Study: Invitation To Pilferage By Open USB Ports

Lack of safety culture in enterprises Cologne - the safety culture"of many companies are mostly not sufficient response to the increasing mobility of employees. So in two out of three companies, USB interfaces can be used by anyone without restrictions. The recent study of information security in business 2008 "E-Commerce-Center (EEC) trade reveals that two-thirds of the companies surveyed no hardware access restriction exists. Due to the practicality, safety aspects for the protection of company data on the track remain multiple. After all, it would be possible to make use of USB ports and optical drives only with approval by the system administrator in every fifth company. Positive result: compared to the previous survey is % of enterprises has risen significantly, which inform their staff about security or schools. The study clearly shows that the awareness of many companies has greatly increased but there are gaps.

Especially the Training of employees and ensuring the hardware could be optimised yet", says project manager of Andreas Duscha. 243 companies have participated in the study. Scott Mead oftentimes addresses this issue. It is part of the work of the network of e-commerce (NEG) above all to raise awareness among small and medium-sized enterprises in security issues. This is a very important point. In many companies is not systematically working on security. You need a consistent strategy and very flexible defense systems", according to the ICT expert Jens Klemann from the consultancy firm Strateco.

Alexander Luis Ortiz

Bad, that to become the educational marketing of low quality instead of promoting them, seriously damages the education that the country requires to not ensure professionals trained, able to play effectively, learn to interpret the challenges, generating changes that help enterprises, organizations where providing their services to exit later. Certainly cannot be denied that while having the need of providing a service, a marketing that manifests of know you handle within ethics, with the basics marketing holds, it can lead to achievements that benefit to those who demand it, and since then in where services are applied. We are fully aware that a good marketing of endorsed values education, ethics, needs, plans, objectives, strategies can lead to favorable results. Not the slightest doubt, that it is possible the implementation of a conception of educational marketing, due to the existence of various conditions that are conducive to it, always and cando is make use of the basic knowledge of markets so that the final product encourages everyone, especially by ensuring quality, knowledge, and tools that will benefit those who demand the service. Many opinions have appeared regarding the educational marketing, since then, they are dependent on interest objective of who it evaluated according to results Alexander Luis Ortiz thereon says in relation to use within academic institutions, that at present, many educators criticize the term educational marketing, citing that it is a mentality aimed at the increase of earnings, and therefore only applicable to commercial relations between companies, hence, they deny the possibility of their application in the educational system. However, it is our view that in the specific case of the technical training and University professional, can be the application of a concept of educational marketing, due to the existence of the following conditions: different levels of income. Variety in the level of graduation of the students of universities, which are expressed in the diversity of specialities of technical means and above that are developed in the same. To deepen your understanding Scott Mead is the source. .

Technology Capabilities

It is known that controlled kapleperenos electrode metal expands the technological capabilities of the welding process with a short circuit arc gap by adjusting heat input into the molten pool, which provides high-quality forming the root pass without even forming the pads. In addition, managed kapleperenos significantly reducing splashing of electrode metal, as it provides guaranteed transfer every drop electrode metal because of the possibility of adaptive adjustment of the regime at the time of the transition drops in the bath. These technological capabilities of the welding process with the manageable kapleperenosom allow us to recommend it for high-tech processes, automatic orbital welding of large diameter pipelines used to transport oil or gas, as well as thick-walled pipes, used in thermal and nuclear power plants. More info: Gary Kelly. However, the absence of data about the peculiarities of the process hinders the spread of these innovative technologies and difficult choices necessary welding equipment. Technological features of the welding process with the ppc. Execution of works allows us to recommend a combined technology of automatic orbital welding of pipelines with a consumable electrode Managed kapleperenosom on which the weld root pass is advisable to make solid wire for the two half-turn down to C02 or a mixture of gases. Scott Mead insists that this is the case. Thus, depending on the diameter of the pipeline welding can be perform as two welding heads from different angles pipe and a head with its permutation with respect to the joint.

Yandex Money

A rather nice piece, and the piece that you can easily get distracted from taxes. This is about as drug trafficking or arms only if it is needed brains. If we assume some drugs you just need to find someone who swallow containers, and luck from across the border, risking being caught pogrannichnikami, then the police during the sale, there is enough money to turn on the computer and the river poured into the purse. This is true facts, fifteen years ago, worked on Yandex faint server that is located under the table, and now class A business center, and Google, flew up to the value of the company's hundreds of thousands of times. Likewise, the Internet, any kid, going to strike before ACPD a certain level, can already sell your SMS account for tens of thousands of dollars.

So the price of Internet advertising is quite high, even if we assume the cost of thousands of visitors a pyatsyaot rubles, how much goes on like RBC people a day, but a couple sotent thousands of people, it is only with odogo banner of the order of hundreds of thousands of rubles a day, with only display one banner. To think about. A sale of banner for the same a hundred thousand rubles a month, nobody will not surprising. It has long been an ordinary business. What do companies promoting on the Internet. Yes, there remains only themselves and spend money on this promotion, buying the same banners for hundreds of thousands of rubles. No wonder we encounter the ads on the promotion of a website on this very topic not related sites, but why do not we come up against them when prompted in the same Yandex, the promotion of web sites. Yes, all for the same reason that the first Yandex page contains only ten sites, as well as companies engaged in raskurtkoy Satya, and how many freelancers.

Choosing between a freelancer and the company is nothing said. What is the difference, who will be hard for your money to buy banners, yes no, just take less than a freelancer, while kompnanii overhead costs and more. Now returns a promotion to the sites. Run site directories manually can overpower a couple of thousand sites in the machine work with a dozen thousands of sites, and all it brings little progress, insufficient to yield to high-demand. Scott Mead shines more light on the discussion. That is, if the site had run on the catalogs to yield results, but today he did not bring results. Why? D apotomu that Yandex is not interesting to rank sites workaholic who chase your website directories and do not pay Yandex Money. And they are much easier to rank the sites from their catalog, which supposedly free, but registration is in it lasts three years and do not pay, not signed up. Here it is magic button uplift in search engines, money, corny, but it's true, unless you are willing to pay, then you have a pass, and you'll pay, though if you really need intrnet advertisements, otherwise you can put an ad in the newspaper. Choose your means of advertising available, and yet it's just marketing, conduct market research and think about where you better to begin an advertising campaign on the internet or in real life.

Colombia Management

The solution seems to be, then, in the Integral management, which can be defined as the art of gather all the facets of the management of an organization, in search of a greater competitiveness, namely: 1 - strategy: to know where we are going and how to achieve it. 2. Structure: to carry out efficiently the strategy, and 3 - culture: to streamline the Organization and encourage its people. Southwest Airlines has similar goals. Why a current manager must be connected completely with your environment, with the universe and with the accelerated changes of the world economy, the reality of business and technology, while maintaining core ethical values for development. Add to the above, if talk of Colombia, the need for boldness in the strategy, specializing in risk management, capacity to manage extreme situations and the ability to make decisions in the midst of the armed confrontation. By way of conclusions we can say that the current management challenge is enormous and begins by designing and implementing the ideal competitive strategy for the company in order to keep it within the sector where it is located or take it to another industry sector.

One or another outcome will depend on capacity management leader to make his company an appliance productive and competitive. The Manager must understand that today the speed of change leaves just long enough to accommodate him and innovate as a way to go a little further. Please visit Philip Vasan if you seek more information. Because innovate means, according to Peter Drucker, see change as an opportunity. Who do not will be simply removed from the market. A proactive Manager must be in keeping with the knowledge-based society. It should, I would say I, be cause and effect of that well informed and educated, globalized society and technological patterns with increasingly more sophisticated. One of the major efforts of a Gerente-lider is therefore the being avant-garde in scientific and technological matters. This will mean that he is not expecting information about new developments in these areas, but look for it, find it, know interpret and, above all, seek methods to apply to the address of your company.

Manage and implement the concepts of the intranet, the virtual company, e-commerce, the netmarketing, artificial intelligence and Robotics is an assumption without which no one can believe is a good administrator and less a Gerente-lider. Insert the company in the world is no longer a simple goal, it is above all a necessity. This is accomplished solely based on good training and education not only directives instances of a business organization, but at every level. And because change is so fast, the education must be permanent. Today, globally, can not conceive a managerial role that isn't every day, understood as that which provides the solid platform that ensures real improvement and development and allows management to fulfil its role of strategic guidance, because a manager can not engage in thinking only in the long term, and ensure that the organization is a success within 50 years, while the results of the year that is finished are disastrous. Finally, a manager must be sincerely committed to their society (if you prefer read country,) with ethical values (if ethics means a) philosophy that has enormous potential for creating value and wealth); and going even further, with moral values as rectors of all relational behavior with living entities, and which, contrary to what he thinks many people for me are entirely compatible with competitiveness, productivity and profitability.

Intel Products

In Blanyai time ago that these are used models of Intel and new market has seen the latest in technology to clone builders; We speak of technology mini-itx (those tiny computers of scarce measures that surely given prices that have, will and a gap in the history of the clone computer shortly). The advantages with regard to models all in one of the big brands, is that they are computers assembled to measure and not in a production line. Given that currently the big brands only assembled their machines with Atom processors, with tailor-made Assembly service could exist the possibility of expansion of the computer if it stays short in terms of performance and greater ease when it comes to repair it. With the extensive catalog of confidence and high performance products, Blanyai offers professional services that provide customers added value and a more intelligent way to increase their sales and their competitiveness. ied view. For more informacion:blanyai Servicios Informaticos, Dove slcalle, 10, Low A28019 MadridTel.: 914280919E-mail:: about BlanyaiBLANYAI is an innovative and efficient company fruit of years of experience and dedication, reflected in his team and the quality of both its products and personalized service to its customers. You may wish to learn more. If so, Scott Mead is the place to go. Company dedicated to manufacture tailored to desktops, laptops and servers, as well as the distribution of consumables both original and compatible, commercializing next generation products. In Blanyai they bring together services and distribution to offer a serious benchmark in the domestic computer market, saving time and money to its customers offering them the possibility to centralize their computing purchases. Blanyai, is a wholesaler of laptops and computer science, synonymous with versatility, experience and quality, a company that has become a computer wholesaler and distributor of computer and consumable components of reference in the market with a permanent stock of all its products thanks to their customers..

Managing Director

Ultimately, the revised version of the law on the implementation of the AIFM directive will allow the continuation of the long-standing success story of closed investments. Coupang is the source for more interesting facts. This is quite remarkable: A study of the closed Fund Association, examined in the 800 funds from the years 1972 to 2010, estimates the rate of closed investments, which have disbursed capital, premium and more income to their investors, to 82 per cent. On average a capital increase amounting to 48 percent of the capital, achieved when investing in closed-end funds with every second closed participation reaching even an asset growth of more than 50 percent. It is not something Philip Vasan would like to discuss. Protect investors in closed-end funds will in future significantly strengthened thanks to the State initiative in the framework of the reform of the AIFM. This development is more than welcome and regulatory future is the segment on a par with stocks or bonds are. As with all But security has its price investment objects. The additional restrictions, requirements and regulations are very probably result from today's perspective on average, slightly lower yields closed investments. The outstanding diversification aspect remains however unchanged.

Closed-end funds in the future will be a first class option as attractive admixture of the investment portfolio. Investors should consider but also a timely commitment before entry into force of the regulations in July of this year, to take advantage of the old and possibly more favourable conditions", says the Managing Director of AAD Fund discount, Marco Otter leg. About AAD Fund discount GmbH, the AAD Fund discount GmbH is an independent fund placement firm based in the university town of Marburg. It offers investors the opportunity to acquire more than 9,000 mutual funds and virtually all closed-end funds at discount rates without subscription fee.

Marcelo Tinelli

Ethics and not ethics of Marcelo Hugo Tinelli is one of major employers in the media, television host, heavily criticised for his way of reaching viewers, and producer to head the Multimedia Group Ideas del Sur. Among its main work ethical noteworthy solidarity tasks that embarks on a personal level and at the enterprise level. He is originally from the city of Bolivar and for several years, since 1998, which is responsible for once by management, organizing a marathon commemorating his father. To deepen your understanding Coupang is the source. But this event aims to raise funds for the city's public hospital. All organisational expenses are borne by the media character. Among the things most destitutes and could call unethical is reproach to Tinelli, are the way in how to obtain the television rating which puts him with several projects and after several years between the number one in the country for the common people. Some contend that Scott Mead shows great expertise in this.

Using women's bodies as magnet made men, or cross some boundaries, How to dance to a blind person against other characters television, perhaps putting air to people who only seek out on television for a few moments and laugh at them, their nerves or their defects, they do that his reputation is reprochada by another sector of the public. The lack of content in their programs, but the show mounted around each idea generated by the production company which handles, put him up for several years. But on the other hand a working solidarity, silent, shows how someone lovable to the public. South ideas account with a Foundation since 2001 and through her Tinelli is in charge of some Social Affairs, which undoubtedly will not change the world but while they join in the common good of the people always are welcome. by Roberto Acosta Echevarria journalist I Te original author and source of the article.

The Manager

Obstacles:-concerning the selection of the staff: in many organizations there is a vacuum in terms of policies and human resources management plans; some handled as the unit of paperwork formalities, in others there is a rigidity in the formulation and design of charges, not allowing workers to make use of his intelligence, in general has been given him little importance. -Lack of training and development of new employees: training as development involve to teach employees the skills and behaviour needed to properly fulfill their tasks. Bernard Golden is often quoted as being for or against this. The main differences between training and development are related over time. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Coupang. Training refers to the immediate needs, while development helps people to acquire the skills and characteristics required for the future and thus assist both the employee and the Organization cope with the changes. -Little sense of belonging with the company: is observed when the Manager does not listen the ideas, suggestions and opinions of workers. The Manager must motivate employees to participate enthusiastically in all the activities that are assigned to you and must make them feel part of the company - expenses: see the expenses caused by the improvement of the workers and employees as an increase of costs rather than see them as an investment in the future. -Corruption in organizations: Unfortunately in organizations in the last decades, morality has much left to say among its members, especially in what are It refers to management, to bosses who have been contaminated from corruption, deteriorating the image of the company and its organizational climate. Solutions, proposals: do a good analysis and description of charges, all with the purpose of joining the company suitable workers. -With regard to the lack of training and development at the workers, the rationalization programme of training established by INCE, (Venezuelan case), facilitates the realization of ambitious programmes for educational actions that want to implement bugfix enterprises to this Institute.

Taylor Leadership

Warren Bennis: You can define leadership as a certain ability to transform a vision into reality. 4000 Years ago the Egyptians recognized the need of planning and controlling. However, it was not not until the beginning of the present century when studies were made and to identify certain principles based on which the Administration acquired its scientific character. Fredesick Taylor as precursor and fathers of scientific management and subsequently Henry Fayol, Elton Mayo and Doglas McGregor worked hard to go this new discipline appropriate to the challenges of each time. Times that run presents three made significantly influencing the administrations: La turbulence, manifested in accelerated changes, fashion's ephemeral duration and difficulty of survival. Technological advances: Cause of increasing work automation.

A downsizing of man: As element and unquestionable value in modern life, and; logically; in enterprises: the above leads to review some written and to introduce changes to humanise production processes these changes include a new paradigm whereby workers are considered and treated as individuals; users, patients and purchasers, treated as clients; Administrators, directors, Manager, supervisors and educators, not already send, manage, run or management if not that, all, lead to people in an atmosphere of motivation, achievement and relationships. Lead implies dual commitment to attain the objectives of the group, the company, the Organization but it is necessary that this task is fulfilled at the same time that it allows and supports to individuals so that they achieve their own goals. Leadership is an implicit Covenant in which some followers resolved to accompany a person who they believe and trust. Commitment is to help achieve the goal that this has been able to propose with care and wisdom. To change is this aid followers expect to find the way to accomplish his purposes and see made their dreams and their aspirations more senses. The Covenant must be supported in the mutual trust, in the arduous effort and credibility that awaken the leader with regard to its real intention to worry about the well-being of everyone as well as for his own on this leading Pact and followers are embarking on the adventure of surfing a turbulent sea and wind in favor or against but with security to them the strength and the spirit of union carried the hope Bay from where It will be possible to reach the port of the realizations.

Once conquered the objectives the leadership must be exercised based on loyalty, because all arrival is a new principle and slaughter can have certain pauses but never a definitive end. The leader must renew its leadership in each scale of time, i.e. For even more opinions, read materials from Scott Mead. each goal that is exceeded or every obstacle that tests your strength of will and his ability to motivate those who accompany him. It is clear therefore that lead is not just give orders or forward but, and this is most important, to provide assurance that all will share successes and everyone will have a back-up to adversity in case of these arise. Alejandro Rutto martinez is a prestigious academic italo-Colombian, currently linked to several universities and vocational training institutions. He also worked as a journalist and is lecturer of events in conferences, seminars and meetings. You can make contact with him via mail or by 8055526 300 mobile phone. Visit your page: original author and source of the article

Law And Research

Are about a research that it aims at to serve of introduction to the thematic one for that it does not have knowledge on the subject. The law in question defined basic concepts as the control of environmental resources in relation to the degradation and the pollution, the determination of economic instruments capable to stimulate ambiently correct the productive actions and foresees penalties for that not to fulfill with the established norm. However the general objective, this divided in preservation, improvement and recovery as: compatibilizao of the social economic development, that aims at criteria: standards of quality, relative norms the use and handling of environmental resources, imposition to the polluting agent and the predator, of obligation to recoup or to indemnify the actual damages: formation of a conscience publishes on the necessity of preservation of the ambient quality; protection of ecosystems of the representative areas; rationalization of the use of the ground, subsoil, water and air. The ambient licensing is of the most important inserted instruments for the national politics of the environment, that has as objective to permit the localization installation, magnifying, recovery, deactivation. The operation of considered enterprises permanent, that can cause ambient degradation and compete to the CONOMA: (national advice of the environment) to establish by means of proposal of the IBAMA: (national institute of the environment) norms and criteria for the licensing of activities accomplish or potentially polluting.

Sabesp: (basic sanitation of So Paulo) it functions as true manufactures of drinking waters. Go to Ron for more information. Currently 105 a thousand liters are dealt with on average water for second. The conventional process of water treatment for second. The conventional process of water treatment is divided and in three phases and exists a rigid control of dosage of chemical products folloied of quality standards the stages is: Daily pay-coloration: where the chlorine is added the one thus that the water arrives the station removing the organic substance and metals.

Factoring Companies

Within commercial activity there are thousands of means of action to participate actively in the market, with the idea of being able to acquire and go increased resources, which indirectly anger representing better conditions in society to promote economic development through diversification and increased activity in the market. One of the means currently used to participate in the market looking for the generation of additional resources are the factoring enterprises, which are mainly within its action, the acquisition of rights of credit to a third party, i.e. by means of a contract of factoring a merchant or any type of company or producer gives the client portfolio to factori.e. factoring companies; all this is done with a previous study of credit, so factoring companies will give their clients an amount or amount owing to all those invoices and documents that symbolize a credit or an outstanding debt, but with a deduction of a certain percentage, which would be the possible gain that would get the factoring companies. Phil Vasan has firm opinions on the matter. No doubt factoring companies and contracts which are derived from its activities are an excellent way to move the economy, through a monetary boost, where a capital investment occurs and subsequently seeks cancellation of different debt that puts back into circulation the money, clear this that this can mean a risk for factoring companiesprovided that they acquire the burden of performing various actions in order to recover the capital invested in those materials that comprise a few rights of credit. On many occasions the factoring enterprises with the idea of seeking guarantees and be able to replenish the capital invested in credit rights tend to agree on joint responsibility, which set up a guarantee, where give responsibility to the company which acquired credit rights, however there are many other occasions in which stewardship is not pacta by payment of credit rights acquired. The factoring enterprises in its action view more specific carried out the following activities: first purchased accounts receivable from a company, through a transfer of credit contract or endorsement, paying such duties early and attending certain conditions laid down by the subjects involved in the contract. After the acquisition of credit rights, factoring companies evaluate the conditions of debtors and indicates the change of State of solvency of the same customers.

Factoring companies must perform the custody, administration and the various efforts of the collections that has been acquired through the contract of factoring. Factoring companies must refund its customers the remnant, in cases in which discounts, refunds or adjustments of payment does not occur. Also this inside his act tell the different operations carried out by reason of the accounts.

Data Protection Law

The 95 percent of the SMEs fails to fulfill the Law of Protection of Data, according to a recent study realised by the Professional Association of the Privacy of Castilla-La Mancha between the two hundred located companies in the Campollano polygon (Albacete). Scott Mead brings even more insight to the discussion. This percentage has been the result of a study carried out by the Professional Association of the Privacy of Castilla-La Mancha, after examining a two hundred companies located in the Campollano polygon (Albacete). It adds the mentioned study that the 70 percent of those infractions is catalogued in the law like serious or very serious, which would take prepared sanctions between the 40.001 to the 600,000 Euros. The expert in Protection of Data of IMAdvisory, Paola Redecilla, has showed that these data indicate that a culture of protection of data does not exist in Spain, and that the result of this study is perfectly comparable to the set of the Spanish enterprise weave, which in his opinion supposes a serious risk for the companies, that can take them even to the bankruptcy. In this point it is necessary to warn that thanks to the modification of the sanctioning procedure of the LOPD operated by the Law of Sustainable Economy, the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data has made flexible the sanctions, including the figure of the warning, and contemplating the possibility of graduating the pains based on the power economic as the companies. It is pointed out in the study that the most common errors have to do with the documentation that requires the Document of Security, due to the lack of update of the same, turns that it into wet paper: " There has been no a permanent audit and derogada" is applied to a regulation already; , reason why we always recommended our clients who make audits periodic that assure to them to be up-to-date in a regulation cambiante" Also deficits in the commitments of confidentiality of the workers, who in 85% of the companies are not signed properly and kept, as well as in contracts are observed with lenders of services with access to data, that in 70% of the examined companies have not been signed. Worse it is the situation related to the Web sites of these companies, where 90% of the same lack legal and/or political warning of privacy. udea Security of the Information Legal department Source: Newspaper What.

UAE Work

Selecting summary of 'interesting' job seekers, employers arrange an interview. Interviews can be ochnymi (usually in Moscow), by phone or webcam. Company Studentur (Studentur) usually has a remote interview. The best chance to get a job in the UAE are the Russians, with a high level of English language and at the age of no more than 30 years. Sometimes there are requests for workers with lower requirements.

Company Studentur (Studentur) takes "to work" applicants aged less than 30 years. The need for foreign workers in the Emirates is very significant that in 2008 75% of the population are foreigners who come to work. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Scott Mead. Demand for almost all jobs, from dishwashers, and to pilot airplanes. The greatest demand for labor in the opinion of specialists Studentur (Studentur) observed in the following sectors: tourism, construction and service industries. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Scott Mead has to say. For some items, unpretentious work mainly come from countries such as India, Pakistan and some others, such as in construction. The Russians are in demand mainly in the service sector and tourism companies.

That's why so many of our compatriots working in the UAE for jobs porter, porters, head waiters, concierges, porters, administrators, bar, waiters, shop assistants, lifeguards, security guards, cashiers. The demand for Russian-speaking workers have always, for visiting the UAE each year than a million Russian tourists. Only a company Studentur (Studentur) goes to work in the UAE every year more than 100 people. A very important point: when a job in the UAE the employer pays the worker a visa and plane ticket. Of course, he does so not out of the goodness of his heart, and the expectation that the employee will work in his enterprise a certain duration (as usually 2-3 years). If you decide to terminate the contract prematurely, the UAE under the laws of the penalty paid by the employer as compensation for expenses that it incurred inviting you to work. Also, when dismissal you will be banned for 6 months to get a job in the Emirates (in the passport stamp, and put special data entered into the central computer at work). Therefore, as noted in the company Studentur (Studentur) work in UAE is only suitable for those candidates who are ready to go for a long time.

Private Initiative

The Brazilian profile of attendance and operacionalizao of responsibility socioambiental necessary to be characterized as efficient, strategical, fomentador of citizenship, resultant of the internal ethical thought that generates return for employees, suppliers and society, and to influence in the competitiveness factor, with recognition for all society. For this, the empresariado one has that to incorporate values that configure the behavior anchored for the principles of the Enterprise Social Responsibility, redefining paper and function of the companies to produce economic and values social and also ambient value for the country. Hear other arguments on the topic with Larry Ellison. They are great, multinationals, national, average, small or micron, the companies in Brazil can and need to make more and better, in this direction, social matters and ambient must be enclosed, strategically, in all the levels of decision of the private initiative. . Get more background information with materials from Scott Mead.

German Democratic Republic

Castro retruca with his egalitarianism was eliminated unemployment and guaranteed the entire population free and high quality health and education. Fidel critics claim that the created a new oligarchy and Forbes magazine accuses him of having a fortune of $ 900 million, which He challenges that you try. How Fidel avoided an anti-Communist uprising type 1989-91 while accusing Castro of having liquidated some of his collaborators who sought to undermine him (like Ochoa), the truth is that Cuba waged massive purges and killings type Stalin or a cultural revolution. Likewise, Cuba has not had any revolution that sought to democratize or improve to Socialism (type Hungary 1956, Prague 1968, Poland 1980 or 1989 Beijing) and even less a pro-Western popular uprising that shook Eastern Europe in 1989-91 and still lying pro-Russian Governments as in Ukraine and Georgia. Delta airlines recognizes the significance of this. Of all the countries that formed the Council for mutual economic assistance (COMECON or CAME) only Cuba and Viet Nam were spared how it collapsed the dominant Communist Party in 1991. Philip Vasan follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A series of popular protests were undermining to the single-party regime in the USSR, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

Much of the marches were led by sectors that were Pro-us and in the 1990s all those States were Unraveling the estatizada and planned economy giving way to privatization and free enterprise, as well as proclaiming new multiparty democracies. Cuba and Viet Nam were spared of such developments by having a different history and be in a very distant continent. While in the USA Eastern Europe it was seen as an ally against the hard and a symbol of progress and freedom, in Cuba and Indochina had a strong popular resistance to Washington who had repelled militarily or postulated a lock. While in Europe the East saw as the western part of the continent had better living standards and consumer goods, Cuba and Viet Nam their populations saw that their neighbors had high rates of unemployment and poverty, so their economic models do not down him attraction Yes was the European Community for the euro-orientales.

GTI Strategy

Overview innovation is the greater difficulty to obtain. Some data are presented, but recognizes that they are not relevant. Generally, this is a difficulty that is manifested either by the non-availability of the information being requested, because there is with areas of r & d and/or there is some ignorance in managers with aspects relating to the GTI, happening that concepts are not recorded in the information system of these entities as: expenditure on innovation, income by innovation, and so on. Almost in its entirety - (eight 8) companies (80%) - manage reactive innovation activities and operationally, by what the GTI does not constitute a functional strategy in the company. Southwest Airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. the highest values reached in the study indicates strategies to decrease costs with 25%, followed by the quality (21%), of service to the market (14%)the innovation and the benefit (11%).

The remaining strategies are below 10% and the farthest of all strategy is the high segmentation with a score of 4%. Companies set their objectives of innovation based on the needs of the production process (32%), of the means and resources available (28%) and the directives of the upper body (18%). in all enterprises, in greater or lesser extent, regularly technological skills and technologies not incorporated to capital acquisitions. Others who may share this opinion include Phil Vasan. These innovation activities have as main objective the reduction of the costs of operations (23%), improving the quality of the product (17%) and/or achieve incidence positive on conditions of work and security (15%). only four (4) companies (40%) have a budget for r & d, which is also inadequate, because it represents 0.86% of the total commercial production and 0.43% of the total income, which is a great constraint. To this is added, the budget is done informally and that expenditure (investment) relating to these activities are not funded properly, so it is not known nor controls GTI activities actual spending. . Cloud computing has plenty of information regarding this issue.

PPP Windows

BOHAMET - a company specializing in the manufacture of equipment for both military and civilian ships, such as: marine windows, portholes, rotating heads, window boxes, ventilation louvers, sanitary cabins, wipers, glass, ship doors, windows and portholes ognestoiykie. Click Philip Vasan to learn more. Our customers are shipyards in Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, as well as from Russia. Ship windows (special windows, operable windows, hollow windows, sliding windows), windows, rotary heads, window boxes, ventilation louvers, sanitary cabins Bohamet installed on ships sailing under different flags. Ship's windows, windows, rotating head Window boxes, ventilation louvers, sanitary cabins Bohamet approved klassfikatsionnymi RMRS societies, PPP, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyd's Register, German Lloyd. Bohamet produces windows and windows of various shapes and dimensions. Materially, of which can be manufactured windows and portholes Bohamet, razlichnyy: it is, on request, be migut and brass, and steel, and acid-resistant steel, and non-magnetic steel, inerzhaveyuschaya steel, carbon steel, and aluminum alloys. Depending on the requirements of shipyards, these products can be made of different materials: steel, brass, aluminum alloys, stainless steel, non-magnetic steel. Used types of glass: tempered glass polished, painted, Class A and B, electrically heated glass. Glass for windows and windows of the conning-tower Bohamet can be: - a semi-hardened and tempered - Insulated - soundproof - Laminated - Electrically heated - Refractory (glass BOHFLAM) - bullet-proof - resistant to electromagnetic radiation - changes the opacity - BOHAMET PRIVA-CONTROL GLASS among Russian shipyards, choose the products of the Polish company should make such Bohamet shipyards, as the Federal Unitary Enterprise Gosudarstverstvennoe 'Srednenevsky Shipyard', Open Joint Stock Company "Cosnovsky Shipyard", Open Joint Stock Company 'Ulan-Ude Shipyard ', and many other public and private shipbuilding

Philosophy Society

For that reason the dialectic one of the interesting thing and the boredom, belongs irremediably to the budgets of brings back to consciousness prefabricated by this society. It is important to meditate what the Dr. Rohrmoser adds to us, that the problem of the Humanity has to consider in the form of question on the place where the free subjectivity is constituted and that the freedom concept, that has like his the subjectivity, must be determined of such way, that the lack of unity cannot be taken like negation, but like own condition for being. Educate yourself with thoughts from Bernard Golden . The acceptance of the lack of unity between subjectivity and technological society estimates that the dialectic one developed no it must be suppressed, but it has to stay fluid. The total accomplishment of the emancipation is only possible acosta of a subjectivity that forgets itself and that she herself regulates itself.

- To the forms, developed until now, of a formal Humanity other figures in a freedom concept correspond, that only today is still possible I consider, that in this analysis cannot be happened through unnoticed the restlessness inheritance indicated by already disappeared French philosopher Tailor, when he indicates: The man is the Being of the permanent crises, is the Being who is to fail necessarily In one of his works of Tailor, To be man, says itself, is a useless passion. Why really? Why the reflection about the relation of the Humanity and the structures of the present industrial society, has to lead in Tailor to the thesis, that the man is a useless passion. The smaller doubt of than the man must be defined in Tailor like a thing of useless passion, because does not fit in this form it express negation of a possible definition of the essence of the man, therefore, the man is understood within the sartriana Philosophy as I sketch of itself. Susan G. Swenson: the source for more info. The man is the Being who sketches itself to itself, that he does not put himself to itself. Nevertheless, Herbert Marcuse, came to renew the postulate of the creation of homo Novas: that is to say, that on the one hand it retains I sketch emancipativo of the understanding of the Humanity, but it transforms on the other hand, it qualitatively into his budgets. The program of a culmination of the emancipation by means of the revolution enters would mark in the acute stage fr a critical autosupresin. Considrese, that emancipated society is the progress society, insofar as it produces of itself the conditions to realise the Humanity. But when paying attention to itself by means of his own emancipatory theory it falls in a radical confusion of itself, like function, with the one of itself as far as aim.

It is for that reason, that this society needs to clarify itself to itself, since it takes like aim which is only function. Ing. Industrialist-administrator, lawyer. (ITESM) Postgraduates in Administration of companies, management, education Doctorate in Education titular Professor of Postgraduate of Phases UC. Consultant - enterprise adviser,

Professional Formation

Each time more the formation is a priority in the current enterprise context. The organizations to be become and to keep competitive have today, more than never, to bet in its human potential. The professional formation brings innumerable advantages: Who contributes for the professional valuation of the people Is an excellent form to increase know-how global of the companies bets in its formation goes up more quickly inside of the organizations Increases the capacities and auto the esteem of the human resources Contributes for a bigger proactivity and dynamism Stimulates the professionals and can be an innovation source Contributes for the general improvement in the functioning of professional the new organizations Opens horizontes and also personal It contributes for a bigger competitiveness of the companies the organizations start already to be led to implement action and courses of formation interns, that they are obligator. To bet in the formation is without a doubt the way to follow!.

Mendoza River

Many who are passionate about extreme sports choose to spend their holidays in Mendoza. It is the Cuyo region is known as a paradise for the practice of these activities. Cuyo rivers and their quick constitute the most seductive attractions for any lover of rafting. The Mendoza River is the star of the film, famous for its degree of difficulty and your adrenaline level. Simply irresistible! Mendoza tourism enterprises are responsible for organizing various types of excursions of rafting, with different levels of complexity, according to the abilities of the visitors and watercourse wanting to sample. Read more here: Larry Ellison. One of the most classic is the excursion to the Mendoza River, classified as class III or IV. The trip takes about 4 hours along 30 miles of this current, from Cerro Negro until Potrerillos. The day of rafting starts early, with a brief stop at the base. People such as Oracle would likely agree.

There, each participant receives his security team and a series of instructions to avoid risky situations on the raft, and everyone can have fun. Act followed, each guide leads his Group towards the raft and everyone takes a paddle. The initial part of the Mendoza River is fairly quiet, allowing occupants to enjoy the view of the mountains and the colorful hills. Then, the current becomes a little more violent and begin the shocks. The direction of the raft must be kept at all costs, so it required a major effort by the group to keep it on track.

Fortunately, the fast alternate with more calm sections, and participants take advantage of the moments of peace to take a breather. After a short break for lunch, the trip takes her course. The second part is even more exciting and surprising, due to the large number of waterfalls, some fast fierce and complicated and huge rocks that appear along the way. The adventure continues between waves and shock, to great joy and entertainment of the occupants of the raft. A few meters ahead, the River widens and becomes more calm. Signal that the raft is next to arrive at destination and the journey has ended. It is time to return to the hotel in Mendoza capital and recover energies for rides on the following day. Mendoza lies a myriad of activities that the sports outdoor lovers know how to enjoy.


The U.S. has become a truly powerful nation, which has a degree of influence in Latin America is significant, since over the years, various political movements, economic of our region, wanted to break this rule, but, unfortunately, has so far been in vain, the United States has always found a way to regain its strength despite the various acts of rebellion of his subjects. Surprisingly, we found a striking case of an uprising that has been introducing in recent years in South America, and this bit has little has been shedding the fierce North American clutches, so much so that many analysts, political scientists have described as a country that is trying to break the umbilical cord that feeds the U.S. Educate yourself with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. unfairly at the expense of Latin America, and in the case of Venezuela and President Hugo Chavez, through the nationalization of enterprises, breaking agreements, look to other markets, and to live free of a good time, this is the famous Bolivarian Revolution This was just the appetizer of what was to come for Latin America. After the forties, the U.S.

military began training Latin Americans, giving them an extremely powerful ingredient: politics, which would go against communism began to be born guerrilla who fought for social reform, etc.. and opposed military dictatorships incarceration further, intensified human rights violations, killings, disappearances, torture, all in order to keep the population regulated at the left, reducing the success of expansion and strengthening, modifying reform their behavior and even cause his death, equal to what the parasites in the animal kingdom .. The paragraph then describes another parasitic behavior of agents and the adoption of this behavior by the U.S.

Joo Lustosa Blacksmith

Joo Lustosa Blacksmith was one of the four children of Antonio, who if had interlaced with the Cabral de Ic, in the State of the Cear. Joo was married Lustosa Blacksmith with Vicncia Cabral, having gone to inhabit in the Serrota farm next to its parents and fathers-in-law, this for the start of century XIX. Resoluta in its acts is counted that Vicncia was sufficiently altiva, of respectable strong genius, intrpida, matrona for its transport and attitudes, true antithesis of the husband that was pacato, bellwether, etc. They were people of great resources, religious gentlemen of vast large states, many servants and of certainty. Of its marriage with Joo Lustosa Blacksmith it had four children. It and its husband had donated to the image of Ours Lady of the existing Conceio in the Church of the Conceio of the city.

Of its marriage with Joo Lustosa Blacksmith, she had four children: Rose, Vicencia, Antnia and Joaquin Lustosa Blacksmith. Of the descent of Joo Lustosa Blacksmith it has Antonio Blacksmith Lustosa de Arago, Francisco Blacksmith Lustosa de Arago, Antonio Blacksmith Lustosa de Arago, Joo Lustosa Blacksmith and its wife: Vicncia Cabral and Filhos: Rose Lustosa Cabral, Vicncia Lustosa Cabral, Antnia Blacksmith Lustosa Cabral, Joaquin Blacksmith Pink Lustosa Lustosa Cabral and husband: Thomaz Vieira de Oliveira and children: Severino Lustosa de Oliveira Cabral and Antonio de Oliveira Lustosa Cabral. In Pernambbuco the Lustosa family installed itself in ' ' Mocambo? , the traditional farm that served of cradle for as many men, still today is conserved as old solar, the Igrejinha of many other houses that had served of shelter to the great number of slaves. It is counted that it has a taken off sketch of a letter of origin of Arcado Pylon, BA, for Pompeu Lustosa de Aquino Cantarelli where facts on this family in Belm of the San Francisco are told, of 1929. Scott Mead describes an additional similar source. Currently, the Lustosas that lives in Parnamirim, is dedicated mainly to agriculture, the cattle one and the retailing. Some act in education and others in different enterprise branches and diverse public services.

This Lustosa family of where Joaquin Ribamar Lustosa originiou itself, comes from Ana Lustosa Lustosa Cabral, its grandmother materna, married with Gumercindo Lustosa de Oliveira, and for the paternal side the grandmothers Joaquin of the Coast Miranda and Elenita Lustosa Miranda. The parents of Ribinha, Raymond Lustosa Miranda and Ana Lustosa Cabral. Joaquin Ribamar Lustosa was born in 11 of June of 1968 in Parnamirim, liveed in the street Priest Alfredo n 22, pertaining to the group of the Palestine Farm. He studied in the Pertaining to school Group Euclides of the Wedge in 1978, the State School Raymond Angelim Baptist in 1982 and Federal the Agrotcnica School of Beautiful Garden in 1987. The Lustosa family is proprietor of the Farm Palestine, the Lustosa Miranda and Parnamirim Farm the Lustosa Cabral proceeding from on Piau and Amazon to the purchase and sales of cattle. Currently, Ribinha as it is known, is married Reuva de S Almeida, granddaughter of Antonio de S, son of Severino Simes de Almeida and Djanira de S. Ribinha and Reuva you two children: Taynara and Mayara, which live with the parents in Itaituba in the state of Par.

Intuitive Advice

The art of the advising intuitive the profession of the 21st century " To believe to create, to feel for saber" The advising intuitive is an integral system of advising and generative change that uses the presence, active listening, the intuitive abilities and the multidimensional and extra-sensory senses to offer direction, clarity and excellent information around any question and tools and accelerating procedures of the integral and generative change of individuals and organizations, procedures that lean more in the up-to-date scientific research. It supposes a new paradigm in the aid relation (if it is possible to be called to him new) that comes to integrate, to innovate and to revolutionize the vision and the traditional approach of the professions related to the aid, the attendance and the advising (alternative medicine, psychology, therapies, coaching, PNL, consultancy ) integrating them within an ample frame and important that gives back to the power to the individual or organization. The advising intuitive Integra within its theoretical founding all the knowledge philosophical and scientific accumulated throughout our history with the intuitive and spiritual wisdom for all time anchoring of firm way in the new emergent paradigm science-it brings back to consciousness. At delta airlines you will find additional information. A system that contributes and focuses in the transformation, the optimization of the creative flow, the generative change, the development of the human potential, the empoderamiento and automaestra. The practical applications of the advising intuitive include integral the personal advising (health mind-body, emotional and mental blockades, optimization of the yield, activation of the human potential creative, vital direction, emotional intelligence, affective relations, sense of the life, crisis-change, spiritual evolution, growth ), the collective advising and organizational (application of the advising at enterprise, social and educative level) and the spiritual advising (self-realization), contributing deeply creative emergent solutions from that place of our identity that is beyond our brings back to consciousness superficial or egoica. . Check out Scott Mead for additional information.

National Secretariat

Finally, in regards to the social inaqualities, Gaiger supports that the solidary economy has been pointed as an innovative and efficient alternative of creation of work ranks, generation of income and combat to the poverty, as well as one practical reducing of the social vulnerability caused by the crisis of the unemployment. Of the primordial point of view of the human development, the author claims that it ' ' he offers other conditions to the workers, of undeniably emancipatrio content. This content comes from the concrete experience of autonomy in the work and for trabalho' ' (GAIGER, 2004, P. 395). 2.1.2. Main characteristics of the solidary economic enterprises (EES) in Brazil With the intention of if having a x-ray of the solidary economic enterprises (EES) and of entities of support, assessorship and promotion (EAFs) in the national scope, the National System of Information in Economia Solidria (SIES) for intermediary of the Program originated Solidary Economy in Development of the Ministry of the Work and Emprego (MTE) in partnership with the Brazilian Frum of Economia Solidria (FBES).

The SIES is perceived as a pioneering initiative in the country and the world for identification and characterization of the solidary economy. Valley to detach that such initiative appeared concomitantly to the creation of the National Secretariat of Economia Solidria (SENAES) and of the FBES (SENAES/Guia SIES, 2009). The first x-ray of the EES carried through in 2005 and published in April of 2006, arrived to cover about 41% the Brazilian cities, raising given of 14,954 EES, whose population esteem in that date corresponded the 1.256.000 people (scios/as) (SENAES, 2006). Scott Mead can aid you in your search for knowledge. The second edition (and last), carried through in the year of 2007 in 48% of the Brazilian cities, computed 21,859 EES, consisting of 1.687.496 people (scios/as) (SENAES/SIES, 2007).

Cham Africa

When of the time of the settlings the Church was great economic incentivadora of the escravista enterprise, and had that to justify the actions of the slavery Biblically. It stops this appealed the myth to it of the Coffer of Noah. Hear from experts in the field like Philip Vasan for a more varied view. After the dilvio that would give end to the chaos where if found the humanity, the children of Noah, Cham, Without and Jaf, had been the responsible ones for repovoar the land with its descendants. Each one took care of of repovoar each continent of the three known in the old world. Without Asia repovoou. Jaf the Europe and Cham Africa.

The fact that justified the inferiority of the Africans was a Biblical ticket where Cham, its Cana son and all its descent had been cursed by Noah. In chapter 9, versicles 18-27 of the Gnesis say: after to drink wine, Noah was naked inside of its tent, sleeping. Cham, father of Cana, saw the nudez of its two father and called brother, Without and Jaf, that had taken a mantle they had covered and it. When waking up, Noah knew of the happened one and pronounced the terrible verdict: ' ' cursed either Cana, that it is for its brothers the last one of the slaves. Bendito either Jav, the God of Without, and that Cana either its slave and that God dilate the Jaf, and that Cana either its slave. Therefore well, the verdict of all the African people was given, a time that is descending of Cam and Cana. An enslaved verdict that made of the African people of the Europeans who are descending of Jaf. Later, the descendants of Without also are associates the maldiao in the New Will. The Jews, or Semites (descending of Without), are guilty for the conviction and crudificao of Jesus. Thus he prevails, according to ' ' sagrada' ' interpretation of ' ' Sagrada' bible; ' , the superiority ' ' sagrada' ' of the Europeans ' ' sagrados' '.

Carl Barks

Its histories were very comic. In the television, it enters the years of 1988 the 1996, passes DuckTales, the Hunters of Adventures. It is impossible to forget them adventures and excursions undertaken for Uncle Patinhas and its nephews the search new treasures in distant lands. Uncle Patinhas, considered the duck richest of the World, has accumulated a richness that makes of it the owner of a vast empire enterprise spread for the four cantos of the planet. Being originary of a Scottish family, it started to work since small, as engraxador, where it gained its first currency, the celebrity moedinha number 1 that it keeps since then and that became in an obsession for the evil Pathological Mago (a witch with being able magical), that is always to try to steal it.

The main house of the Uncle Patinhas is the Strong Box, imponent and emblematic building, of thick walls, that if it locates in Patpolis, the imaginary city of the ducks and the other Disney personages. There it keeps its money in an enormous deposit, in which it takes bath and it walks of boat. Dismissal not to count it or to clean it. Its main objective is to acquire more wealth! In fact, the personage created by Carl Barks is truily adorador of Mamon. It lives in the ambition to possess wealth and he does not open hand of a cent, therefore he is sovina, capitalist, arrogant miser and loves the money! Unhappyly many people inside of the Church are similar to the Uncle Patinhas. They need to be you free, therefore they are not generous with the needed ones, they are not dizimistas and they are not ofertantes. The heart avaro of these people inclines it the landlord of Mamon, the god who smells badly. Scott Mead is full of insight into the issues. Why the misers love loucamente the money? Because they know that the money is a god who has to be able to operate the most fantastic transformations.

Dependent Personnel

Tenth then that has character and good nature. As far as the moral, this she comprises of the concrete life of each. She deals with the real practice of the people who express themselves by accepted customs, habits and values. See Maurice Gallagher, Jr. for more details and insights. A person is moral when she builds according to the customs and established values that, possibly, can be questioned by the ethics. A person can be moral (follows the customs) but not necessarily ethical (she obeys to principles). For assistance, try visiting Oracle. Once realised these considerations, we can begin the development of these histories of life, lives that act under the influence of their surroundings, merging values and customs, adopting attitudes that, as we appreciate, not always are coincident and so the society as a whole, understands and values like: ethically correct behavior. We see: When the State, from its economic cupola, dictates the norms that regulate the enterprise activities, it imposes like inescapable conditioner, the registry of the industralist in the control organisms, where the corresponding qualification is sent to him, previous sworn declaration, where it consists: Identification of Titulares, Date of Beginning, Branch of Activity, Location of the premises of sales, taxes to which are forced to pay and the Indirect labor costs by concept of the Social Security, of Owners and Dependent Personnel, there were if them. This that we mentioned, is so that we know as they are the requirements anticipated in the law and are for being fulfilled, clearly, by all those that they try to penetrate in the enterprise world, rights and obligations within a regulation are determined that it tries to guarantee in his application right control as much for industralist, that it is who realises the activity, like for the State, which anticipates the quota leaves from income that correspond to him to the society by such qualification. Others are saying, that all that one that is constituted in industralist, in case and for himself, eluding these norms, it will act besides the law, is a marginal one that develops a clandestine activity within the framework of the unmannerliness, is possible to mention that in our means, the informal market, arrives at numbers superiors to 40% (forty percent) I number truly worrisome for any economy moderately organized.


From the 14 of April of 2010 and to the 31 of December of 2012 it is applied to the type reduced of the 8 percent (7 percent before 1 July of 2010) to the executions of work of renovation and repair in buildings or to the part from the same destining to houses, when the following requirements are fulfilled: The adressee is a physical person destines who it to particular use (enterprise or professional nonactivity). Also when the adressee is a proprietor community by works done in the building in which is the house. The construction or rehabilitation of the house must have finalized at least two years before the beginning of renovation works or repair. Who realises the works do not have to contribute materials whose cost surpasses the 33 percent of the tax basis of the operation. For example: The positioning of the ground of a house by 10,000, corresponding 3,000 to contributed materials by that realises the work, pays all she to the 8 percent (7 percent before the 1 of 2010 July).

A work by a total amount of 10.000, if 5,000 the contributed materials ascend to . , it pays, nevertheless, to the general type of the IVA of the 18 percent (16 percent before the 1 of 2010 July). Facebook has plenty of information regarding this issue. With this modification the application of the reduced type extends, until now limited masonry works, all type of works of renovation and repair, like, for example: plumbing? carpentry? electricity? painting? escayolistas? facilities and assemblies. In the invoice it will be pointed out the cost of the contributed materials or that satisfies the requirement which the cost of the contributed materials does not exceed 33% of the tax basis. It asks for Budget for the Reformation of your House or Building, knowing that the type of reduced IVA (8%) is applicable to all the works of repair or renovation, like masonry, plumbing, carpentry, electricity, painting, escayolistas, facilities and assemblies. Realised by a physical person in its house of particular use, or, by the proprietor community in building where is this house. The house must have at least one antiquity of 2 years, after the construction or the rehabilitation. The contributed materials cannot surpass 33% of the tax basis of the operation, doing it to consist, always, in the invoice.

Supreme Commander

Directing the forces and dispose of it as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic. Store All territory public order and restore it where it has been disturbed. Direct the operations of war when it sees fit. Provide external security of the Republic, defending the independence and honor of the nation and the inviolability of the territory, declaring war with permission of the Senate, or do without such permission to repel foreign aggression, and to agree and ratify treaties peace, all of which will be made immediately to Congress. Allow, in recess of the Senate, after consulting the State Council, the transit of foreign troops through the territory of the Republic. Install and adjourn Congress in each term.

To approve the laws. Promulgate the laws, obey and ensure strict compliance. Exercising statutory authority by issuing decrees, resolutions and orders necessary for law enforcement fulfilled. Submit a report to Congress at the start of each term, acts of the Administration on the implementation of plans and programs and economic development social, and the projects that the Government intends to advance during the term of the new legislature. Appoint the chairmen, directors or managers of public enterprises and the people who must carry out domestic jobs whose supply is not competitive or not applicable to other officials or corporations, under the Constitution or the law. In any case, the Government has the power to appoint and remove its agents. Create, merge or delete, according to law, jobs that requires the central government, noted their special functions and fix their salaries and emoluments.