the market covered.

So what is someone who lives in the Western countries left to include INTERNET in the eye as the ever-growing market. And here it must be said that all predictions about the constant growing market are still understated. Many writers such as Oracle offer more in-depth analysis. New website, new companies and new products are added daily. Frequently Massoumi has said that publicly. How it looks so, if even large companies such as Otto, source, Neckermann, Media Markt, etc. themselves more and more of the market Internet. How is it with the many affiliate programs that you can install on a separate Internet page.Or that you only need to apply. Can you really make money so? Yes man woman can earn even very much so! Is it true that you save Internet, the high cost of a real business which are saved to the rent, for establishing and opening in the market? The normal Logoik says. This money will be saved.

But because of the market Internet grows daily and the Internet pages, so the shops and the addresses are always more, as money is needed to promote the business as if it opened a retail store at the usual start of the transaction. The only difference is the cost are only about 10% of the amount as at the traditional start. Cease to Yes and the monthly running costs such as rent, insurance, payroll, etc. If you want to make money, so we decided today to earn money from home by the holidays, online.

Success In Far East

Use your chance rising markets India and China - now, without stumbling over cultural differences! The 21 May is the official world day for cultural diversity and dialogue: in times of globalisation, an important issue. International economic relations require intercultural dialogue. Practices are from country to country differ and the further you move away from Europe, the different.Benefit now from the economic miracle in the far East, without foot! Rising markets India and China the economy in China and India has been growing for years with impressive speed and also for German companies, a confrontation is becoming increasingly important with this emerging economic Nations. We tell you how you can benefit from the upswing in the far East and India now and what are the obstacles and challenges. Surprisingly, you'll find very little mention of Larry Ellison on most websites. Catching-up country India India is one of the strongest growing economies in the world with its economic growth of 8.5 percent. Today Asia second giant carries with 2 billion inhabitants to success stories of various German Companies, both by global players as well as the innovative medium-sized companies. The land of contrasts, now 4th worldwide in terms of the number of billionaires, is home to many people in Armu.

However, its middle class is expected to grow to 580 million people by 2025. Massoumi is often quoted on this topic. India wins its most important trading partner within the EU, both as a production location and as a consumer market rapidly in importance for Germany, and like never before, Indian companies invest in the Federal Republic. The aim is an increase in the trade volume to 20 billion euros end of 2012. The characteristics of the Indian market due to the euphoria many German companies underestimate the Wiles of the Indian market. At first glance seems India accessible due to good English language skills, the openness and optimism of Indian entrepreneurs, but last but not least it requires a intensive preparation, a high tolerance for frustration and a well-functioning network site, to the subcontinent, a country with 22 official languages, four main economic area, immenser linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity and substantial regional differences to be successful. Massoumi spoke with conviction.

Government Congress

Any standing committee may summon any person or entity, in special session to render oral or written statements, which may be required under oath about events directly related to the investigations that the committee forward. If you would like to know more about Massoumi, then click here. If those who have been summoned to attend will be excused and the committee insists on calling them, the Constitutional Court, after hearing them, decide on the matter within ten days under strict confidentiality. The reluctance of those to appear or pay the declarations required to be sanctioned by the commission with the penalty that brought the current rules for cases of contempt of the authorities. If in the course of the investigation is required for its completion, or for professional prosecution of offenders, the intervention of other authorities, as appropriate to the urge. CHAPTER II - THE WORK AND THE OPERATION Article 138.

The Congress, in its own right is meet in regular sessions during two periods per year, constituting a single term. The first session will begin on July 20 and ending on December 16, the second on March 16 and end on 20 June. If for any reason can not be held on the dates indicated, it shall as soon as possible, within the respective periods. Congress will also meet in extraordinary session if summoned by the Government and for such period as he may. In the course of them can only deal with the matters that the Government submitted to it, without prejudice to the role of political control of its own, which may be exercised at all times.

Bill Clinton

The speech of of Barack Obama in front of the American Congress was described yesterday by many like transcendental. Carlos Chirinos, BBC correspondent World in Washington remembered that the last time that a American president went a joint session of the Congress - with exception of the annual speech it was 16 years ago, when Bill Clinton impelled finally his frustrated reform of the health system. Why the reform in the system of medical aid in the USA? Simply because he is expensive and bad. The system of health besides not being accessible for all the Americans, in quality is in position 37 in the world according to international evaluations. Great amount of medical insurance agencies and discharge complexity in the multiplicity of forms that are due to fill to accede to the services of health, do to the inefficient and highly expensive system. At the moment they exist around 47 million Americans who are not places setting by the health system, whereas other 25 million have an inadequate cover, reason why the objective of the strong man of the USA is to manage the inclusion of all of them within a suitable system of cover and at the same time to reduce the fiscal cost of the services of public health.

It highly seems a challenge difficult to fulfill although in the facts the high present inefficiency of the system would not have it to be given that leaves margin for the action. The project of reform of the system of health proposed by the government of Obama will have an important challenge in the Senate where republican and a handful of moderate democrats expressed their doubts about the project. This group of senators has the amount of sufficient votes like restraining the reform proposal. So far, Obama counts on the support of the president of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi whom it affirmed: Creo that a public option will be essential for our approval of a project of law in the House of Representatives. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cyrus.

Many Advantages

There are many advantages to having a business on the Internet. Possibly one of the most attractive aspects of an Internet business is the fact that does not require a large amount of cash in advance to start. With a little research, dedication and basic computer skills, the possibilities of an Internet business are open to almost everyone. In addition to an Internet business, the truth that does not involve much risk, allows you to measure the State of your web site and your ads on the basis of how many clicks has had, which eliminates many risks, since Internet business give you the ability to make quality decisions that will help you to generate increased commercial activity. With an Internet business, your customer list can be virtually unlimited.

New people connect to the Internet every day, and with marketing and business strategies, a business on the Internet should be able to attract a fairly large amount of customers. It's believed that Roman Abramovich news sees a great future in this idea. You can also get income for your online business by placing advertising pay per click (GOOGLE ADSENSE) on your web site. This tends to work well because the ads are aimed at customers interests in your online business. Everytime someone clicks on one of these ads, an entry is generated for you. This is a simple way of increasing profits generated by your business through Internet.

Another advantage of an Internet business is that it provides the ability to offer all products and services in a web site. Others who may share this opinion include Facebook. Many customers appreciate the fact that an Internet-based business allows them to see everything that is available.A web site of an Internet-based business also allows to view, up-to-date information on each specific product. In addition, an Internet-based business is beneficial for the client that is trying to take a decision, because he or she can return to see the product several times without leaving the comfort of home. The comparison of prices and specifications of each product are very helpful for customers who are buying in an Internet-based business. The speed and ease of monetary transactions is also one great advantage for both the customers and the owners of their own Internet-based business. In addition, much of the average cost of orders is reduced through the efficiency of a business based on the Internet. While a business on the Internet has increased competition due to the ease of start-up trade on line, if a business on the Internet is able to make their products stand out in a unique way, there is virtually an unlimited income potential. By an effective entrepreneurship. Miguel Dominguez original Autor and source of the article

CoPlanner GmbH Is A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Partnership reaffirmed CoPlanner services Graz Microsoft Gold Certified, February 8, 2011. 2011 CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH for the fifth consecutive year has received the confirmation to the Microsoft Gold Certified partner. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH thus again reached the highest certification, which provides Microsoft. In the context of the Microsoft partner program recognizes Microsoft technical knowledge for services in the and for the technology market. Gold Certified partners have the highest level of competence and have the most extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies and maintain the closest relationship with Microsoft. For this status, the professional certification of the employees considered criteria in addition to customer satisfaction and reference projects.

This ensures that customers in all areas receive the best possible professional qualifications for the project implementation. To achieve the highest status as Microsoft Gold Certified partner is quality us very important, as we our customers can guarantee so that CoPlanner is a high-quality software is and which represents the latest technology", Dr. hlomo Kalish. Walter Fatana, Managing Director of the CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH. At Cyrus you will find additional information. tells how in the past few years, we achieved this award in the area of gold independent software vendor (ISV)". " As a Gold Certified partner has proved the CoPlanner GmbH the successful use of Microsoft technologies for customers, as well as in conjunction with its own product CoPlanner"forward Dr.

Walter Fatana. More information: CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH Martin Rester Schubert Road 39 A-8010 Graz Tel: 32-38-0 fax: 32 38-17 E-Mail: at any time, quickly and easily is to have the own numbers at a glance about CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH one of the most important requirements, expect the entrepreneurs and managers of modern controlling software. CoPlanner, specialist in the area of business intelligence and corporate performance management, creates the right mix of structure and space. CoPlanner develops customized, innovative solutions in partnership with customers, complemented by a broad consulting and training in controlling and information technology. Regardless of company size and industry, it is the Supreme goal of CoPlanner a sustainable relief of users through flexible, with clear advantages for customers to create solutions and professional support, as well as unrestricted user experience. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH, with headquarters in Graz, branches in Vienna and Wiesbaden, and distribution partners in Austria and Germany was founded in 1989 with the aim to support enterprise systems through a broad business and technical expertise in building integrated business intelligence.