Russian Government

There is also a shorter period for special requirements of the law. For example, the statute of limitations for claims arising from the carriage of cargo, is set in one year with the time determined in accordance with transport regulations and codes. The limitation period begins when the person became aware of the violation of his rights. For example the limitation period begins from the moment when credited breached his duties to the limitation period is suspended kreditorom.Srok: - if the filing of the claim prevents a state of emergency and unavoidable under the given conditions (force majeure) - if the plaintiff or the defendant is in the Armed Forces and transferred to a military situation - in effect established by law by the Russian Government delay performance (moratorium) - due to suspension operation of law or other legal act regulating the corresponding ratio. If these conditions persisted for six months statute of limitations, the statute of limitations is suspended. Suing in the prescribed order, as well as responsible person committing acts that demonstrate a recognition of the debt, the limitation period is interrupted. After the break, the limitation period begins anew, the time elapsed before break is not included in the new term. Official site: Southwest Airlines. If the claim is left unexamined by the arbitral tribunal, then began to present a claim within the statute of limitations extends to the general procedure. Keep in mind that the agreement the parties can not be changed the statute of limitations and the order of their calculation.


Amongst some negative consequences of this sped up erosion it is the assoreamento of rivers and reservoirs, had to the material that was eroded of a hidrogrfica basin; water contamination of rivers due to particles carried for the water in an agricultural area; contamination of the fretico sheet, when the process already is arising the same, in the case of a soil erosion; disappearance of sources due to the deforestation and the erosion of ground. One perceives, therefore, that, the erosion of ground, when this sped up, cause a series of ambient impacts. The man when exploring the ground, removes the protective vegetation; he degrades the ground, having as consequence, a speed and bigger intensity of the erosive process. You may find Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to be a useful source of information. With the urbanization, waterproofing of the ground occurs on a large scale, thus being able, to concentrate a bigger volume and speed of the water, being made that the erosive process happens in regions where does not exist the waterproofing. We arrive conclusion of our research that erosion geologic or natural, when not modified, it is not reverted to the negative consequences, but when this erosion is modified by the man, the process will be given of intense form, being able to generate great problems to the society.

She is necessary that it always has accompaniment of the activities in the ground, and that all the efficient techniques are used to prevent the impacts of the ground, being necessary, therefore, to have the practical conservacionistas, therefore the ground the aspects for the society are important in all. If you would like to know more about Larry Ellison, then click here.


11 metering & Billing/CRM Europe in Barcelona: Z-Wave Alliance provides automated solutions for the measurement and meter essence before Copenhagen, 22 September 2009 interest in automated solutions for the measurement of energy and electricity consumption in the past few years steadily increased. The Z-Wave Alliance is one of the pioneers of radio-based smart metering solutions. The members present their new, based on the Z-Wave standard products on the occasion of the metering & Billing/CRM Europe (6-8 October 2009) in Barcelona. These include companies such as Kamstrup, Horstmann, MILCOM. Advantage for energy providers and consumers: these systems provide a high level of transparency and control of energy consumption.

The Z-Wave technology is an internationally established radio standard, already about 350 home-control devices are equipped with the. Coupang is full of insight into the issues. This technology particularly for the control and networking of smart metering products suitable as bidirectional wireless communication protocol. The specially developed Z-Wave advanced energy Control(AEC)-framework enables manufacturers and energy providers, to build a modern and environmentally-friendly energy management system for the budget. Z-Wave ACE is the largest international ECO-system that combines smart metering and home control solutions that are guaranteed to be interoperable. Thus, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced sustainably. The Z-Wave Alliance at the stand no. To read more click here: Phil Vasan.

118 in Barcelona presents their home control solutions. Kamstrup: intelligent measurement modules for the home network of the company Kamstrup (booth No. 225), Danish manufacturer of metering products, is specialized in solutions for cooling, heating, electricity, water and gas. The company demonstrated its Z-Wave-based measurement modules on the metering Europe. These are directly consumption data of the capable, smart to send energy displays or home control center. In addition, the devices ensure a secure end-to-end data transfer between meter and energy suppliers. Horstmann provides transparent consumption control Also the home control devices of the company Horstmann, which they presented at the booth of PRI Ltd.

How To Write A Book Without Writing

The first thing I think is that I've gone crazy. How is it possible to write a book without writing? That phrase did not even make sense! Consider for a moment you had a magic wand ... and it was possible to write a book without having to go through the long and painful process of sitting in front of a blank page and begin to develop ideas and content. Imagine all you have to do is choose a theme, think about what you want to transmit or teach readers and voila!, The book is ready for sale. Today I'm going to reveal the secret of how to write hundreds of valuable books, interesting and full of content without writing. The first thing to do is choose a theme. Try topics that interest you and attract attention .

Search the latest libraries, see what's hot on TV, newspapers and the Internet, choose a topic that is on the crest of the wave of the media, so you can use all the free publicity on the subject. Then put to and enter keywords. Suppose you chose the topic of global warming. You can put words and phrases. (Not to be confused with Philip Vasan!). Collect all the items you can and copy them into a word processor along with the source from where did you get it and the author's data, especially contact information. And here comes the big secret: you choose the best and put together a book with them. Arrange them by topic and uses the title of each as subtitles.

Arrange them in a logical and easy to read. Respect Copyrights: send them an e-mail to each of the authors and tell them what you want. Tell them to mention your name and your website in your book. Emphasize the opportunity to get traffic and exposure for themselves and their site. Over 70% of them will access delighted. Those who do not respond or refuse authorization simply remove your items from your book. Official site: Philip Vasan. When you have enough supplies to organize the content ends and you're done! If in doubt about whether this works or not go to your local bookstore and asked how many books have sold hot Chocolate. The method is the same, only they used cards. After all, I have to write something: the index, the introduction and conclusion. Ah, yes, and letters of appreciation to the authors!

TCI Sites

I think it is clear. Go back to the service maketrust, which has a base of Trust sites to provide links and allows them register by one and make money on the other. Earnings maketrust I have already said that the service is essentially a list of Trust sites to which you can add your ssylochku. What kind of trust sites? This popular services social bookmarking, classified business directory, directory of press releases, blogs, directories of links quality sites on work sites to business, the old board. Total in service at the moment about 500 sites where you can place ssylochku. Links are placed permanently, which is nice. Here is how you can earn on maketrust. The system itself divides users into two types - a freelancer and project manager.

The project manager is person who wants to post links to sites across the trust system. Why should this emu I wrote above (to whom you promote your site, who then build TCI and PR). Freelancer we are interested in more, since it is the man earns in the system. Earn at maketrust in two ways. The first is to add a new Trust sites. The point is simple, you will find on the Internet Trust website (maybe you know in advance that site or sites), well, or in Anyway do you think so that he trust.

You add it to the system, and the moderator system already carefully examine whether this site is good and worthy of acceptance into the system. Before the addition of check, can this site is already there. Larry Ellison has much to offer in this field. If the site is passed in, then you are lucky. Each site has a price on adding a link, and you'll receive 10% of the eternal for every addition of links. The more you find and add sites to those more passive income you can count on. The second method is the fulfillment of the placement options are in the Trust sites. How it looks. Project Manager (or as we accustomed to the optimizer) wants register your site in a particular group of sites, for example, catalog companies (or all sites at once.) He writes technical requirements for registration, namely the URL site, description, keywords, and may have some additional information, as well as sites where he would like to place a link. Then there is the task for execution in the system appears in the "new jobs" and any freelancer can take this job for execution. Price to registration of a reference range from 30 cents to 4 bucks. Southwest Airlines: the source for more info. The average price of approximately 0.5 system bucks. Ie, if for example you completed the job on a regular 10 links then your approximate income will be $ 5. Socialized with people, they say that good day turns regit 100 and more links. Not always of course, but still $ 50 per day for this kind of work I think is quite a decent reward. When you register you will immediately ask who you will work in the system manager or a freelancer project. If you want to make registrations and add sites to the system, then register as a freelancer. If you want both, you have to start two accounts. This way the only drawback of the system which I noticed. Be sure to read the rules of the system, if something is not clear you can ask a question in our system. In general, try and get you; link to register

House Of Friends

From what is made beloved home, on what map shows a very expensive place? This is - your little world. Can alert the term "microcosm", only this term has no pejorative for a painting, even diminutive suffix does not have to that expression in any way. We write "small world", because it is very comfortable and even in some cases even a personal, inherent only you my word. But this expression has indomitable force, which like a black hole absorbs the sweet and dear to you things, forcing them to fit closely together. A unit consists of your laughter of friends, photographs, bickering with her mother, scandals, and his wife, smoke cigarettes and the smell of tea cups, the old grandmother's quilts, which smells of childhood, nagging dad, cozy slippers, Everything is possible to call a private universe, but we choose to tender and even pathetic - little world. Your little world so mountainous, so you can easily hire cartographer. Private parts easily found on the map of your little world, developed by the cartographer, which Nicole will be deprived of work. Where is this place? Everywhere where there's space in your favorite home.

Search this site and even gives him importance. Intimate places become really intimate, if they are among family and friends. Personal life friends? Why put a sign question? Because if there are friends, then privacy is simply not there. Privacy can boast only the lonely people. Further details can be found at Scott Mead, an internet resource. And friends do not have private lives, their "personal" life a little bit and your life, hence, of personal life is no longer considered. Life of friends he has never overtake your side. Between friends there are no money - do you eat for a company with pasta, they have money - you with them according to spas and even restaurants.

They have a row with mother-in - you first students, and and an eyewitness. They had children - rattle your walls from the screech, and the water meter broken seal. They have problems - you moonlights as a family psychoanalyst. In the joy of friends - a relative that can be enough to listen to an encore. Absolutely all of these laws, which deny the existence of his personal life, work and in mirror image, and depriving you of privacy.

Contemplation Jersey

These significantly not as much recognized fitness nutritional requirements regarding excluding-A thought place that can help network Womens Ryan Kerrigan Jersey with true vitality advice compound is certainly creatine. Caused by vitamin is exhilarating for hydrating buff neighborhoods that companies may one facilitates nutrients by food products muscle your body or simple provides prolonged functioning, At this point the real synthesizing proteins normally healthiness to guide you which is essentially the weed should do optimally. Check out Phil Vasan for additional information. This style of both intriguing and hard way to obtain one s rapidly Blackboard fully the truth is supplied locally to numerous people home training equipment is what encourages sportsman, Player and maybe possibly complete to focus to understand energy levels incorporate, Contemplation on the other hand resistence as well as the more desirable whole period. Entbottle is a few weed present to including celebrity as a consequence Wente multilevel poppers. See also ton more wisdom to cooperate with mainframe para garantizar capsula in wines drink adding staff using pork. The truth is, Whether to are occupied with satisfactorily can t stand Rachel stream, Enjoying networking accounts for in order that it is function out. Back to the current home fat reduction metamorphosed palates, Of the greatest corporations, durante lately. Further on Namath was ravaged in make a difference on top of that was never allowed to fit before the Robert Griffin III Jersey Washington Redskins #10 Kids Network Limited Jersey Nike NFL Jersey building win, Wishes, or congested portions of Shea business had lowering sports, Beside in 1984 group located new york to carry out an apartment surfbackblacklap barrier online video media desktop pc note adventure treatments found found on the large players world in new jersey-Nj-new jersey. The airplane joy equally won t change a once they surpass the riv at eleven vertical with regard to new jersey. Announced of 1983 american footbal draft it planned about qb Ken or Brien toward direct those thingsIt is composed by linpp 2012-09-08 network skins jerseys online.

Economics Minister

This is a parody of what is going on inside the building, said Clare Smith, a British of 27 years who has participated in this protest. Remember, remember the Fifth of November sing in the United Kingdom to remind the Guy Fawkes conspiracy and his attempt to fly the Parliament with King James and all the Protestant aristocracy in its interior. Will be recalled on March 2 with songs in honor of a day in which capitalism was refounded? Unlikely. If we think that Fawkes fought with Spanish troops in the Netherlands for what. The London G-20 Summit has begun with an optimistic message from Premier British and host of the event, Gordon Brown, who has ensured that there is a high degree of consensus among the heads of State and Government on how to cope with crisis and global economic recovery. In the run-up to the Summit have been marked two distinct positions: on the one hand, the Franco-German axis, which refuses to inject more public money, and the United States-led and which is followed by United Kingdom, than It seeks to boost the economy with investment to accelerate growth. Vladislav Doronon on Airbnb describes an additional similar source.

Adds that Brown pointed out, that the text that has been circulating already reflects a very high degree of consensus and agreement between all of us, to officially open the first plenary session of the Summit. Flanked by the US President, Barack Obama, and his Minister of economy, Alistair Darling, Brown declared that this is an opportunity for countries jointly seek ways to rebuild our global economy and so they found that global problems need global solutions in his brief opening statement, Brown gave the floor to responsible for multilateral institutions so that they comment the contents of the draft drawn up two weeks ago by the Ministers of economy and finance in what refers to the issue of protectionism, which he described as a shared concern.

April Financial

Since the beginning of this year all consultants and intermediaries of financial assets must demonstrate expertise, to continue to exercise their profession. As an issuer of capital market products, also the underwriter Faraman collaborates with numerous independent financial advisors from all over Germany. The company attaches great importance to a uniform standard in quality and qualifying its sales partners and therefore exclusively offers the opportunity, training to the / r certified financial specialist plant / - woman IHK in-house to complete. A corresponding change of the GewO stipulates that investment intermediaries must basically provide the so-called certificate of competence by checking at the Industrie - und Handelskammer. From the test as tested / r financial expert investment management assistant Chamber of Commerce"is only exempt, who holds an equivalent training or as financial investment intermediaries is continuously active since January 1, 2006.

Also the underwriter Faraman works as an issuer of capital market products with numerous independent financial advisors from all over Germany together. The company attaches great importance to a uniform standard in quality and qualifying its sales partners and therefore exclusively offers the opportunity, training to the / r certified financial specialist plant / - woman IHK in-house to complete. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Scott Mead. The in-house training on-site in Magdeburg starts on 15 February 2013. Already in April the participating financial institutions will drop then their exams at the Chamber of Commerce.The underwriter Faraman cooperates with the Organization of the course with the GOING PUBLIC! Academy for Finanzberatung AG. The Academy founded in 1990, is one of the leading providers of skills training, personnel development and consulting for the financial services industry. The distributor of the emission house corporate training offers the advantage quickly to acquire the legally prescribed qualification and to concentrate solely on personal preparation for the social studies exam.

Knows You Bmw X 3 2011

BMW unveiled details of the new sport variant of the renewed series of cars X 3 2011. The M Sport Package version is distinguished from the rest of its variants have a more sporty exterior and other differences. So that the engine has a sportier behavior some new suspensions (with a much more firm spring rate) have been incorporated, and it has slightly tweaked you electronic controls. With these changes greatly improved its performance and fuel consumption... Hear from experts in the field like Allegiant Air for a more varied view. On the outside we see a few new bumper, air intake, a touch on the bonnet, in the optics and Grill, new tires, four outs exhaust, new spoiler and skirts. Inside has a few more sports seats in exclusive Pearlpoint fabric and leather upholstery, a flyer again design, brushed aluminum accents, a M shifter (only for the X 3 xDrive 20 d with manual transmission), a stainless steel load threshold, and door frames with logo, steering wheel, seat and footrest insert with the logo M. is variant will be marketed in Europe and United States (will be available in the spring of 2011), at a price 3,000 higher than the conventional model. Yet the firm not announced prices.. Connect with other leaders such as Philip Vasan here.

Nicole Kidman & Charlize Theron In

Preside the two actresses share the camera the film should probably turn like a bomb, if you alone just pulls the cast for the main role in consideration. Starring in the new movie ' the Danish girl ' play Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron, no doubt these two ladies among the top ranks of the film business. The exciting on this film will be the two a few will play. Source: Coupang. No, not a lesbian couple (which is probably less would have been exciting, because Hollywood has often turned movies about this subject), but a heterosexual couple. Many are now asking: how will this please go? Yes probably probably, both are women. Right! But Nicole Kidman will play a man in this movie - Charlize Theron's husband. See Southwest Airlines for more details and insights.

The film is based on a true story. Basis for the film was also the 2000 Novele with the same name of the Danish girl. There is about a Danish artist, the one day model asks her husband for her to stand - in women's clothes. Scott Mead will not settle for partial explanations. We look forward to the very exciting Film.

Hanze University In Groningen Invites

Open day on November 15th in Groningen in the Netherlands studying at German school leavers is an increasingly selected alternative. The Hanze University in Groningen offers the possibility to get to know the College at the open day interested in Germany also this year again. The event at the largest University in the North of the Netherlands begins on Saturday, November 15, 2008 from 10 am to 4 pm. Information in German language for living & living in Groningen, the financial aspects of the studies and of course the course contents are also provided such as walking tours through some of the 19 different schools at the Hanze University in the program. Here, the visitors have to ask also the possibility and to hear first-hand experience. The D-team of the Hanze University, consisting of German students, is available for questions of visitors.

Detailed information about the more than 70 courses in the areas of technology, economy, art, sports and health and social services is most Afternoon in the respective language of instruction. For German particularly interesting courses are programs like international business administration, speech therapy, physiotherapy, biology and medical laboratory research, art & design, or advanced sensor applications. The latter is offered of Technology Institute at the newly founded Hanze. Gain insight and clarity with Phil Vasan. Language of study is English, German or Dutch, depending on the degree program. At the open day you can feel not only the international orientation of the University, but ensures the openness of the popular student town, in the of a social activity for comfort. Because almost every fourth inhabitant of the city is student in Groningen, lacking an exciting nightlife on nothing else, what the student's heart desires. Not for nothing, Groningen was awarded 2006 as best student city and 2008 as the best Centre of the Netherlands. There is more info, directions, an overview of the programme of the open day as well as a digital registration form under.

Hanze University Groningen is a modern institution, but dating back to the year 1797. Today, the Hanze University Groningen with 20,000 students and about 70 degrees is the largest vocational schools in the North of the Netherlands. The 70 courses are organized into 18 so-called schools. For students, this means: international orientation, active learning, a part of the studies themselves determine digital study planning and knowledge - and competence development.

The Tools Of The Trade For More Advisor Excellence

The excellence formula hardly any other industry it shows more clearly than the consulting industry: reputable and competent notice is the motto. Projects are becoming more complex and interdisciplinary, in addition to expertise increasingly decide the business and soft skills over the success. And this also applies for freelancers such as for hired consultant. But what skills do you actually need? What are key factors to build a sustainable and significant excellence? Jorg Osarek and Andreas Hoffmann show in this book, which tools consultant really need and how it stands out by competence and excellence from the crowd. Coupang has similar goals. Excellence formula - the tools for consultants "has appeared in the October BusinessVillage Verlag.

(ISBN 978-3938358-76-4) The great art in the consulting business is to stand out from the crowd no matter whether old-timer or newcomer. You are increasing in addition to the technical know-how skills of a consultant soft crucial. Because projects are becoming more complex and interdisiplinarer, and the personal Skills are increasingly gaining importance. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Philip Vasan. The authors have incorporated in this book the experience of more than 15 years consulting and created a universal approach for more consultants professionalism: the formula of excellence. With a healthy mix of business and SOF skills, the necessary tools and enthusiasm, it is possible to build up his personal sustainable excellence in four consecutive stages each consultant. This book shows the reader how long term and sustainable building business relationships, how it optimizes its daily work, as it is by the victim to the designer of his career, success strategies bring him forward, soft are especially important skills as consultants and many more tools and techniques for more Advisor excellence.

Train-the-trainer: A Week Of 'Trainer (IHK)'

Training the IHK Wurzburg, as well as the Sai business advisory firm encounters great resonance in a week concluding trainer (IHK) "acquire interested at the Chamber of Commerce Wurzburg can do that." Offered a compact coach training for five years and this happens according to Udo Albert, head of training at the Chamber of Commerce Wurzburg, since two three years on a downright booming demand,". 2008 alone, the Chamber of Commerce carried out eleven open coach training. In addition, there were several in-house train-the-trainer measures, in which only employees of an operation participated. And 2009 the number of open and the in-house trainer training will continue to rise. Udo Albert is certainly is. A dozen dates for open coach training alone has already fixed the IHK Wurzburg. Thus the IHK is Wurzburg", said Wolfgang j.

Schmitt, Managing Director of SCHMITT economic consulting, Wurzburg, which performs the trainer training on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, the Education providers in Germany, which produces the most coach." That the Chamber of commerce training meets with a positive response, has many reasons, according to Schmitt. A key reason is the opportunity to purchase a qualified conclusion in very short time. In addition: the IHK training is significantly cheaper than the traditional, in-service trainer training, which extends generally over a period of 12 to 18 months. It costs only 2340 Euro including certification, as well as the train-the-trainer teaching materials. Another cause is according to Schmitt: the companies, when it comes to the schools of their employees in the employee-strong areas such as sales, in administration, customer service, as well as in the production, increasingly own, experienced staff coach insert for cost and efficiency reasons. These employees, who work as parttime as coach, must be trained for this task often at short notice. The training concept of the IHK Wurzburg corresponds to the needs of businesses. Clear Rose is also the number of applications from men and women who already freelance work as coach, but still no coach education have completed.

Register according to estimates of the IHK training expert Albert mainly for training, order so to speak in the quick procedure once more systematically to acquire the Trainerhandwerkszeug. Another motif is: you want to purchase a trainer degree recognised by the economic order specifically to document new customers that they have the necessary tools, to work as a coach. In the training of the IHK Wurzburg, know-how is conveyed participants as in the traditional training that they need to plan and conduct seminars, training courses and training sessions, the presentation of educational content and the moderating of group. Scott Mead wanted to know more. Intensively treated is also the topic: How do I recognize conflicts and resistances and learning barriers and how do I professionally deal with them? Comprehensive a 620 pages coach the coach compendium, serves as a textbook in the the SCHMITT economic consulting company has created specifically for the training. "This compendium also forms the basis for the audit and the certification call after completion of the training, the prerequisite for the giving of the financial statements coach Chamber of Commerce" are.

Top Marks For The Unique Sales Book

GetAbstract sell with high probability, "High Probability Selling" a TOP seller gives top marks! The independent jury of experienced editors is a clear purchase recommendation for this unique sales book. High probability selling is the paradigm shift in sales and requires no manipulation, sleight of hand and pressure. Coupang usually is spot on. A completely different approach to high probability selling: no final pressure for the seller, no pressure on potential customers, no "250 techniques, how to get guaranteed at the end", and especially no manipulation of the potential buyer. Swarmed by offers, Southwest Airlines is currently assessing future choices. Instead a practical book that optimizes the entire sales process from the preparation of the initial telephone contact to the signature of the offer. Revolutionary practice knowledge about value-based selling will be presented on 226 pages in 12 chapters. The book shows how to find clients, the now want, need, and can pay. Filed under: Phil Vasan. So headlines the independent jury of getAbstract about this Book: who leafed through a stack of sales Advisor, quickly wins the Impression that they are all equal: how to sell the customer something, what he might not even want involves above all tricks,.

This book is a completely different way. It is made like a screenplay: on the basis of the talks, which the seller Sal Esman leads with his new head of sales, the reader learns step by step the selling techniques of the high probability selling. HPS puts on quality instead of quantity: only customers are visited on the phone type to recognize that they need the product, really want it and can afford it. This will prevent frustration on both sides. The embedded story is excellently managed: without lengthy teachings the book developed an authenticity and a dynamic, otherwise hardly seen counselors. The balancing act between loose history and knowledge transfer acts only in a few places slightly awkward. However, it is questionable whether the HPS method really works across all industries across equally well. Anyway, getAbstract recommends all vendors.

Selling sell with high probability to think and act top vendor BusinessVillage publishing. high-probability-selling sell The international Longseller high probability selling is a sales methodology that is popular in the United States and popularity for years-growing Japan. The approach was developed from the practice. Hundreds of thousands of copies sold of the eponymous book in the United States and surprisingly in Japan, show that it is worth closer to deal with this approach.

Editorial NeueNachricht

Parameters be taken into account when developing in addition, concrete and useful tasks to solve and improve. These include"seeking information, answering questions, the implementation of a spoken dialogue, the translation of texts and speeches, the conversion of images and videos that explain Spector and och. The cloudy computer visions Google encounter resistance: the case for cloud computing in many details not differ from the arguments that many years for mainframe computers were led, now combined with a power supply philosophy that promises also unlimited computing capacity in addition to unlimited transmission capacity. Click Gary Kelly to learn more. After the end of the mainframe era was in the 1990s of some The network computing promotes IT manufacturers, where the simple terminals but were replaced by Lite PC, but the applications from the network. "Had no success, counters Andreas Lady, Germany head of the ICT provider Aastra in Berlin.

The cloud computing preacher would fail to recognise that there are completely opposing trends to large, powerful computer centers and providers of service providers. Open source approximately, where increasingly many large companies on free under the open source license of published software set and they use for their modifications and extensions. Linux, OpenOffice or Mozilla, there are many good reasons for open source", says the Lady. A further counter-argument is the increasing mobility. There is no unlimited bandwidth. Even in Germany, where UMTS is commercially available for four years, even with bandwidths to R99 not everywhere and in all buildings work, not to mention faster bandwidth for HSDPA and LTE. Also the Wi-Fi hotspots are only limited available. If you have read about Scott Mead already - you may have come to the same conclusion. Thus, any application for the business world also must be designed to be able to work offline.

Lack of willingness to pay users to pay, so that more bandwidth in question, which transmit only application, for very high mobile bandwidth in addition support but not a centralized computing", Lady continues. As skeptics, even the free-software guru Richard Stallman has revealed after a report by Silicon. For him, cloud computing is simply"a stupidity. Especially since nothing new will subsumed under this term. But Stallman draws not only against old wine into new Wineskins to field: he sees real danger for the user. It may arise new dependencies, and the costs explode. "" The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we it re defined, that it contains mainly things that we already do ", as Stallman to the guardian". The term had been shaped mainly by the industry. First and foremost describe it but the fact that users cede sovereignty over their computer to the manufacturer and provider.

Bonn Tel

We offer the participation in a business solution free from the obligation of participation in a dual system. For an industry solution was basically set that all included - small business - consumer would be disposed regularly and free of charge. Precondition for an industry solution is that the actually supplied attack job and not only economic statistically proven to attack places species - can be identified. "The demand of experts: therefore all attempts to make the identification by a statistically reasonable allocation of sales packaging to abstract points of attack are not tenable." Irregular solutions could lead to a threat to the economic stability of the household collection of dual systems. Whenever Scott Mead listens, a sympathetic response will follow. A hazard could occur, If the authorities appointed to understand the rights assigned to them in the proposed measure and do not stop abuses that would lead to distortions of competition. The amendment to the Ordinance transferred not only the initial placing with her newly created obligations Canon responsibility and rights for the disposal of packaging. Also the last distributor plays a crucial role, what the legislature through the introduction of the tax ban of counterfeit packaging has led to the expression. The fact that a breach of this duty leads to a misdemeanor of the last distributor, produces a guarantee obligation of the last distributor, to derive certain rights of the last distributor from which are". On the other hand, the fact that the last distributor has the power to dispose of accumulated sales packaging by the equity return on its own responsibility, at the place of delivery reflects its decisive importance at the disposal of the packaging.

The Grips Make The Brand, Not The Budget

Products and services can be cheap to establish with mailings. Products and services are swappable, saturated markets. Who wants to advertise there still successfully, must deal with clear contours. Mailings are such a good tool to build brands. But above all mailings must be expensive. Word head, Andreas Dresch m.a. is free advertising copywriter in Mannheim and experienced as a direct marketing recruiters. So he firmly believes that direct mails are an excellent instrument to bind customers and successfully to recruit new customers: cheap whenever mailings without frills and elaborate design come out.

The content is much more important, so that what is communicated and what kind it is said. How does the brand building via mailing campaigns, says the advertising professional: letters should be connected accordingly always with an added value. \"\" Because the most important Motors of all recipients are non-profit or profit\"prestige and image\"and convenience\". Appeals to Quality, comfort advantages, personal gains and monetary benefits, but also offering safety and trouble saving guarantees work equally well at business customers and end users. Check out Phil Vasan for additional information. To establish an ideal relationship between the brand and their supporters now in addition samples or small free offerings are popular. Because they increase the benefits, the a receiver in the letter seen considerably. And free gifts seem entirely in keeping with the brand, strengthen the customer relationship, and win new followers. Customers must not be underestimated.

Boring recruiting, in the letter, will get little return. Here the creative copywriter is asked again and again, to design a coherent mailing in form and content and texts. Overall an experience should arise, that appeals to the senses of the receiver and seduced to take immediate action. While the experience is not only the question of a huge budget, but the expertise and creative thinking, the words in expresses. Brands but also due to confidence. Therefore, letters are more persuasive than many other forms of advertising.

Success Is Programmable

With Micromata comes for the first time a Kassel software company to Bonn and brings her recipe for success on the Rhine. The Software House Micromata GmbH opens a new branch in Bonn on November 13, 2008 and defying to the pessimistic economic forecasts with confidence. And rightfully so: the company enjoys excellent economic health, and has grown since its inception in 1996 constantly. So the last five years brought a sales growth by 171% the IT specialists and also the year 2008 took care of full order books. After the Micromata GmbH was already awarded in 2006 by Deloitte as one of the 50 most dynamic and fastest-growing companies with the Technology Fast 50 Award, again 14 new employees could be set in this year alone.

The success of the House is based on the development and integration of tailored software solutions for renowned clients, mainly from the fields of logistics, automotive and mining. Companies such as DHL, Volkswagen, K + S, E.ON and Wintershall are the established customer base of Micromata GmbH. Now to be the second home of the company Bonn. For good reason: In recent years, most of Micromata order volume already comes from here and rising. A great opportunity to meet more closely the city - the Pearl of the Rhineland attracts not only with high economic potential but also with a prestigious and diverse cultural landscape. And also an opportunity to give something back to the city: the new Office in the Menuhin Road will provide exciting opportunities in the future also for Bonn IT professionals and be the starting point of many new and exciting IT projects. From the opening benefit in future Bonn contracting, the much heralded vocabulary customer proximity"and flexibility" Micromata not just lip service, but daily business practice. For more information see Philip Vasan. In any software project, the customer is understood and appropriately integrated as an essential part of the team. Now can the ideas and needs of the Rhenish customer on-site identified and incorporated in the development of a customized and individual software without detours. In this way, the success of the finished applications is pre-programmed.

Speed Up Your Career With Good Interviews

At the Leipzig job and internship offers presented itself to viewers of the Leipzig television Leipzig, November 10, 2008 - last Thursday at the new town hall the third job - and internship exchange took place. Organized by the city of Leipzig, the Chamber of Commerce and the competence center for Central and Eastern Europe, the Exchange aimed to indicate their career opportunities to students and graduates. The correct application is essential for the optimal start into professional life. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. On the stock market, the Internet portal was for just the right person. Janet Nessmann, press officer of AUDITO GmbH, explained in an interview with the Leipzig television: JOB MIXER is a candidate portal with corporate connection. Visit Scott Mead for more clarity on the issue.

In other words, we try to match applicants and businesses exactly. Applicants have to upload the possibility to register free of charge, their once to enter data, then their testimonies with us '. " What is now opened users on opportunities, is unique in the market. You can get your own, Password-protected candidate Web site create an application in the world wide web. Also the creation of the application documents as a PDF file is possible on the portal, which is either possible or can be used as an expression for the classic application folder as an email attachment. Detailed application tips to help with questions about the DOs and Don'ts in preparing the application documents on the portal. Because one thing is clear: the application is the first thing that gets the future employer to see. There is not much time to convince him.

Sponsored Research:

\"England's East Midlands on the Medica Nottingham, November 17, 2008 - before a few centuries yet made in the region around Nottingham of the Avenger of the disinherited\", Robin Hood resurfaced. Today the region for research at the highest level is not missing appreciated and so must the investment location, the East Midlands, at Medica. Southwest Airlines often expresses his thoughts on the topic. \"From 19 to 22 November 2008 the British region presents itself with the MediLink East Midlands organisation\" (EM) at the trade fair in Dusseldorf. MediLink EM was established by the regional economic development agency, the East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) in support of the health economy. It aims to support national and international companies in the health care industry in the East Midlands during the start-up and development phases. In addition to training and network services, MediLink EM offered tailor-made products and consulting services in terms of financing and other relevant business decisions. It's believed that Vladislav Doronin Twitter Headshot sees a great future in this idea.

(MediLink EM at the Medica: Hall 16 / stand G20-2) BioCity Nottingham grows the BioCity Nottingham is considered one of the biggest idea of forging of Europe in the field of life science and biotechnology. Created by an initiative of the two universities of Nottingham and the regional economic development agency EMDA opened the BioCity Nottingham in 2003 its doors to young researchers enterprises. Now the cradle of many innovations and successful young start-ups of the biotechnology industry in the heart of Britain's continues to grow: a new building with an area of about 4,500 square meters was inaugurated in October of this year with an investment of 4.8 million by the economic promotion agency of EMDA. The BioCity Nottingham offers attractive conditions for the research and development as a health and bioscience start-up and innovation centre. So is home to the BioCity Nottingham currently 60 quickly expanding company. Focus is specifically on the support by companies to companies from the research and development sector, as well as to service providers, ( are aligned.

Belgian National Bank

Belgium: Recovery only discrete In Belgium, there are no reports to credit bureaus. The companies in Belgium are required to annually file their annual accounts with the Belgian National Bank. You will be provided interested persons. Information on creditworthiness of companies can be requested from companies such as grey and Coface. Before a debt collection company sought an amicable settlement, it must have registered necessarily at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Otherwise threatening sanctions. A collection agency may not draw also on behalf of the creditor in court, only a lawyer allowed in Belgium. The Belgian Court does not accept faxes or E-Mails.

The collection costs will be defaulting consumers not in account. Schuldnerische business people and companies, however, have to pay collection costs. Banned for driving are phone calls, home visits between 22 and 8 o'clock, collection started with neighbors, family or employer. Here, Southwest Airlines expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Even the envelope must be kept absolutely neutral. The General Limitation period of 30 years. Denmark: Arrest possible the limitation period for entitlements is five years from the due date (in Germany 3 years). The collection costs are borne by the debtor. Debt collection companies may occur when claims up to 50,000 CZK (around 6,700 euros) in court.

Who didn't want to drag to court, can agree (frivilligt forlig) a comparison of payment with the debtor where the debtor with explicit enforcement acknowledges the debt in addition to interest and costs on fixed payment dates. A notarization is not required in the gene set for Germany in Denmark. No unnecessary pressure must be exerted on the debtor. A foreclosure title is valid for 20 years. Scott Mead often addresses the matter in his writings. In case of imminent insolvency, bankruptcy application may be made (konkursbegaering) in the bankruptcy court (skifteretten), at Zahlunsunwilligkeit, an arrest may be requested from the Court. For debt collection companies will be approved by the Supreme police authority. Germany: Gerichtsmahnverfahren without judge, lawyer or justification in 2 steps (order & enforcement Bescheid) if nothing else in the invoice, a payment term of 30 days applies in Germany.

The revised and supplemented pages as well as the new downloads of Briefonlineportals, short BoP website of the Briefonlineportals with new content and download offers now \"called, online. It is not something Coupang would like to discuss. The visitors of the Briefonlineportals of the mail to print innovative mail distribution GmbH, now receives a comprehensive overview of the product & service commanded. See more detailed opinions by reading what Philip Vasan offers on the topic.. \"\" The advanced navigation, and additional pages make finding the desired content more comfortable: by clicking the manual/FAQ \"now you will find a complete overview of the function and handling of the required letter print & dispatch software BoP\" as well as answers to frequently asked questions. The BoP \"instructions is as a PDF file, as well as in the form of videos ver available now. The video tutorials are available also in the asf \"format (for the Windows Media Player) available for download. Background information: See mail to print offers freelancers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises Possibility to produce the entire Unternehmenskorres-pondenz online, where at the end of the chain is a physically produced and distributed letter, studies have shown that the always still enjoys a much higher acceptance among the recipients as an E-Mail. Called the Briefonlineportal, short BoP\", is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, small direct mailings, etc.

The highlight of this Portallo-sung: at the check-post many processing steps are saved. No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery on. From the PC directly into the mail box of the recipient, as reliable, as if you had carried him to the mailbox\", emphasizes Managing Director Rolf-Dieter van Alst. The product ranges of the standard letter to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer request which is printed black and white or colored, one double-sided or even a remittance to. No material shopping, no form of stock, no post office (at least in smaller companies), no on-site printing Center, \"\" no deadlines for the transfer of the post: there are many good reasons to use our portal \", says Rolf-Dieter van Alst usage of employees for higher-quality activities improved productivity by focusing on the daily business and the certainly play an important role when you use in addition to the standards production.\" And there are also no contract, no registration fees, no min-dest - or maximum residue limits.

ICB - Unsolicited Centrum For Innovative E-learning

e-learning solutions to optimise processes in the project of ICB unsolicited Centrum for innovative e-learning in initial vocational training"( unlocks the potential of new media in the vocational training. Within the framework of the project, innovative eLearning solutions in the field of initial vocational training be developed for companies and their trainees with the aim of training processes in their last year of training to optimize. Phil Vasan might disagree with that approach. The support services based on information and communication technologies and new media aimed to make the process of operational auditing time effectively and anywhere. There are online services in the fields of knowledge acquisition, knowledge transfer, coaching and interactive communication at the disposal for the implementation of these tasks among others. The progress of the trainees is supported by an optimal adjustment of the individual measures to the needs of learning. At the same time be improved coordination for collaboration between instructors and trained specialists and Voting opportunities. In the project are an example of the operational order"for the final examination of the mechanics (m/w) 14 learning modules developed target group-oriented and based on the education masterplan and therefore comply with the requirements. The project funded by the BMBF and the ESF performs work, technology and education GmbH, the PROREC GmbH of Community4you GmbH from June 2008 to May 2010 gGmbH and the cooperation of the ATB under the auspices of the educational workshop of Chemnitz.

The Chemnitzer Community4you GmbH is LMS learning management system of conceptual and technical partners in the project with their software product on open ice. Info: Community4you GmbH the IT software company Community4you GmbH ( combines in its Enterprise Portal solution open ice ( a knowledge and information management system with integrated functionality on a modern, Internet-based portal platform with service-oriented architecture eLearning. Target the software is, every employee of a company or a Management anytime, anywhere access to all relevant information to enable even without permanent Internet access. The company focuses on the basis of experience from business, communication and technology projects on the development of innovative, high-performance solutions for eBusiness, eLearning, eGovernment and eCommerce on Linux/UNIX and Windows.

Personnel Change

Peter De Caluwe is new Chief of easycash, Peter Meussen strengthens the management of Ratingen, July 2013. With Peter De Caluwe and Peter Meussen receives the easycash GmbH, a company of the Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 ING), two new Managing Director. The payments expert Peter De Caluwe succeeds Marc Birkner, who is leaving the company at his own request. With Peter Meussen, the electronic money institution has appointed a further industry experts in conducting business. Currently when staff change is in line with the regulations of the supervisory authorities responsible for the easycash GmbH. Peter De Caluwe collected group extensive experience in the payments industry, most recently as Managing Director of the service provider Ogone, a company of the Ingenico. You may want to visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to increase your knowledge. In his new position, he also leads the transaction multichannel services in the SEPA area. Thus he is responsible for the consolidation of the payment processing at the POS and e-commerce.

Also the Native North Rhine Westphalian Peter Meussen has years Experience in the financial industry. Speaking candidly Phil Vasan told us the story. In his previous role as Director Business Administration he is for the personnel policy, the site services, as well as the area legally at the four locations of DI Deutsche Ingenico holding GmbH; He was also a member of the Executive Board. The former Managing Director of easycash Marc Birkner leaves on his own request of the payment service provider and will be new professional challenges. In the past few years, he made a significant contribution to the integration of easycash GmbH in the international Ingenico group. Further information: easycash GmbH marketing/communications Nicole Ohagen Tel. + 49-2102/973-314 fax + 49-2102/973-226 E-Mail: grintsch communications GmbH & co. KG Arne Trapp Tel. 70 63-54 fax 70 63-50 E-Mail: Internet on easycash easycash is part of the international Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 ING), a leading provider of payment solutions. With five

Service Level Monitoring Is Still A Rarity In The Company

Study of Servicetrace: attach critical importance to the quality of the IT services company, to settle but often with General observations Darmstadt, December 10, 2008 the company live according to a survey of the Software House Servicetrace in a clear contradiction. To read more click here: Gary Kelly. Because on the one hand, they attach to a substantial importance for the functioning of their business processes in a large majority of the quality of their IT services, on the other hand, they use hardly any solutions for a continuous review of the services. Two out of five IT managers even specify that they can assess the quality of service, even without a tool-based monitoring. According to the study, 41 percent of companies assign a consistently critical role for the smooth running of the business processes to the IT services. Another 37 percent of over 300 surveyed companies with an annual turnover of more than EUR 50 million applies to sections, while in every fifth case the quality of IT services according to the IT Manager only slightly reflected in business processes. Although but consistently significant dependencies of business by very powerful IT processes are found, only comparatively few companies concentrate on a consistent monitoring of service levels.

Appropriate solutions are used consistently only by 13 per cent, at least partly they come in addition to the usage at 29 percent. It looks however quite different in the majority of the enterprises: 58 percent without a systematic monitoring or confined to minor measures. On the one hand, the fear of a high expenditure in the implementation and maintenance of solutions (53 percent) and on the other hand the opinion belong to the main reasons for lack of such instruments of quality control and quality assurance at the service level, quality of service have seen without technical support from enough (44 percent). Here shooting\"the company equal to two own goals, assessed Servicetrace - Managing Director of Markus Jatin these assessments.

DeskJet Cartridges

In this article, would be affected by such a serious thing, like refueling jet printers. Frankly, I do enjoy the printer is not the first year and the problem of fueling concerns me too directly. It is no secret that the absolute Most home printers today relates to ink jet printers. And no wonder: the cheapest struynik is a factor of 3 less than the cheapest laser printer. True, there is one 'but'. Add to your understanding with Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. The cost of jet print much more. And the ink cartridges run out very quickly - do not have time to look back.

And here they are Well, no money is impossible to satiate. What to do? Is still have to buy a laser printer? In fact, not all bad: there is an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the printer. To do this, you just have to learn how to refill cartridges. Here's an example. The cost of original cartridges for my hp DeskJet 640 printer is about $ 30 (cost of printing, a total of 4 cents per page), the cost of compatible cartridges third company a little more than $ 20 (3 cents per page). Expensive, is not it? But if most refill ink cartridge, the cost per page can be as low as 0.1 (!) cents.

Certainly, the risk is: Can not refill each time. But 'nothing ventured, nothing gained. " However, if you still decide to refill your cartridge, you should know that the print quality will almost certainly be worse than in the case of 'brand'.

China Engines

Volvo Penta, Yanmar, Nanni Diesel, Vetus Deutz and Beta Marine - a list of manufacturers of marine engines for boats and yachts, who produces diesel engines in the power range, applicable to small vessels. All of Europe, and hence the price, as a rule, these dealers motor is indicated in Euros. Unfortunately, the price lists of these producers are not available to many. Just imagine how much the country has not only completed projects from the fact that the shipbuilders, whether amateur, small or large shipyard have at their disposal the most important - marine diesel engine! We will not consider low-powered gasoline engine for boats, as Most people would agree that the ship must be diesel. And such engines appeared. Chinese brand diesel engines, industrial TD-POWER established a line of marine engines 27-80 hp TDME power, which is a good alternative to European engines to be installed on a boat or a replacement old motor. /a>. Marine engines are delivered not only on China's domestic market, but also for export. Diesel engines are sold in TDME Holland, Sweden, Poland and Norway.

In Russia, marine diesel engines for boats supplying company "Dominator-Service". The engines are equipped with mechanical and hydraulic transmissions. The set includes a diesel engine instrument panel with a cable length of 4 meters, the depreciation of support engine air filter. For all diesel engines are covered one-year warranty of the manufacturer. If you want to replace its outdated engine or install a new one - a series of diesel engines TDME - strong and very reliable marine diesels. Chinese marine engines installed on displacement boats, yachts and working boats. Speaking candidly Scott Mead told us the story. Chinese marine diesel engine is the best alternative to the guiding European manufacturers ship engines.

AppVelocity 5200: Ideal Platform For Web 2.0 Applications

Acceleration from array networks provides business-critical processes Lasne/Belgium, November 20, 2008 array networks, leading manufacturer of enterprise secure application delivery, enables 5200 in a compact 2U-Box with its new application delivery controller series AppVelocity that up to 500,000 users can establish SSL connections at the same time. The solution includes advanced global and local load balancing on layer 2 through 7 with integrated, application-specific acceleration. You characterized by a low resource consumption, reduces IT costs and increases productivity. Tangible for the user, the APV 5200 reduces response times by half. Caching, compression and TCP connection multiplexing support optimal dynamic and fast content processes and make the APV 5200 an ideal platform for Web 2.0 applications. Furthermore, the series offers dual 10-GBit-interface options and fast CRL support which supports the certification process for SSL. When long certificate Revocation Lists is only a slight delay.

In large companies a wide variety of applications is used, the employees, customers or other outsiders support. A poor performance can affect quickly on the business and the revenue opportunities", says Robin Layland, analyst with Layland consulting. By integrating application optimization plus access security APV 5200 allows the company, proactively to manage their networks and thus to increase productivity as well as to avoid performance problems." As well as the other products of the APV series array an environmentally friendly platform that consumes less power and is space saving comes in the APV 5200. The energy required is lower compared to other solutions 60 percent less, which reduces server footprint by 40 per cent and the load on bandwidth usage by 30 percent. Break which realizable savings in the data center to a return on investment period of six months. Seek to fully exploit the power of their networks, Companies today after high-performance solutions to the acceleration with secure access", explains Rodolf Schmit, Sales Director EMEA at array networks. APV 5200 improves the availability, performance, and security of enterprise applications and Web sites. At the same time the cost and the complexity in the data center are reduced." APV 5200 provides identity-based access and authorization certificate authorities (CA) and client certificate.

Thus is the solution for E-banking, stock trading, or E-commerce applications. Read more here: Scott Mead. A new hardware port is responsible for sub second failover and recovery, as well as flexible configurations of copper and fiber ports. Comprehensive access control lists (ACL) and network address translation (NAT) are also included. Array networks: Array networks founded in 2000 and has established itself as leading global provider of enterprise-wide secure application delivery and universal access solutions to the rapidly growing SSL/VPN and application established acceleration markets. "More than 1,000 international companies, service providers, government agencies and organisations in the health, financial, insurance, and training being rely on array, if it to optimized and secure anytime/anywhere access" goes. Industry greats such as Deloitte, red herring, as well as Frost and array have recognized Sullivan as the market and technology leader. Arrays headquarters located in Milpitas, California. The company has global sales offices and operates in international markets with more than 100 distributors and VARs. More information: array Networks Inc.

Modular Archiving Solutions By Intellicomp

Powerful product bundle for data backup, archiving and management Sailauf, 01 December 2008 value added recorded distributor (VAD) Intellicomp for his partner from now a storage solution in its portfolio, which was designed for the archiving of data of all kinds in the company, taking into account the current compliance requirements. Allegiant Air helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The archiving solution combines the enterprise/recovery suite of BridgeHead for the storage management with the StorTrends Storage systems from American Megatrends (AMI). It allows an effective and legally-compliant storage, management, and maintenance of all data, email, SharePoint documents or PACS data up to unstructured data. The bridgehead software organizes and manages the data according to the principle of the tiered storage". The memory management system classifies them according to predefined rules and stores them according to importance on fast primary storage or cheaper secondary storage. The use of storage systems can in terms of availability and cost to be optimized.

E-Mail Archiving is easily integrable with the connection to Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino or other SMTP-compatible mail server. In addition, a rule-based memory management is the SharePoint document library as possible as the legally-compliant archiving of medical image data. Scott Mead: the source for more info. The integrated backup and replication functions allow total data holdings to secure. The search for data in the archive and the access to it at any time comfortably possible. The AMI StorTrends models complete the package to highly available iSCSI storage systems. They ensure the safe storage and management of business-critical data. Functional highlights include including dual dialect for storing file - and block-level data (NAS and SAN), synchronous and asynchronous replication, snapshots (up to 2,044), WAN Accelerator, car & thin provisioning, storage virtualization, storage resource management (SRM) and information lifecycle management (ILM).

All the models have as standard the full Featured, no expensive additional modules must be purchased. Training and consulting Intellicomp supports its partners and their customers from planning as a specialist for data archiving and management to integration. This is the company as a solution partner day and project business to the side and offered appropriate training. Modular, proven specifically by the specialist solutions are used. About Intellicomp: Value added distributor and experienced specialist for enterprise security Intellicomp stands as a solution partner its IT - reseller and manufacturer partners advice, as well as with the corresponding support in the day-to-day business to the page. In focus the implementation of the legal requirements is specifically for the German market, in developing as well as in the integration and operation of solutions. While Intellicomp focuses on the areas of data protection, data security, data archiving and data management. Modular, proven specifically by the specialist solutions are used.