Government Congress

Any standing committee may summon any person or entity, in special session to render oral or written statements, which may be required under oath about events directly related to the investigations that the committee forward. If you would like to know more about Massoumi, then click here. If those who have been summoned to attend will be excused and the committee insists on calling them, the Constitutional Court, after hearing them, decide on the matter within ten days under strict confidentiality. The reluctance of those to appear or pay the declarations required to be sanctioned by the commission with the penalty that brought the current rules for cases of contempt of the authorities. If in the course of the investigation is required for its completion, or for professional prosecution of offenders, the intervention of other authorities, as appropriate to the urge. CHAPTER II - THE WORK AND THE OPERATION Article 138.

The Congress, in its own right is meet in regular sessions during two periods per year, constituting a single term. The first session will begin on July 20 and ending on December 16, the second on March 16 and end on 20 June. If for any reason can not be held on the dates indicated, it shall as soon as possible, within the respective periods. Congress will also meet in extraordinary session if summoned by the Government and for such period as he may. In the course of them can only deal with the matters that the Government submitted to it, without prejudice to the role of political control of its own, which may be exercised at all times.

Bill Clinton

The speech of of Barack Obama in front of the American Congress was described yesterday by many like transcendental. Carlos Chirinos, BBC correspondent World in Washington remembered that the last time that a American president went a joint session of the Congress - with exception of the annual speech it was 16 years ago, when Bill Clinton impelled finally his frustrated reform of the health system. Why the reform in the system of medical aid in the USA? Simply because he is expensive and bad. The system of health besides not being accessible for all the Americans, in quality is in position 37 in the world according to international evaluations. Great amount of medical insurance agencies and discharge complexity in the multiplicity of forms that are due to fill to accede to the services of health, do to the inefficient and highly expensive system. At the moment they exist around 47 million Americans who are not places setting by the health system, whereas other 25 million have an inadequate cover, reason why the objective of the strong man of the USA is to manage the inclusion of all of them within a suitable system of cover and at the same time to reduce the fiscal cost of the services of public health.

It highly seems a challenge difficult to fulfill although in the facts the high present inefficiency of the system would not have it to be given that leaves margin for the action. The project of reform of the system of health proposed by the government of Obama will have an important challenge in the Senate where republican and a handful of moderate democrats expressed their doubts about the project. This group of senators has the amount of sufficient votes like restraining the reform proposal. So far, Obama counts on the support of the president of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi whom it affirmed: Creo that a public option will be essential for our approval of a project of law in the House of Representatives. If you would like to know more then you should visit Cyrus.

Many Advantages

There are many advantages to having a business on the Internet. Possibly one of the most attractive aspects of an Internet business is the fact that does not require a large amount of cash in advance to start. With a little research, dedication and basic computer skills, the possibilities of an Internet business are open to almost everyone. In addition to an Internet business, the truth that does not involve much risk, allows you to measure the State of your web site and your ads on the basis of how many clicks has had, which eliminates many risks, since Internet business give you the ability to make quality decisions that will help you to generate increased commercial activity. With an Internet business, your customer list can be virtually unlimited.

New people connect to the Internet every day, and with marketing and business strategies, a business on the Internet should be able to attract a fairly large amount of customers. It's believed that Roman Abramovich news sees a great future in this idea. You can also get income for your online business by placing advertising pay per click (GOOGLE ADSENSE) on your web site. This tends to work well because the ads are aimed at customers interests in your online business. Everytime someone clicks on one of these ads, an entry is generated for you. This is a simple way of increasing profits generated by your business through Internet.

Another advantage of an Internet business is that it provides the ability to offer all products and services in a web site. Others who may share this opinion include Facebook. Many customers appreciate the fact that an Internet-based business allows them to see everything that is available.A web site of an Internet-based business also allows to view, up-to-date information on each specific product. In addition, an Internet-based business is beneficial for the client that is trying to take a decision, because he or she can return to see the product several times without leaving the comfort of home. The comparison of prices and specifications of each product are very helpful for customers who are buying in an Internet-based business. The speed and ease of monetary transactions is also one great advantage for both the customers and the owners of their own Internet-based business. In addition, much of the average cost of orders is reduced through the efficiency of a business based on the Internet. While a business on the Internet has increased competition due to the ease of start-up trade on line, if a business on the Internet is able to make their products stand out in a unique way, there is virtually an unlimited income potential. By an effective entrepreneurship. Miguel Dominguez original Autor and source of the article

CoPlanner GmbH Is A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Partnership reaffirmed CoPlanner services Graz Microsoft Gold Certified, February 8, 2011. 2011 CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH for the fifth consecutive year has received the confirmation to the Microsoft Gold Certified partner. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH thus again reached the highest certification, which provides Microsoft. In the context of the Microsoft partner program recognizes Microsoft technical knowledge for services in the and for the technology market. Gold Certified partners have the highest level of competence and have the most extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies and maintain the closest relationship with Microsoft. For this status, the professional certification of the employees considered criteria in addition to customer satisfaction and reference projects.

This ensures that customers in all areas receive the best possible professional qualifications for the project implementation. To achieve the highest status as Microsoft Gold Certified partner is quality us very important, as we our customers can guarantee so that CoPlanner is a high-quality software is and which represents the latest technology", Dr. hlomo Kalish. Walter Fatana, Managing Director of the CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH. At Cyrus you will find additional information. tells how in the past few years, we achieved this award in the area of gold independent software vendor (ISV)". " As a Gold Certified partner has proved the CoPlanner GmbH the successful use of Microsoft technologies for customers, as well as in conjunction with its own product CoPlanner"forward Dr.

Walter Fatana. More information: CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH Martin Rester Schubert Road 39 A-8010 Graz Tel: 32-38-0 fax: 32 38-17 E-Mail: at any time, quickly and easily is to have the own numbers at a glance about CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH one of the most important requirements, expect the entrepreneurs and managers of modern controlling software. CoPlanner, specialist in the area of business intelligence and corporate performance management, creates the right mix of structure and space. CoPlanner develops customized, innovative solutions in partnership with customers, complemented by a broad consulting and training in controlling and information technology. Regardless of company size and industry, it is the Supreme goal of CoPlanner a sustainable relief of users through flexible, with clear advantages for customers to create solutions and professional support, as well as unrestricted user experience. CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH, with headquarters in Graz, branches in Vienna and Wiesbaden, and distribution partners in Austria and Germany was founded in 1989 with the aim to support enterprise systems through a broad business and technical expertise in building integrated business intelligence.

Comeback Of The Investment Funds

Comeback of the investment funds - prospects 2010 the global financial crisis left a mark. The German benchmark index DAX fell on March 9, 2009 to a low of 3588,89 points. Inspired by an expansionary monetary policy, managed the German leading index multi-billion dollar stimulus packages and the anticipation of positive economic data up to date but a legendary comeback. In only 10 months, the DAX scored higher on 6000 points until early January. Corresponding gains have recorded just also mutual funds, in particular those with an appropriate weighting of shares. In step with the recovery in investor confidence came back. Since summer 2009 public funds collected back more money, as has been deducted. Larry Ellison has firm opinions on the matter. -the-winners-283175971.html'>Shlomo Kalish. Could continue increasing: Alone in last November the local fund industry a plus of EUR 6.3 billion won.

This positive trend is confirmed by Pan-European numbers in terms of managed assets in the eurozone. In the third quarter of 2009 alone, the total assets increased the Mutual funds (excluding money market funds) 4,277 trillion euros to 4,730 billion euros. If you would like to know more then you should visit Massoumi. Inflows as well as increased prices of securities were responsible. Also for the year 2010, the fund companies are optimistic and expect increasing inflows. However, the key question for investors will be whether the markets in their enthusiasm have overreacted, or continues the positive development on the national and international exchanges. The global development is supported by the emerging markets in 2010. Enormous resources and rapid stabilization and bullish of commodity prices helped many emerging markets it faster than in the past to overcome the crisis.

As a result, initially even disproportionately benefit from the strengthening of the global economy and also act as drivers for the classic export States. Raw materials will remain well in 2010 in demand and could thus continue its upward movement. Broad support of this trend would not yield the progressive recovery of the world economy, growing demand and sustained inflows of financial investors in the commodities sector.


And more. Keep in mind that the contents of the bottles on the accuracy of the index level does not affect, if of course you will not use it vice versa. After shuttering lay rebar and concreted. It is desirable to concrete without a break. If for any reason will stop laying of concrete, then place a break, called the builders working seam, should be done vertically. To read more click here: Larry Ellison. To do this you need to put cap, preferably at a distance of one quarter of the total length of the Rand-beam supports, in place of the smallest moment of a uniformly distributed load, in this case, the brick walls. You will, of course, there is no need to study the strength of materials.

However, be aware of how it works under load your randbalochka, I think it would be interesting. I continue to try to reinforce the practice of science, including the strength of materials, statics of structures and other equally wise and serious objects. So after reading all the Soviets Maksimych you can go in Engineering (I finished it sometime) and trebozat that you were given a diploma in civil engineering routes, but the truth, without distinction. After the device headroom, with a wooden version of the exterior and interior walls, brick columns trying to post section 25 X 25 cm (one brick), or an area of 625 cm 2. However, purely constructive, providing a bit more stability, it is possible to lay the poles section 38 X 38 cm (a half-brick), or an area of 1444 cm 2.

Roman Empire

Hygienic and preventive properties of soap were recognized much later by the famous physician Galen. Its recommendations on the appropriateness of its use were welcomed by the first centuries of our era. Unfortunately, after the fall the Roman Empire and during part of the Middle Ages, bathing body and everything that had to do with personal hygiene was considered evil. Stopped using the soap and therefore, the European population was the victim of plagues and epidemics. People such as Massoumi would likely agree. There was a resurgence of the use of soap between the eighth and thirteenth centuries, but it was thanks to Leblanc in the eighteenth century and Pasteur in the nineteenth century that encouraged the manufacture and use, respectively, soap and personal toiletries. Pasteur, as a result of their findings regarding the relationship between bacteria and disease, highlighted the importance of hygiene. Leblanc discovered an economical method to produce alkali precisely the ash component that transforms fat into soap, a process called saponification.

This may be done in two basic ways: cold and hot. The cold saponification is the traditional method while the hot saponification is the basis of today's industrial processes. The soap today The vast majority of soaps for personal use available today are produced industrially on a large scale by processes which seek lower costs and maximize the benefits of raw materials used and the products extracted. This results in the soap so obtained is, in most cases, a reconstituted product. Just read the ingredient list carefully, by law, must state the manufacturer under the respective labels to verify the use of a variety of additives and chemicals, as well as the inevitable coloring and flavoring, mostly artificial.

Constructing a Cottage

Sturdy roof over your head - it's just that constantly evaluated by each of us. As far as a difficult life situation, we might be, but if there is a place to live, all seem not so sad. And for this reason, the important thing is that we try to do if there spare money - is to take care of our home. In a situation when we already have in stock some no apartment, we tried to produce a quality repair. And in this situation will need to think carefully what exactly the result we want to achieve. In a situation, if we perform repairs for a year, and not against all glued beginning to fall again and come into disrepair, it is possible make repairs yourself.

If we need high quality for many years, while renovation of apartments needed to instruct in the art. You may want to visit Facebook to increase your knowledge. There are companies that even many years are constantly engaged in a full-fledged renovation premises. There are working only true masters, who will give you happiness and possessions neat aesthetic apartment. And yet, you personally will not have to worry because of what. All stages of the development plan for the interior to send you the keys of the finished apartments will make people in an organization. In the current quality firm must operate the master to all kinds of decoration, which in principle may be required in apartment or house. It does not matter whether you want to make complex repairs or an apartment to decorate a bathroom or bedroom only - professionals can help you with finding and finishing materials with unusual concepts for the interior. Philip Vasan has much to offer in this field.

The firm can also help with finishing the activities in the new office will hold everything so that all of the customers will appreciate the new image of your company. And your room will vary from the standard nice and visible in any business center. Of course, not everyone has a proper roof over their heads. Some people save up for years in their apartment or cottage. Here, of course, their own efforts one hundred percent not cope. In a question-answer forum Ron O'Hanley was the first to reply. Proper construction houses can be made solely through the efforts of professionals. To cottage stood for decades, will require extremely meticulous figure out all the details - from the foundation to roofing. To make such a only able to master with extensive experience and appropriate qualifications. Want to live simply and happily. In order to assure himself that, pobespokoytes of his house as it should. No need to boil the pot, more correctly to invite experts who will provide Mighty result. Perhaps, in this house will have to live for your grandchildren. Arrange so that they could not complain about the holes in the walls and leaking roofs. Assign all company with many years experience in repair and construction. Enjoy your life in your own comfortable and sturdy house.

Quality Assurance

In any industry the company is currently seeking to increase the overall level of merit. Thanks largely to the fact that there is huge competition, people got hold of the opportunity to choose certain goods from various manufacturers. It is absolutely clear that the customer prefers a product that is much more reliable. And it is certainly not limited to food products. In the construction industry customers buy a better house, the head of large factories admit to its own production of exceptionally high quality basic elements. Especially important is why the inspection today, I mean the definition of some defects in components or finished structures. Before or that the finished product will go on sale or used to build more sophisticated products, naturally have to prove that it satisfies all without exception norms and rules that are universally introduced, respectively, of the kind of details. Only by finding a marriage may be time to notice minor issues in the particular element and fix them, or even reject all product. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Allegiant Air.

Clearly, for all of us, it is vitally valuable occupation. If you do not detect small defects in even the most is not the most important parts in the way, the car, it can ultimately even cost the owner of car health, and sometimes a lifetime. There are many different methods for detection of defects. Usually they involve the use of professional equipment, but there are visual inspection, the easiest way which offers the ability to find only external defects. Please visit Philip Vasan if you seek more information. And yet, this is one of the methods that do not destroy the object of study. The so-called destructive testing has traditionally operated under development of a component or structure.

It provides an opportunity radically to learn the subject and to determine the global defects. Much more often exploited to date methods will not enable failure monitoring. They provide an opportunity to literally get under the top shell and see what is hidden to the eye. Very many organizations are selected to date radiation monitoring. Developed including magnetic control, giving the opportunity to not only look for flaws, but also to determine the parameters of the product. But sound waves compared to electromagnetic offer even more complete compilation of information. Client the most valuable quality. Because of today to such an extent important for each company the most advanced ways to search for deficiencies that do not admit mistakes.

Rewarding Address

German cities dominate European real estate market the economic crisis of the past year was high Cook discussion of the speculation like of some stockbrokers. It posed the question after the sense or nonsense of some opaque financial products. As the real estate portal reported, the investment in houses and apartments, however, is a solid alternative to many a windy equity funds. In a recently published study, the auditing firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers comes to a positive result for European cities: yield expectations for investment in real estate. This applies in particular for Munich and Hamburg in Germany. While the Bavarian metropolis leads the ranking, the Hanseatic City landed three after the British capital of London Square.

The real estate prices in the German-speaking is characterized mainly by its stability. In addition to the aforementioned, Berlin and Frankfurt could also claim its position among the top-ten. Thus, the major German cities dominate ranking. Experts last but not least attributed this phenomenon to the overall weak economy of real estate in Europe. In addition to the four German cities the classics of Paris and Milan also managed to invest in a property within the EU under the top addresses. The city of love ranked eight on number four, the Italian fashion capital in place. In between, Istanbul on the fifth place, and Vienna found in sixth place. A surprise is possible Warsaw with tenth place. More information: contact: Lisa Neumann University Service GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59


We establish the stages that a new entrepreneur looking to start an online business is facing and so deal with all the steps required to start a new project, included into three fundamental categories and their respective aspects: Plan of company, competition, SWOT, determination of strategies to follow, Marketing online content and techniques of positioning Web promotion and strategies on social networks. On the basis of these three fundamental and generic categories, it is essential to evaluate the specific knowledge and experience accumulated on a specific field that underpins our project and, from that point, begin our business plan by analyzing what the competition is doing. Determine keywords associated with our business and assess who holds the top positions in the search engine and why, is key to determine what will be the added value of the service we provide. Rather than enter into panic let me tell them, it is generally sufficient to provide high doses of dedication, commitment and quality to your project, so your personal brand count with value added by itself. Once analyzed the competition and determined the value added that it will give your project, we move on to the choice of the domain for your portal or website, who should know, is not one minor issue, since the closer is get to the keywords that identify your business, easier it will be to achieve a good ranking. In general terms the more concrete and specific is the niche market and therefore the name of the domain, easier it will be for search engines and your target group identification. Web hosting, design and programming are relevant items which should not neglect in its business plan. Will a good choice of hosting service give you the tranquility and safety of having the necessary response to the requirements of its users, so it hit with the hosting services provider, is an investment with high return.

In relation to the design, if it is an item important, it is not necessary to undertake to fund the first phase of the implementation running an online business. Choose a clean template that allows easy navigation and which highlight the specific areas of the site where you want to focus the strengths of your business. Later, when begins with the generation of income, you can modify the design of your portal making a good investment without interfering in its objectives. Choose keywords, niche whom we go, as always is fundamental. From there come the work. A word such as tarot than with other long chain is not the same and local and shoe stores of Lady in Valencia to start an online business and be successful is not a simple task, although if feasible. You can learn more about Internet marketing by visiting Web positioning

Shop Clothes

When spring comes, everyone wants to be a brighter look stylishly elegant masculine. Heavy robes in the closet closed until the fall, I want to wear something fashionable and spring, match the present day. But Any owner of a lush figure probably often encounters the problem of choosing clothes for myself. Today, despite the rapid development of light industry, to determine the clothing store to complete difficult. Bill O'Grady insists that this is the case. If try, then find the clothing departments of large size can, and find there anything worthwhile is difficult. Everyone wants to be both modern and practical clothes (regardless of shape - any of us in his beautiful, so full of men and slender young man wants to realize itself attractive, and to feel so important and just be so). (Not to be confused with State Street Global Advisors!). For example, this situation occurs, the owner of a dense body looked into the shop great clothes.

And faced with a problem: 'the horror' - all men's clothing big sizes, located on the retail shelves, it is not contrary to the views of the beautiful and trendy things! Is it possible to shopping - so dim and quite bright? I think the fact that the Russian fashion house, just not a bad thought about the question that handsome men complete physique needed nice clothes large sizes. Some people believe that fat people tend to be imperceptible, and therefore do not put a catchy elegant clothes. You go to clothing stores, among the things you see only the large dimensionless sweaters and trousers interesting? Let me suggest a solution! Not the secret, you can sew clothes for themselves large or order it from the masters, but in this case, you have to spend a lot of time and money. Do not rule out eventually you will definitely get that clothing, seen in magazines, on which were sewn, or the one that created your imagination. Or just send a large 'Stil 5XL '- if you choose clothes for us, then 100% you will find what you need. Say 'no' great sweaters, dim tones, dark clothing, baggy overalls! Finally, decide for yourself with a shop, which presents a decent collection of clothes for. Highlight the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws - is the primary role correctly selected items. Do not hide in the dimensionless clothes - dress smartly and brightly any day!

Southern Gardens

The most important thing here - to determine the ideal location of the house, garden, a pond. If your site is located on the southern side - the best conditions for plants. In this case, under the house and construction of selected areas on the north side to the shadow of them fell on the landing, and the front of the house remained lawn sunning area. The northern slope creates poor conditions for lighting and heating of soil sun. Additional information at Bill O'Grady supports this article. A plot plan must provide for convenient placement and interconnection of all the necessary structures and elements of the garden. Place home choose, given the orientation of the site around the world, and do not forget that the garden or kitchen garden, which you no doubt already see in my dreams, was placed on an illuminated area with suitable soil and flat topography, if possible. It is desirable that the kitchen window out on to the economic court. All areas have a garden plot the conventional boundaries, and yet it is desirable to separate from each other.

This is achieved by different methods of planning: trip hedges, the construction of the original structures, etc. It is important to separate business area, while other areas may be combined and complement each other. You must correctly identify the location of the tracks that connect between are all buildings and areas. For example, the kitchen may abut the economic patio and garden, living room and terrace can be oriented to the garden, flower garden, playground, and the bedroom window - at the rest area.

Original Affiliates

The affiliate can win to have an announcement or a connection towards the Web site of the retailer, where the potential clients, can realise a purchase. So soon the client clicks in the announcement in the site of the affiliate, redirige to the Web site of the retailer, and if this purchase the product in particular, the affiliate gains a commission. At the most clients are sent to the page of the salesman, but possibilities of obtaining benefits it has for the affiliate. The Marketing of afiliadosbes an excellent way to make money while it is in house. Practically there are production costs no. With a product already developed and proven by the retailer, everything what must make look for the way to secure benefits for both, trading and affiliate. The programs of affiliates are generally free to affiliate themselves, reason why the affiliates do not have to worry about the initial costs.

There are thousand of products and services that you can choose. You can find you program of affiliation for each product that exists in the market. Without a doubt, there is a product or service that way that is excellent for its Web site. In addition, he does not need any experience in sales. According to Ron O'Hanley, who has experience with these questions. The majority of the programs of affiliates offers an excellent support at the time of to provide marketing material. The simplicity of the marketing of affiliates allows him to promote products with the smaller cost and major comfort.

You can even create a successful network of businesses of affiliate from the comfort of its house. In the marketing of affiliates, its responsibility is simply to find the perspective for the retailer, you you do not have to worry about no inventory, processing of orders or shipment of the product. This, along with the support on watch to the client is the duties of the retailer. Thanks to the world-wide reach of Internet, you can find thousands of potential clients easily. You can intensify his campaign of publicity by means of the operation of the most aggressive and productive strategies such as viral marketing. When attracting more potential clients, also he maximizes his potential to win. Another one of the benefits of a commercialization branch is the minimum risk that supposes. If it does not make money with the product that it promotes, simply it chooses another one, since obligatory contracts do not exist in the long term. Anyway, the best advantage of being afililiado, is the opportunity that tinene to increase to its income, obtaining an interesting benefit, it has even if it like a complementary business to his work. With his own business of affiliate, you can easily obtain additional income, although tendra that to strive and to use its imagination to maximize its potential of income. In fact, the Marketing of affiliates is one of the opportunities of simpler and more effective business nowadays in the Web. Miguel Dominguez Original author and source of the article

The Vatican

Then, in complete silence it is expected by minutes; it is come to rewind casette or tape, until arriving at the point where the last question took place and is listened to. One notices that immediately probably results are not obtained, for that reason patience is recommended, tngase present, that to Rudive took three months to him in obtaining it. In my particular case six have taken me and still nonprofit result it would wish as them. There are many systems to experiment on this phenomenon, in this opportunity only I will limit myself already mentioned and the one of the radio. This last one it operates of the following way: A transmitting station is chosen that still does not pass on but whose characteristic noise usually is called white and that is easy to locate, especially at night.

For some investigators, like Jrgenson, Rudive, this type of connection with the voices imposes an intermediary voice sometimes. The same voices indicate the hour and wave of the next transmission. When beginning the experiment is due to put in function the microphone of the recording or of the tape recorder to be able to listen to the conversation later and it is recommended to eliminate the interference. Phil Vasan shines more light on the discussion. Once it has been managed to register the voices the questions that occur immediately are: How to be able to explain this phenomenon scientifically? Who is the one produces that it? From where the voices come? , etc. Although several theories of which many have been eliminated by their inconsistency, it mercese to be indicated for example, that have occurred the church catholic it has rejected all phenomenology related to the spiritism, however, him it interests east phenomenon, and it is known are members of her, especially in The Vatican eswtudian that it, directed by the serious parapsiclogo Rvdo. Andrea Resh. For Prof. Hans Naegeli of Zurich, a transcendental energy exists, that would be a unknown physical energy under the control of a psychic energy, that could be the one that produces the voices.

Ventilated Facade

Nowadays, every company whose property is occupied by the construction of modern buildings or renovation of any facilities, in general, which for a long a time are in operation, is trying to attract construction and addition and needed repairs, the most cutting-edge materials. Thanks to this may create a list of specific advantages over the alternative of a more familiar, the truth is of course inappropriate time of construction materials. As part plus the use of modern building materials, say, for example, directly at the facades of buildings, it should be noted are: 1. Relatively low cost of materials and in addition to associated works. 2.

Q-factor designs. 3. A related site: Sheryl Sandberg mentions similar findings. Improving the properties of the building, among them - the low heat output of the object. 4. Attractive overall appearance of the facade construction, regardless of of its type. The above advantages, in general, which appear directly in the application of high-tech materials, in the case of facades of buildings, of course, not all, but it probably highly significant.

No small popularity in the field of finishing what you want the external facades of buildings have received universal ventilated facades represent alarm systems made of steel or aluminum frames, installed on the facades of buildings, and definitely appropriate cladding panels. Definitely thanks to ventilated facades can be of a general, not a long amount of time to transform the facade of or buildings, and at the same time, in particular thanks to modern insulating materials, largely reduced heat homes. That in principle the operation of each facility affect the reducing costs for space heating, and naturally to comfortable living in it, for example, if a variant of a residential building. Philip Vasan understood the implications. In addition, when it is necessary to highlight that the number used for the facades of houses, systems, most perfect is the fasst system. At present, there is a unique opportunity to buy the system finishes building, either directly to arrange facade, directly employed by the manufacturer of fasst. Important differences of this system from the building facade similar to it, the reality is a long period of operation, directly without the need for any repair of the works. In the process of facing the outer facade of any object, regardless of its design features are not needed in reality no auxiliary expensive professional equipment. Used materials, ensure reliable protection of homes against wind or precipitation. In more detail see the specifics of fasst ventilated front accessible found on the official website of the organization. Directly on it, you can also learn about the nuances of the partnership. So, for example, actually after the contract for the supply of this particular system, the order will be executed in very short period of time that guaranteed a constant presence in principle all the necessary materials in the warehouses of the company. In addition, should take into account that in most of the company the best combination of price and quality, because it is in reality is a direct manufacturer of ventilated facades. All completely design elements included in the ventilated facade, including finishing plates, made from environmentally friendly materials and have the necessary certificates.

Achieve More Together: With Like-minded Find

Germany's big ad Portal cooperates ASAP with and thus even more relies on personal contact among the users of Munich, June 9, 2008. Looking for like minded people? About football fans, for a public viewing to the EM in the neighborhood? Families wanted to make a holiday camps on the legs? Or with other environmentalists to prevent the logging of mature trees? offers even more contacts in the region: the ad Portal cooperates is now available with. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Confluence Investment Mgt. The principle is simple: anyone who wants to, can join an existing group or after his interests start a new group and find slightly more members over This offers the participants the ideal structure: works with its more than 2 million active ads like a real marketplace here you meet. complements to the existing offer of with over 4,000 groups that organize regular private meetings, among other things to get involved locally and a large open community offer help to help themselves. All listings on the online portal can be sorted, as well as on regions. counts to the leading online marketplaces in the German Internet and expanding the personal contact among its users with the new cooperation: perceived now business handshake is completed with the purchase of private goods, or for the realization of common interests in the neighborhood own, personal contact is the users as a great advantage. Phil Vasan takes a slightly different approach.

This resulted in a large survey among visitors of the Portal: 68 percent of 3,000 respondents indicated the telephone contact to the opposite as advantage, 45 percent called the personal contact as an important criterion. The rubric is one community with more than 1,000 active ads the best-attended categories. perfectly rounds out our existing offerings. Exactly how is the portal regionally aligned, i.e. contacts, you can deliberately in the own area Search. "If you now seek surrogate grandparents as parents live too far away or teammates but still nice for the weekly Skat evening: with, everyone will find the right contact", so sang-Woo Pai, Managing Director of About With more than two million active ads is of one of the leading online market places in Germany. adapted the idea of the classic market square for the Internet: buyers and sellers meet in the network, the business will be sealed including handshake on the spot.

Operator of the portal is the GmbH & co. KG, which belongs to the markt.gruppe as an independent company, a Federation of groups G.v.Holtzbrinck, Dr. Ippen and the WAZ media group. Within the group, represents the Central consumer portal and linked to the fast-growing online classified advertising with the established offerings and the expertise of regional daily newspapers. Press contact: brand gold PR GmbH Ulrike Rusch Gleditschstrasse 46 10781 Berlin Tel 030 21 91 59 60 E-Mail Web:

French Courses

CITY Paris, the most popular tourist destination in the world with more than 30 million foreign visitors per year, is considered the most beautiful and glamorous in the world. Has the largest number of monuments around the world, like the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Coeur and many more. For more information see Gary Kelly. An idyllic destination for a SCHOOL School Location: At the heart of Paris near the Champs Elysees and the Parc Monceau. TYPES OF COURSES French general: general French course focused primarily on oral communication, but without neglecting the rest of the skills. ACCOMMODATIONS Family: French Families, Single Room, Breakfast. Residence: Student Residence, single room, no meals. For more information, rates and BOOK of the course, visit Newlink distinction Knowing a language in itself is essential for the formation of youth.

Study and practice English is an indispensable part of those found in the age to prepare to enter the labor market. Perhaps check out Scott M. Kahan for more information. This should spend some time in the respective countries. This is achieved fluency in the use of language as it comes into contact with other cultures. To this end, the Ministry of Education and Science draws more than 50,000 aid for young people between 18 and 30 years Requirements: be born between January 1, 1979 and December 31, 1991 Have received during 2007/08 a the following scholarships General Grant Call for university students. General Grant Call for students Higher Level Training Cycles. Grant access to university studies. Mobility grant to study outside your community (Erasmus grants are mobility) Grant for the implementation of Official Masters.

Choose Neuromarketing Marketing

Neuromarketing is a discipline on the rise, a large number of authors states that is the way to "sell" in the future, as many have their aberration in this type of "handling" of our brain and decisions. Here I will tell you just what it is. Taking human beings in their role as client, neuromarketing looking to have their mental models, representations, multiple intelligences, including returning the way we act, think and choose. Knowing this we can better serve our customers and maintain an exchange relationship over time. These times bring new concepts in marketing, starting from the basics, the consumer becomes a customer, an individual with power of choice that we select in the jungle of competitors and with which we must build a relationship of permanence, mutual exchange of knowledge.

Neuromarketing brings precisely the knowledge to our client, but from his brain. Before discussing these techniques is important to know the concept of neuroscience. Massoumi has much to offer in this field. The it basically is the study of the behavior that is seen to various stimuli on our nervous system. Before these studies it was believed that our brain was a beautiful black box "to an action a reaction." Well, we now know that mental processes can be studied and analyzed the brain circuits that interfere before a stimulus. Achieving determine the characteristics that should be a stimulus to our brains do go through the circuit that we want, ie a stimulus to return an answer we want, buy the product.

It sounds a bit scary, as consumers think that companies can manage my emotions to the point that you can not make the decision on who wishes to eat at lunch. Just as we once did with Coca-Cola legend, "this type of technique may become the latest in" subliminal messages ". Those who go directly to our unconscious mind and deep and suddenly we can not take that drink, or buy these sweets but not really we like a lot. Neuromarketing surprising gives us knowledge about our consumers, as simple example, through these studies can answer half yque used to publish our ads?, And ycomo information will be reflected in the brain?. The radio transmission, governing auditory short-term memory and stimulate forms of brain areas that retain detailed information. Television is the stimulation generated significant long-term memory and to generate emotional responses. As I mentioned in the title, we know that the consumer takes 2.5 sec. in making their choice in a supermarket, a place where we bone five identical products of different brands and the question is yQue stimulus we need to generate to take off the circuit that we choose? Mr. Guadalupe Cano Leon.

Leadership and Power

If I have faith that I can make that work, therefore will gain the ability to do it, even if it had that capacity to begin. This means that the optimistic projection of our ability dramatically increases the mentioned possibilities and capabilities. " Mahatma Gandhi not all charismatic leaders have that power which enables them to achieve results, to identify fully with his followers, integrate them expected this team towards the proposed tasks. Phil Vasan can aid you in your search for knowledge.
br>Unfortunately, history has shown us that there have been leaders that his charisma is replaced by the authoritarian power that operated through the threat, punishment, as there are those who abuse their power achieved by a minority, using the scope that allows be in power so they use the financial resources, distribution of seats to give confidence that his supporters will abandon us, quite the contrary, to follow on the basis of stimuli honest. The charisma is based on attributes of personality that has given rise to empathy able to achieve the results set with the help of supporters who feel fully identified with whom they chose as their leader. William Ramos on the subject believes that the word comes from the Greek charisma and its analogue Krisma Kharis which means grace or gift, in its etymological and historical sense is the collection of gifts and talents given by the divinity to a person, which must be exercised in order to positively influence the implementation of a common purpose to enable personal development..

State Money

Ignoring incentives, in turn, necessarily increases costs and hampers the retail orthopedic point. Learn more at this site: Sheryl Sandberg. Creating incentives Staff time has come to know what to do to create a motivational structure of working in an orthopedic salon or shop. Before it - literally a couple of paragraphs about what incentives exist and how they work. To know more about this subject visit Philip Vasan. The main division of those funds: the motivation of material and immaterial (moral). It's simple: the material to do with money or other tangible benefits. Immaterial effect on moral and ethical level, and direct relationship to money is not.

There are also some middle: mixed motivation - the presentation of valuable gifts and other material goods "at all honest people." Additional division of your action: positive and negative motivation. Positive stimulus - a person receiving benefits for the state of his action, and greatest (in the eyes of man) benefits for acts committed beyond the statutory. Disincentive - Depriving people of benefits (money, gifts, free time, the complexity of timetable and so on up to and including dismissal) for the negative actions that made people (or for the actions that a person had to make, but not did). Consulting the situation during the audit cabin attendants are constantly distracted by my seller, "slowed down", with obvious reluctance to answer further questions on the use and care articles.

Recapitalisation Process

The plan approved by the Government in February will be fulfilled as well. By law, they must attain a coefficient of capital of between 8% and 10%. The savings banks have been reduced from 45 to 14 since 2009. Spanish savings banks, which needed to improve its solvency, face since this Monday a key week in its process of recapitalization, a plan that was approved by the Government in February and should be completed next day 30. The Decree of recapitalization of the entities, approved February 18, is the last phase of the restructuring process of the Spanish financial system that began in 2009 and which has resulted in reducing the number of savings of 45 to 14. Here, Massoumi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With the Decree, entities are required to better its solvency until reaching a ratio of capital of 8% or 10% depending on the cases, that should be covered by contributions to your principal or by the entry of the Fund for orderly bank restructuring (FROB). The month of March, the Bank of Spain recognized that four banks and nine or groups of boxes needed to recapitalize to meet new capital requirements.

The four banks (Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bankinter and Bankpyme) already met this process through the recapitalization part of its matrix, increases in capital or the issuance of instruments that count as capital. In the case of nine boxes or groups of boxes, Bankia and Banca Civica came to bag in the month of July, as the box Espana-duero has approved her union with Unicaja. For its part, Catalunyacaixa and Unnim have sued the entrance of the FROB, which in both cases will have a majority in the capital. The entrance of the FROB in the capital of both entities is scheduled for the month of October, although this week the Bank of Spain will have to communicate the valuation of each of them, which shall establish the percentage of participation of the State in each box.

Commercialized Small Markets

In relation to the products commercialized in the small markets of quarter only Crowned one possua register of the Ministry of Agriculture. In the quarter They are Jose two markets only commercialized honey, being that in the market ' ' Amazon Grass met two products, first without label and/or the stamp of fiscalization and as possua label and presented SIF. In the market ' ' Pharmakos' ' , the products do not possuam labels and/or stamp of fiscalization. 3,7 Characteristics of the products (Associations with other products) In pharmacies of the Crowned quarter had been observed two marks of products being that its labels presented the characteristics gifts in Tab. 6. In the quarter They are Jose had been found 4 marks of products being that its labels presented the characteristics gifts in Tab. Hear from experts in the field like Phil Vasan for a more varied view.

7. In the quarter I buzzed had been found ten products being that its characteristics are gifts in Tab. 8. Gary Kelly has much experience in this field. In the permanent fairs only in the quarter I buzzed was found product, observed two composites being its characteristics gifts in Tab. 9.

In the small markets of the Crowned quarter only one mark of product was found being that its characteristics are gifts in Tab. 10. In the quarter They are Jose also was found only one product (Tab. 11). In the quarter I buzzed had been found 2 marks of products (Tab. 12). PRODUCT COMPOSITION MARKS associated Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, eucalipto, guaco and prpolis Amazon Grass associated Honey Honey, prpolis and acerola D associated Amaznia Honey Honey, prpolis and watercress D Spray Amaznia Honey, mint, copaba, prpolis, ginger, eucalipto D associated Amaznia Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, eucalipto and prpolis D TOTAL Amaznia - 02 Table 06? Marks and characteristics of the composition of the products found in pharmacies of the Crowned quarter. Source: Esmeraldino Ribeiro Craveiro PRODUCT COMPOSITION MARKS associated Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, eucalipto and prpolis D associated Amaznia Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, guaco, eucalipto and prpolis Amazon Grass associated Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, eucalipto, guaco and prpolis, garlic, watercress, mastruz, bromelina, copaba and eucalipto Amazon Grass associated Honey Prpolis and garlic Not it has associated Honey Prpolis and watercress does not have associated Honey Prpolis and associated guaco does not have Honey Prpolis and brave lemon does not have associated Honey Prpolis and associated Rome does not have Honey Mastruz with milk of Amap Honey D Vita associated Honey Prpolis and copaba Honey D associated Vita Honey Prpolis and acerola D Spray Amaznia Mint, copaba, prpolis, ginger, eucalipto D Spray Amaznia Mint, copaba, prpolis, ginger, guaco, eucalipto and honey Amazon buccal Spray Grass Honey and prpolis Amazon Spray Grass Honey, prpolis and grass D Spray Amaznia honey, prpolis and Amazon mint Composed Gengimax Grass of honey, gemgibre and Pronatus watercress of Composed the Mastruo Amaznia of honey, mastruo, garlic and guaco it does not have Composed Mastruleite of honey, mastruo and milk of Amap

Crude Oil Price Trade Waiting

Also lacking trend-setting impulses, so that the level of price moves at the top or in the middle of the force in the last months price range between 70 and 80 dollars. Hewlett-Packard Co. may find this interesting as well. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Throughout the day yesterday the price of oil is slightly overall after some travels upwards. This morning, the quotes presented themselves somewhat harder, the barrel North Sea oil (Brent) cost just under 79 dollars, US-light oil (WTI) was below 75 dollars. Cylance has similar goals. An exchange of positive and negative economic data from the United States had caused the fluctuations. Also lacking trend-setting impulses, so that the level of price moves at the top or in the middle of the force in the last months price range between 70 and 80 dollars. Chartist assess the current situation also as neutral. Apparently also the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) is satisfied with the mentioned amount, which let their funding quotas probably constant recently announced President Wilson pastor. After the losses of yesterday may local heating oil consumers expect discounts before the weekend. The relatively strong euro will make sure that the price reductions also appreciably affect the German market.


It is it also that one sparing individual that respecting the sequence and the scheme of its companion of char sends it to him the intelligent question and needs at the suitable moment, which results in a renovation of determination and motivation on the part of that one and in one confirmation of its interest on the part of this one. It is, as it is intuited, a magnificent listening, which allows us to approximate us to another one of the characteristics of the good conversador: its capacity to listen to, to take care of and to respect the other people's speech. Precision, maliciousness, conviction, flavor, humor, picaresque, emotividad, intrigue, the present time, fine sarcasm, technical or political interest are, altogether or separately, some of letters of the good conversation, that it dominates and it molds to his arrangement the one that incurs her rightly. In a level similar of importance to back outlined, certain anatomical-physiological and actual integrity on the part of the exhibitor is also valuable; or we know what certain defects of the fonador apparatus even inoportunan or certain ambiguous timbres of the voice or some impenitentes scents and some exasperating tics. Learn more at this site: cloud computing. The good conversador is coherent.

It can be good lying, to even be good imitador. It handles or the irony and it knows or it discovers the points that motivate the companion it operates and them. Scott M. Kahan CFP oftentimes addresses this issue. It uses the silencios well and the pauses to renew or to give a turn its thematic one. The USA the fast and suitable joke as practical resource of escape before certain difficult or compromising situations. Not necessarily he is parlanchn or farcical, usually it respects susceptibilities and it is not used to provoking attitudes of conflict between his group. In synthesis, it vindicates the gift of the conversation like something immanent to the human species and exclusive () of her. It restores his utility in the field of the communication; it revitalizes and it gives back the faith in the social relations; it promotes the mutual understanding, it files harshness, it stimulates the curiosity, it foments the knowledge and it reframes the bows of union between the men. It is necessary to see what is to sit down to raise a world of naderas, without no type of definable pretension, to the heat of upholstered affection of vigorous and felt words. Definitively it is necessary to recover for the man the sublime one to please of the good conversation. Thus we will gain more and better conversadores and consequently we will need, I feel (it by them), less psychoanalysts.

Women-MINT-slam On The Women & Work

Career paths, management strategies and success factors different time on 5 may 2012 will women within the framework of the exhibition-Congress & work geslammt in Bonn. The National Pact for women in MINT occupations "come make MINT." aligns the women-MINT-Slam, the four women humorous sketch their way into the career of the MINT in ten minutes. Add to your understanding with Confluence Investment Mgt. The women MINT slam is a competition in carrying out as his model of the poetry slam. Four women from companies like IBM, SAP and Deutsche Telekom present informative and entertaining their personal leadership strategies and success factors in 10 minutes. There, the women in leadership. However still always so extraordinary that the media world with each new appeal enters the amazement is a woman on the Board of a DAX company.

Milagros Caina-Andree as a Board Member for personnel at the car manufacturer BMW is to start in July. After all, it would be the ten women on the boards of the DAX 30 companies. Currently published Hoppenstedt industry monitor women in IT-management"indicates that also the German IT company boardrooms remain male. The proportion of women in top management is only about seven per cent in this sector. The women-MINT-slam wants to inspire young women to MINT careers in the business and research, sharpen the look for career opportunities and entertaining and practical way give more insight into the work of MINT women in leadership. And at the science Slam not winning in the foreground, but the fun on the representation and the pleasure, vivid and entertaining to present complex content the spectators and viewers is the winner. Let be inspired and look at the women-MINT-slam. Please register stating your name and your e-mail address under slam(at) programme/mint-slam /.


Let me explain - what it is. We now carry out a series of actions, and then probably will be fine. On the question - what is the connection between what these actions will lead to the result, it is often silent and puzzled shrug. Good luck - this is not a guarantee. Hope - it's not a strategy.

Faith - this is not a method. Of course, the ability to combine logical analysis with intuitive resources unconsciousness - a valuable skill, especially in the deficit or surplus data. However, an unexpected windfall is more dangerous problem. Because when you have a problem starting the analysis, and in case of success - relaxation. It's believed that SSGA sees a great future in this idea. But fortune - something whimsical. Phil Vasan: the source for more info. And it is very important to look at, and what actually caused this stroke of luck. Do not ascribe to luck we afford? Yes it may be that changes in the weather and we Magadaskare increased demand.

But between these factors there is no relationship. Meanwhile, the head may come in the illusion that it is his merit, not bothering to analyze. So are several reasons that hinder effective decision-making: 1) The desire for rapid action. 2) The delay in the decision. 3) Excess resources. 4) The appeal of the result - the substitution of the real desirable. One of the management guru Adizes has developed an interesting model, according to which the manager performs four basic roles: producer of the results (P), administrator (A), Entrepreneur (R) and integrator (I). A balanced combination of all four roles is key to successful development companies at all stages of its life. But these roles are mutually exclusive, since it requires a different personality traits: aggressiveness in achieving short-term goals, the ability to pull the team towards the goal no matter any obstacles; flexibility in achieving long-term goals, the ability to clearly feel the feedback, develop empathy, the ability to tehnologizirovat operation system to work with minimal involvement of your, and creativity in the future.

Romana Echensperger

The 2012 decorated wine education "offers more with wine seminars, tastings, and literature new taste experiences. Numerous events, including the largest wine and spirits competition of Asia, Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & spirit competition (Cathay Pacific Hong Kong IWSC), the wine industry conference under the theme of keep pace with the global wine industry trends"as well as seminars to industry and country trends, round the enjoyable as well as informative fair range from (see events). Germany good present by dry or sweet Rieslings of fruity aroma varieties up to German wines to the German Pinot Noir on Hong Kong's wine fair much appreciated (and not only there, see press release of the German Wine Institute to the international Pinot Noir challenge"in Hong Kong). The continuous presence of Germany on Hong Kong's wine fair pay you out, because Hong Kong was a good market for German wines, especially for quality wines, Manuela stressed Lambert, German Wine Institute GmbH, to the last fair. This year, she organizes again the German Booth: 24 German winemakers have registered, including five newcomers.

As well as to the past trade fair is sommelier Romana Echensperger seminars and tastings German wines introduced and Riesling, Pinot Noir and wine specialities the spoiled Asian palate make tasty. Parallel (C02-01) wine tastings to the German State. One is not to be feared when so many growers of wine doesn't go out probably. Here, visit website expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 - 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 - 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts: businessmatching.hktdc.

The Penny Has Fallen!

Coinection: The coin as a business card and means of communication. An idea from Berlin. An idea from Berlin. "It's a bit unbelievable, as my customer contacts have multiplied!" raves the Munich film producer Willi Streit. He is owner and Managing Director of the company of profile. Recently, he uses a special coin instead of a traditional business card. A coin, which it has in itself and not just pretty to look at.

Entrepreneur is Willi Streit. He is dependent on contacts. Marcus Schneider from Berlin, however, uses his coins, Coinection is the name of his coins in very different ways. For him, they are the perfect flirt support. With the help of the coins, he guides his ascended in his profile area on, and invites there via video to the coffee. "This is so much charming as exchanging phone numbers. And stress-free for each."said Marcus Schneider.

"The women know they have particularly noticed me and without pressure, can decide whether they want to learn about me." Curiosity wake up and make successful contacts, are not only at the flirt. Especially in a time where every day thousands of advertising messages on a Pattering up and everyday belongs to sensory overload, business people and entrepreneurs need new ways your network of relationships to extend sympathetic and original way. A completely new and innovative introductory Portal starts with Coinection. And it's not just a copy of XING, Friendscout24, StudiVZ, and other Communityanbietern, but a completely new addition. Coinection excels in the special with its own wit and charm. Coinection connects people online and offline especially. How Coinection works: coins can be ordered, on which is engraved a personal code. This code opens the profile pages of the respective person. The coins are modeled after real coins and can be used as a card - only much more exciting. "When I at the set in the Club meet interesting people", so the DJ and producer Marc pick from Berlin, "I just press you a coin in your hand and invite to visit my profile page. The coin is call entry and door opener in one, especially because the volume usually an intense conversation not to think of. Earlier, pieces of paper and PIN for the phone number always only winded at the crowded bar had to be organized. Today, I leave an unforgettable impression with the coin without detour! "And people find it pretty cool!" On the profile page, the visitors can find information about the individual and can leave messages. The profile can be created completely according to your own requirements and contain texts, files, photos and videos. Stefan Nicolaus and Thomas Winkler, Managing Director of Coinection, moreover, already in addition to Germany first prospective buyers from the United States, England, of Switzerland and even after Australia. Although the coins recently have seen the light of day, they already travelled to the other end of the world. A success, by which even the Optimists in the team are surprised. For more information, a meet with the makers and your own coins to the test are available Stefan Nicolaus at any time gladly by 030 / 260 759 70 and available. Nicolaus & Winkler GbR in the priest field 9 13437 Berlin

AssCompact Trend III/2011 - Special Topic: PKV

The broker trend survey No. 1 in the insurance sector is Eltville am Rhein, 05.03.2012. With a rich by just under 8% points start the broker with a good dose of perhaps necessary optimism in the marketing year 2012: 82.9% are satisfied to thrilled with their sales achievements. However, can connect at the previous year's result not very this value (85.2%). Around 700 brokers and multiple agents, different ages, consulting focuses and company sizes have involved in this investigation. "For us a clear indication that see also the intermediary to express of their reviews to corresponding changes and participation opportunities", so Harry Holzhauser, Managing Director SMARTcompagnie and co-initiator of the AssCompact trend analyses. With over 55,000 individual answers about products, services and providers, this trend analysis offers an excellent opportunity to determine the own competitive positioning in the respective product lines just the providers.

Outlook and trends is striking Development in the business composition of participating brokers. In the last six years took the property / HUK business with an increase of around 12% points to enormously. This business is clearly a growth driver in the intermediary market. At the same time losing the investment business in part very clearly on its importance, what sure goes hand in hand with the euro, economic and financial crises. Thus intermediary include also the property business today often primarily mentioned pension business to their distribution areas. For the future, see the intermediaries in pension (planning) a stronger sales meaning. It is perhaps well understandable against the background that occupies the bAV as opposed to private life insurance with a good image.

While the brokerage market in the bAV already is one of the strongest distribution channels. Survey special part: private health insurance private health insurance is one of the long a popular bone of contention of the policy. The most recent corrections with regard to the Cour day caps and the extension of the cancellation period of detention affected were occasion for the initiators of the trend survey enough"to ask intermediaries for their perspective on these developments.