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Choose Neuromarketing Marketing

Neuromarketing is a discipline on the rise, a large number of authors states that is the way to "sell" in the future, as many have their aberration in this type of "handling" of our brain and decisions. Here I will tell you just what it is. Taking human beings in their role as client, neuromarketing looking to have their mental models, representations, multiple intelligences, including returning the way we act, think and choose. Knowing this we can better serve our customers and maintain an exchange relationship over time. These times bring new concepts in marketing, starting from the basics, the consumer becomes a customer, an individual with power of choice that we select in the jungle of competitors and with which we must build a relationship of permanence, mutual exchange of knowledge.

Neuromarketing brings precisely the knowledge to our client, but from his brain. Before discussing these techniques is important to know the concept of neuroscience. Massoumi has much to offer in this field. The it basically is the study of the behavior that is seen to various stimuli on our nervous system. Before these studies it was believed that our brain was a beautiful black box "to an action a reaction." Well, we now know that mental processes can be studied and analyzed the brain circuits that interfere before a stimulus. Achieving determine the characteristics that should be a stimulus to our brains do go through the circuit that we want, ie a stimulus to return an answer we want, buy the product.

It sounds a bit scary, as consumers think that companies can manage my emotions to the point that you can not make the decision on who wishes to eat at lunch. Just as we once did with Coca-Cola legend, "this type of technique may become the latest in" subliminal messages ". Those who go directly to our unconscious mind and deep and suddenly we can not take that drink, or buy these sweets but not really we like a lot. Neuromarketing surprising gives us knowledge about our consumers, as simple example, through these studies can answer half yque used to publish our ads?, And ycomo information will be reflected in the brain?. The radio transmission, governing auditory short-term memory and stimulate forms of brain areas that retain detailed information. Television is the stimulation generated significant long-term memory and to generate emotional responses. As I mentioned in the title, we know that the consumer takes 2.5 sec. in making their choice in a supermarket, a place where we bone five identical products of different brands and the question is yQue stimulus we need to generate to take off the circuit that we choose? Mr. Guadalupe Cano Leon.

Leadership and Power

If I have faith that I can make that work, therefore will gain the ability to do it, even if it had that capacity to begin. This means that the optimistic projection of our ability dramatically increases the mentioned possibilities and capabilities. " Mahatma Gandhi not all charismatic leaders have that power which enables them to achieve results, to identify fully with his followers, integrate them expected this team towards the proposed tasks. Phil Vasan can aid you in your search for knowledge.
br>Unfortunately, history has shown us that there have been leaders that his charisma is replaced by the authoritarian power that operated through the threat, punishment, as there are those who abuse their power achieved by a minority, using the scope that allows be in power so they use the financial resources, distribution of seats to give confidence that his supporters will abandon us, quite the contrary, to follow on the basis of stimuli honest. The charisma is based on attributes of personality that has given rise to empathy able to achieve the results set with the help of supporters who feel fully identified with whom they chose as their leader. William Ramos on the subject believes that the word comes from the Greek charisma and its analogue Krisma Kharis which means grace or gift, in its etymological and historical sense is the collection of gifts and talents given by the divinity to a person, which must be exercised in order to positively influence the implementation of a common purpose to enable personal development..

State Money

Ignoring incentives, in turn, necessarily increases costs and hampers the retail orthopedic point. Learn more at this site: Sheryl Sandberg. Creating incentives Staff time has come to know what to do to create a motivational structure of working in an orthopedic salon or shop. Before it - literally a couple of paragraphs about what incentives exist and how they work. To know more about this subject visit Philip Vasan. The main division of those funds: the motivation of material and immaterial (moral). It's simple: the material to do with money or other tangible benefits. Immaterial effect on moral and ethical level, and direct relationship to money is not.

There are also some middle: mixed motivation - the presentation of valuable gifts and other material goods "at all honest people." Additional division of your action: positive and negative motivation. Positive stimulus - a person receiving benefits for the state of his action, and greatest (in the eyes of man) benefits for acts committed beyond the statutory. Disincentive - Depriving people of benefits (money, gifts, free time, the complexity of timetable and so on up to and including dismissal) for the negative actions that made people (or for the actions that a person had to make, but not did). Consulting the situation during the audit cabin attendants are constantly distracted by my seller, "slowed down", with obvious reluctance to answer further questions on the use and care articles.

Recapitalisation Process

The plan approved by the Government in February will be fulfilled as well. By law, they must attain a coefficient of capital of between 8% and 10%. The savings banks have been reduced from 45 to 14 since 2009. Spanish savings banks, which needed to improve its solvency, face since this Monday a key week in its process of recapitalization, a plan that was approved by the Government in February and should be completed next day 30. The Decree of recapitalization of the entities, approved February 18, is the last phase of the restructuring process of the Spanish financial system that began in 2009 and which has resulted in reducing the number of savings of 45 to 14. Here, Massoumi expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With the Decree, entities are required to better its solvency until reaching a ratio of capital of 8% or 10% depending on the cases, that should be covered by contributions to your principal or by the entry of the Fund for orderly bank restructuring (FROB). The month of March, the Bank of Spain recognized that four banks and nine or groups of boxes needed to recapitalize to meet new capital requirements.

The four banks (Barclays, Deutsche Bank, Bankinter and Bankpyme) already met this process through the recapitalization part of its matrix, increases in capital or the issuance of instruments that count as capital. In the case of nine boxes or groups of boxes, Bankia and Banca Civica came to bag in the month of July, as the box Espana-duero has approved her union with Unicaja. For its part, Catalunyacaixa and Unnim have sued the entrance of the FROB, which in both cases will have a majority in the capital. The entrance of the FROB in the capital of both entities is scheduled for the month of October, although this week the Bank of Spain will have to communicate the valuation of each of them, which shall establish the percentage of participation of the State in each box.

Commercialized Small Markets

In relation to the products commercialized in the small markets of quarter only Crowned one possua register of the Ministry of Agriculture. In the quarter They are Jose two markets only commercialized honey, being that in the market ' ' Amazon Grass met two products, first without label and/or the stamp of fiscalization and as possua label and presented SIF. In the market ' ' Pharmakos' ' , the products do not possuam labels and/or stamp of fiscalization. 3,7 Characteristics of the products (Associations with other products) In pharmacies of the Crowned quarter had been observed two marks of products being that its labels presented the characteristics gifts in Tab. 6. In the quarter They are Jose had been found 4 marks of products being that its labels presented the characteristics gifts in Tab. Hear from experts in the field like Phil Vasan for a more varied view.

7. In the quarter I buzzed had been found ten products being that its characteristics are gifts in Tab. 8. Gary Kelly has much experience in this field. In the permanent fairs only in the quarter I buzzed was found product, observed two composites being its characteristics gifts in Tab. 9.

In the small markets of the Crowned quarter only one mark of product was found being that its characteristics are gifts in Tab. 10. In the quarter They are Jose also was found only one product (Tab. 11). In the quarter I buzzed had been found 2 marks of products (Tab. 12). PRODUCT COMPOSITION MARKS associated Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, eucalipto, guaco and prpolis Amazon Grass associated Honey Honey, prpolis and acerola D associated Amaznia Honey Honey, prpolis and watercress D Spray Amaznia Honey, mint, copaba, prpolis, ginger, eucalipto D associated Amaznia Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, eucalipto and prpolis D TOTAL Amaznia - 02 Table 06? Marks and characteristics of the composition of the products found in pharmacies of the Crowned quarter. Source: Esmeraldino Ribeiro Craveiro PRODUCT COMPOSITION MARKS associated Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, eucalipto and prpolis D associated Amaznia Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, guaco, eucalipto and prpolis Amazon Grass associated Honey Honey, garlic, copaba, eucalipto, guaco and prpolis, garlic, watercress, mastruz, bromelina, copaba and eucalipto Amazon Grass associated Honey Prpolis and garlic Not it has associated Honey Prpolis and watercress does not have associated Honey Prpolis and associated guaco does not have Honey Prpolis and brave lemon does not have associated Honey Prpolis and associated Rome does not have Honey Mastruz with milk of Amap Honey D Vita associated Honey Prpolis and copaba Honey D associated Vita Honey Prpolis and acerola D Spray Amaznia Mint, copaba, prpolis, ginger, eucalipto D Spray Amaznia Mint, copaba, prpolis, ginger, guaco, eucalipto and honey Amazon buccal Spray Grass Honey and prpolis Amazon Spray Grass Honey, prpolis and grass D Spray Amaznia honey, prpolis and Amazon mint Composed Gengimax Grass of honey, gemgibre and Pronatus watercress of Composed the Mastruo Amaznia of honey, mastruo, garlic and guaco it does not have Composed Mastruleite of honey, mastruo and milk of Amap

Crude Oil Price Trade Waiting

Also lacking trend-setting impulses, so that the level of price moves at the top or in the middle of the force in the last months price range between 70 and 80 dollars. Hewlett-Packard Co. may find this interesting as well. LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Throughout the day yesterday the price of oil is slightly overall after some travels upwards. This morning, the quotes presented themselves somewhat harder, the barrel North Sea oil (Brent) cost just under 79 dollars, US-light oil (WTI) was below 75 dollars. Cylance has similar goals. An exchange of positive and negative economic data from the United States had caused the fluctuations. Also lacking trend-setting impulses, so that the level of price moves at the top or in the middle of the force in the last months price range between 70 and 80 dollars. Chartist assess the current situation also as neutral. Apparently also the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) is satisfied with the mentioned amount, which let their funding quotas probably constant recently announced President Wilson pastor. After the losses of yesterday may local heating oil consumers expect discounts before the weekend. The relatively strong euro will make sure that the price reductions also appreciably affect the German market.


It is it also that one sparing individual that respecting the sequence and the scheme of its companion of char sends it to him the intelligent question and needs at the suitable moment, which results in a renovation of determination and motivation on the part of that one and in one confirmation of its interest on the part of this one. It is, as it is intuited, a magnificent listening, which allows us to approximate us to another one of the characteristics of the good conversador: its capacity to listen to, to take care of and to respect the other people's speech. Precision, maliciousness, conviction, flavor, humor, picaresque, emotividad, intrigue, the present time, fine sarcasm, technical or political interest are, altogether or separately, some of letters of the good conversation, that it dominates and it molds to his arrangement the one that incurs her rightly. In a level similar of importance to back outlined, certain anatomical-physiological and actual integrity on the part of the exhibitor is also valuable; or we know what certain defects of the fonador apparatus even inoportunan or certain ambiguous timbres of the voice or some impenitentes scents and some exasperating tics. Learn more at this site: cloud computing. The good conversador is coherent.

It can be good lying, to even be good imitador. It handles or the irony and it knows or it discovers the points that motivate the companion it operates and them. Scott M. Kahan CFP oftentimes addresses this issue. It uses the silencios well and the pauses to renew or to give a turn its thematic one. The USA the fast and suitable joke as practical resource of escape before certain difficult or compromising situations. Not necessarily he is parlanchn or farcical, usually it respects susceptibilities and it is not used to provoking attitudes of conflict between his group. In synthesis, it vindicates the gift of the conversation like something immanent to the human species and exclusive () of her. It restores his utility in the field of the communication; it revitalizes and it gives back the faith in the social relations; it promotes the mutual understanding, it files harshness, it stimulates the curiosity, it foments the knowledge and it reframes the bows of union between the men. It is necessary to see what is to sit down to raise a world of naderas, without no type of definable pretension, to the heat of upholstered affection of vigorous and felt words. Definitively it is necessary to recover for the man the sublime one to please of the good conversation. Thus we will gain more and better conversadores and consequently we will need, I feel (it by them), less psychoanalysts.

Women-MINT-slam On The Women & Work

Career paths, management strategies and success factors different time on 5 may 2012 will women within the framework of the exhibition-Congress & work geslammt in Bonn. The National Pact for women in MINT occupations "come make MINT." aligns the women-MINT-Slam, the four women humorous sketch their way into the career of the MINT in ten minutes. Add to your understanding with Confluence Investment Mgt. The women MINT slam is a competition in carrying out as his model of the poetry slam. Four women from companies like IBM, SAP and Deutsche Telekom present informative and entertaining their personal leadership strategies and success factors in 10 minutes. Vladislav Doronin might disagree with that approach. There, the women in leadership. However still always so extraordinary that the media world with each new appeal enters the amazement is a woman on the Board of a DAX company.

Milagros Caina-Andree as a Board Member for personnel at the car manufacturer BMW is to start in July. After all, it would be the ten women on the boards of the DAX 30 companies. Currently published Hoppenstedt industry monitor women in IT-management"indicates that also the German IT company boardrooms remain male. The proportion of women in top management is only about seven per cent in this sector. The women-MINT-slam wants to inspire young women to MINT careers in the business and research, sharpen the look for career opportunities and entertaining and practical way give more insight into the work of MINT women in leadership. And at the science Slam not winning in the foreground, but the fun on the representation and the pleasure, vivid and entertaining to present complex content the spectators and viewers is the winner. Let be inspired and look at the women-MINT-slam. Please register stating your name and your e-mail address under slam(at) programme/mint-slam /.


Let me explain - what it is. We now carry out a series of actions, and then probably will be fine. On the question - what is the connection between what these actions will lead to the result, it is often silent and puzzled shrug. Good luck - this is not a guarantee. Hope - it's not a strategy.

Faith - this is not a method. Of course, the ability to combine logical analysis with intuitive resources unconsciousness - a valuable skill, especially in the deficit or surplus data. However, an unexpected windfall is more dangerous problem. Because when you have a problem starting the analysis, and in case of success - relaxation. It's believed that SSGA sees a great future in this idea. But fortune - something whimsical. Phil Vasan: the source for more info. And it is very important to look at, and what actually caused this stroke of luck. Do not ascribe to luck we afford? Yes it may be that changes in the weather and we Magadaskare increased demand.

But between these factors there is no relationship. Meanwhile, the head may come in the illusion that it is his merit, not bothering to analyze. So are several reasons that hinder effective decision-making: 1) The desire for rapid action. 2) The delay in the decision. 3) Excess resources. 4) The appeal of the result - the substitution of the real desirable. One of the management guru Adizes has developed an interesting model, according to which the manager performs four basic roles: producer of the results (P), administrator (A), Entrepreneur (R) and integrator (I). A balanced combination of all four roles is key to successful development companies at all stages of its life. But these roles are mutually exclusive, since it requires a different personality traits: aggressiveness in achieving short-term goals, the ability to pull the team towards the goal no matter any obstacles; flexibility in achieving long-term goals, the ability to clearly feel the feedback, develop empathy, the ability to tehnologizirovat operation system to work with minimal involvement of your, and creativity in the future.

Romana Echensperger

The 2012 decorated wine education "offers more with wine seminars, tastings, and literature new taste experiences. Numerous events, including the largest wine and spirits competition of Asia, Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine & spirit competition (Cathay Pacific Hong Kong IWSC), the wine industry conference under the theme of keep pace with the global wine industry trends"as well as seminars to industry and country trends, round the enjoyable as well as informative fair range from (see events). Germany good present by dry or sweet Rieslings of fruity aroma varieties up to German wines to the German Pinot Noir on Hong Kong's wine fair much appreciated (and not only there, see press release of the German Wine Institute to the international Pinot Noir challenge"in Hong Kong). The continuous presence of Germany on Hong Kong's wine fair pay you out, because Hong Kong was a good market for German wines, especially for quality wines, Manuela stressed Lambert, German Wine Institute GmbH, to the last fair. Get more background information with materials from Vladislav Doronin. This year, she organizes again the German Booth: 24 German winemakers have registered, including five newcomers.

As well as to the past trade fair is sommelier Romana Echensperger seminars and tastings German wines introduced and Riesling, Pinot Noir and wine specialities the spoiled Asian palate make tasty. Parallel (C02-01) wine tastings to the German State. One is not to be feared when so many growers of wine doesn't go out probably. Here, visit website expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 - 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 - 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts: businessmatching.hktdc.

The Penny Has Fallen!

Coinection: The coin as a business card and means of communication. An idea from Berlin. An idea from Berlin. "It's a bit unbelievable, as my customer contacts have multiplied!" raves the Munich film producer Willi Streit. He is owner and Managing Director of the company of profile. Recently, he uses a special coin instead of a traditional business card. A coin, which it has in itself and not just pretty to look at.

Entrepreneur is Willi Streit. He is dependent on contacts. Marcus Schneider from Berlin, however, uses his coins, Coinection is the name of his coins in very different ways. For him, they are the perfect flirt support. With the help of the coins, he guides his ascended in his profile area on, and invites there via video to the coffee. "This is so much charming as exchanging phone numbers. And stress-free for each."said Marcus Schneider.

"The women know they have particularly noticed me and without pressure, can decide whether they want to learn about me." Curiosity wake up and make successful contacts, are not only at the flirt. Especially in a time where every day thousands of advertising messages on a Pattering up and everyday belongs to sensory overload, business people and entrepreneurs need new ways your network of relationships to extend sympathetic and original way. A completely new and innovative introductory Portal starts with Coinection. And it's not just a copy of XING, Friendscout24, StudiVZ, and other Communityanbietern, but a completely new addition. Coinection excels in the special with its own wit and charm. Coinection connects people online and offline especially. How Coinection works: coins can be ordered, on which is engraved a personal code. This code opens the profile pages of the respective person. The coins are modeled after real coins and can be used as a card - only much more exciting. "When I at the set in the Club meet interesting people", so the DJ and producer Marc pick from Berlin, "I just press you a coin in your hand and invite to visit my profile page. The coin is call entry and door opener in one, especially because the volume usually an intense conversation not to think of. Earlier, pieces of paper and PIN for the phone number always only winded at the crowded bar had to be organized. Swarmed by offers, Vladislav Doronin Forbes is currently assessing future choices. Today, I leave an unforgettable impression with the coin without detour! "And people find it pretty cool!" On the profile page, the visitors can find information about the individual and can leave messages. The profile can be created completely according to your own requirements and contain texts, files, photos and videos. Stefan Nicolaus and Thomas Winkler, Managing Director of Coinection, moreover, already in addition to Germany first prospective buyers from the United States, England, of Switzerland and even after Australia. Although the coins recently have seen the light of day, they already travelled to the other end of the world. A success, by which even the Optimists in the team are surprised. For more information, a meet with the makers and your own coins to the test are available Stefan Nicolaus at any time gladly by 030 / 260 759 70 and available. Nicolaus & Winkler GbR in the priest field 9 13437 Berlin

AssCompact Trend III/2011 - Special Topic: PKV

The broker trend survey No. 1 in the insurance sector is Eltville am Rhein, 05.03.2012. With a rich by just under 8% points start the broker with a good dose of perhaps necessary optimism in the marketing year 2012: 82.9% are satisfied to thrilled with their sales achievements. However, can connect at the previous year's result not very this value (85.2%). Around 700 brokers and multiple agents, different ages, consulting focuses and company sizes have involved in this investigation. "For us a clear indication that see also the intermediary to express of their reviews to corresponding changes and participation opportunities", so Harry Holzhauser, Managing Director SMARTcompagnie and co-initiator of the AssCompact trend analyses. With over 55,000 individual answers about products, services and providers, this trend analysis offers an excellent opportunity to determine the own competitive positioning in the respective product lines just the providers.

Outlook and trends is striking Development in the business composition of participating brokers. In the last six years took the property / HUK business with an increase of around 12% points to enormously. This business is clearly a growth driver in the intermediary market. At the same time losing the investment business in part very clearly on its importance, what sure goes hand in hand with the euro, economic and financial crises. Thus intermediary include also the property business today often primarily mentioned pension business to their distribution areas. For the future, see the intermediaries in pension (planning) a stronger sales meaning. It is perhaps well understandable against the background that occupies the bAV as opposed to private life insurance with a good image.

While the brokerage market in the bAV already is one of the strongest distribution channels. Survey special part: private health insurance private health insurance is one of the long a popular bone of contention of the policy. The most recent corrections with regard to the Cour day caps and the extension of the cancellation period of detention affected were occasion for the initiators of the trend survey enough"to ask intermediaries for their perspective on these developments.

Social Activity Social

As a result, he concludes: "It is better to be wise and cautious than courageous and broken." So, try to systematize the main differences between the "Ukrainian character" of Russian "Russian character" "Ukrainian character" "Wide, open Russian soul", extravagance Thrift Collectivism Individualism, "none of my business," Openness, trust distrust, suspicion of new / unknown emotional loyalty to the leader Volnolyubie, submission for the benefit of hardworking team 'Economic', hard (for me) Conformity Autonomy in judgments, "canny" great-power, high self-esteem, level of aspiration syndrome Post-colonial periphery, provincialism, complex "younger brother", "Do not stand," "be like everyone else", not "break away from the team," Personal initiative impulsiveness, disorganization, spontaneity, patience, humility and dependence on the leader of the team Self-esteem attraction to totalitarianism, authoritarianism, "firm hand" Gravity for a more democratic, republican form of government Generosity Greed Integrity slyness, stealth Laziness diligence compassion Indifference Stubbornness flexibility resourcefulness Social Activity Social fatalism Intolerance Tolerance to other nations, communities, a greater tendency to aggression, crime, violence Tolerance in common: Sensuality, emotional motivation savvy, that is, task, despite the lack of necessary resources Hospitality Compassion Endurance absence of the "spirit of capitalism 'in majority of the population, social dependence Social envy inaccuracy in time, punctuality is not following the technological discipline must be taken into uneven distribution of the above factors on the territory of Ukraine, since it does not homogeneous either in chronological or regional characteristics. No need to be an expert to conclude that in the West we get quite different results than in the East or Southern regions. .

House Work

I believe, without a doubt none that all this work previously was thought to be what it is today and its abrangencia very surpasses in our capacity of agreement or comment. This perspective only supports the physical dimension and mainly spiritual of the size of all this workmanship. To understand the spread of intentions of a man, only believing that these intentions already previously were planned. More still, already it all existed a planning alicercado for the effort of many involved and compromised brothers, as much in the plain spiritual with in the physical plan with the act and the execution of this program. I think to be true the thesis that points that all the ones that are on in this task they are pertaining espiritos to an immense family spiritual guided by the High one for all this work.

It is and of this point that I make a linking with the commitment of all the ones that for some form or way is on to a Esprita.Acredito House that, independent of the situation where we find in them, if ' ' chegamos' ' to one House and we are, we have commitment with it. E, thus, we can in them better disponibilizar truily to this commitment, placing - us in the best way and offering to ours in all the chances and situations of work and service. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Massoumi. It is with much satisfaction and joy that relembro way that I come covering, of the trajectory of learning and the innumerable chances that I have received to more learn to be a social individuio compromised and spiritual. I think then, that for the advance and the reinforcement of the work in the Seara of Bem-que it is with what truily we must binding in them only must exist the commitment with the operative action of the House. Our initiatives must be always come back toward the construction of action and attitudes that strengthen each time more the intention of the Good.

Girls Next Door

" Lesbian escort in any directory you will find many London escort agencies that exist at the moment. But the goal of our Amelia find a place to meet these lesbian and bisexual. "A lot of girls who identify themselves as bi, bi are all" - says Amelia. "You never get the pleasure and experience that can give you a real woman gay if a girl from escort only pretending to be bisexual, that of not being in reality. " But is the orientation of call girls to have some value? Whatever it was, if you or a girl pretending to be a lesbian from an escort, it is sex, based on a lie. For many girls, as well as for our Amelia, the real problem is physical contact, rather than emotional.

Once you have paid for sex, you expect a certain level of experience and skills of women of the escort, which will be slightly different from what you have previously experienced. If you would like to know more about Ron O'Hanley, then click here. "This is brand new to our society, why it is so hard to find girls to work with us" - says Amelia. "Siren" - is at the moment Several women in the catalog, but hopes to find a bona fide Amelia lesbians. "Girls, girls, girly boys - we want to have around all types." For women, "soryaschih money," Amelia can offer several types of lesbian girls: experienced girls - style of "model" - can cost around 300 euros per hour to call home, "Girls " - EUR 150, etc. How much would you pay for an hour of "love"? Addressing the bi-curious ability to justify that there is no escort agencies lesbian is that there is no culture of buying sex in the lesbian community. Embarrassment, shame, shame: this is an incomplete list of those negative feelings and perceptions that need to be overcome before the lesbian community will be able to get closer to the general trend. But this would require an indefinite amount of time, that's what most feared Amelia. "I do not know whether to take sex Girls' ordinary lesbians, bisexual but I think it will work 100% "- says Amelia.

"The woman who wants variety in sex (for example try with a girl), a girl, who already have a regular partner, but want to have some fun or feel something new - these will not go into a theme bar or on the dating site. Bill O'Grady follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. They will be easier to dial a number and nothing to worry, spend a few hours in the company of escort girls services. Thus, we see that these agencies - this is a good and easy way to research their own sexuality and to achieve pleasure. "


The modern Olympics which take place every 4 years by promoting world peace began in 1896. In August China is the seat of the number 29 of these version. However, three Olympiads were discontinued due to the world wars and three consecutive Olympics were boycotted by many countries (Montreal 1976, Moscow 1980 and Los angeles 1984). 65 Nations (such as USA, China, the Southern Cone, etc.) not participated in the only Olympiad made outside the capitalist world (Moscow 1980). Without hesitation Bill O'Grady explained all about the problem. However, that Hitler manipulated in Berlin 1936 was until then that brought more countries. The next Olympics will be the second made in a Communist Republic, but today there is no any power that promotes boycott it. China does not invade any country and, rather, comes re-amistando with the capitalist world go by opening its economy to the market. Nationalists in Tibet, Taiwan and other regions of the great China want to leverage the Olympics to promote their demands knowing that Beijing fear to use great force against them to not give arguments to new boycotts. Original author and source of the article.

Computer Work

Before you sit down at the computer - Think what you are doing and what cycles you will need to develop and bring to a conclusion. If you're a reasonable person, then you should be crystal clear that before to get something, you must first identify yourself direction, define an action plan and the final destination. This applies to absolutely everything in the world and especially your business. Business - it is a certain number of cycles of action that you make, and which aimed at achieving specific goals and outcomes. To broaden your perception, visit Bill O'Grady. Business can not be efficient and effective if you do not plan their activities ahead and not getting first execution and closure of some small cycles, then to close some large loops. So, for Internet entrepreneur computer - is not a toy and not some object of pleasure, for it is an instrument of production and the means by which it begins, continues and ends to do a certain operation, initially planned to get the result. Therefore, before you turn on your instrument of production, first identify with the volume of cases that you will need to (In order) get done today. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cyrus Massoumi.

First plan, then do it. Resist the urge to act spontaneously, because gradually it will make a lot of chaos and unpredictability in your work. # 2. Once you started doing one cycle, then bring it to the end and only then go to a new cycle. I think you are very familiar with the situation when you sit down and start doing something on your computer, do some kind of production or administrative activities and then you start to knock in icq or you receive a letter, then you are distracted from their primary duties and begin to respond immediately to these people.

Marketing Services

Today, business success but not enough to engage in direct production, sale or provision of services. Necessary, so to speak, to convey to the consumer your product. Further details can be found at Sheryl Sandberg, an internet resource. And to do it as soon as possible effectively, you need to keep abreast of the latest trends in law and in the market. Furthermore, in order to remain competitive, you should make an effort to create an enabling environment for enterprise, that would attract skilled workers. All this and many other similar "necessary" and "necessary" encourages companies to spend additional funds for promotional activities, the acquisition of a variety of services, enhancing employee motivation, and so forth ... However, major difficulties arise not just through the need to incur additional expenses, primarily due to the many nuances tax accounting for such costs, because most of them belong to the so-called "minimization schemes" and cause extraordinary concern for the tax authorities. One would need only to prove that these costs are related to hozdeyatelnostyu and document them to confirm - and all issues are removed.

But the very presence of a huge number of tax clarification materials and jurisprudence suggests that it is not so simple. The problem is and that there is still no legally approved list of the most supporting documents, resulting in between taxpayers and tax authorities are constantly waging a fierce battle over "Valozatratnosti" or those other costs. In addition, small at first glance, the phrase in any order or contract may give the "green light" gross expenditure, and be assessed fines and penalties as a result of a tax audit. Consequently, what documents should be in such cases, which should be borne in mind in their design and how to raise the risk of non-recognition of tax officials' valozatratnosti " Read the new issue of timely topic - "gross expenditures Controversial": General requirements for the primary (confirming) the documents: The tax treatment of costs for: - telephone - training of employees - measures on occupational safety - travel of staff - promotions - Representation - Marketing Services - services for freight - periodicals and literature - consultancy services (including legal, managerial, auditing, etc.)


I know for sure that nobody tries to argue with the fact that we all love to relax. For example a wedding or a birthday - any of these holidays gives us a lot of unforgettable emotion that we recall after another rather long time. Of course, to all holiday was perfect, it is necessary to calculate every detail. Today, there are a huge variety of work related to the activities for any occasion. In the organization of events apply many options that can decorate your celebration, such as tennis courts.

I suggest a little closer look at this service. So, limousine service at a very high demand today and available services which can benefit not only businessmen, but ordinary people on their holiday. The number of organizations that offer this type is large enough for today, and especially in big cities. So with the selection of a limousine difficulties should not be. It should also provide a wide variety of types of machines that are offered to your attention - almost every company is the number of tens, you can even meet the need rather fastidious man.

When choosing a limousine to keep in mind some aspects which can help you not to miscalculate. Initially, each company has its own rules of the lease - say, someone considers the cost of filing a car in every hour of your time, and someone puts this amount separately. Price feed - is the money for the services of the driver and adjust the car from the parking lot to your destination of. Selecting the right model lease based on your situation, for example, if you need a car for a long time, hours to 10, the rational individual to pay the filing of the tariff that was not included in the delivery of every hour, and if the vehicle is required to several hours, it is most advantageous in order to deliver added every hour. Also required to look at the price of support services using a leased transport: smoking in the cabin, different music, etc. In addition, it must be said that limousine - this is not the only service of these companies, they often offer to the rental vans and cars of elite-class, etc. In periodic collaboration often offer discounts and various bonuses. In order to remain happy from this service, treat with special attention to the choice of the organization, look for reviews of former clients, ask friends, etc.

Civil Defense National

The main danger (deep waters and great waves) is the same in both the cases, but the risk (probability of shipwreck and drowning) is very bigger for the individual of rows it to the boat. In Brazil, the approach of risk management is decentralized. The cities must co-ordinate the responsibility of the risk reduction. The administrative disposals and the legislation only consider a legal landmark for the reduction of the risks of disasters. The exclusive application of the national politics of civil defense, pertinent laws and regulations on the part of the official entities is not enough to diminish the vulnerability of the people displayed to the risk of threats (EIDR, 2007, p.3).

3.3. Classifications How much to the Origin of the Disasters How much to the origin or primary cause of the .causing agent, the disasters can be classified in: natural or human. Natural disasters are those caused by phenomena of disequilibria of the nature that they independently act of the action human being. In general, it is considered as natural disaster all that one who has as gnese in natural phenomenon of great intensity, aggravated or not for the activity human being. Example: intense rains provoking flooding, erosion and slippings; strong winds forming gale, Tornado and hurricane; etc.

Disasters Humanos or Antropognicos are those resultants of action or omissions human beings and are related with activities of the man, as it set appointments or author. Examples: traffic accidents. Urban fires, contamination of rivers, disruption of barrages, etc. (KOBIYAMA et. al., 2006). The natural disasters still can be originated by the internal and extreme dynamics of the Land. The decurrent ones of the internal dynamics are earthquakes, tidal waves, vulcanism and tsunamis. Already the phenomena of the external dynamics involve storms, become, floodings, slippings, among others. In the glossary of the Civil Defense National disaster is treated as being: ... result of events adverse, natural or provoked for the man, on an ecosystem (vulnerable), causing material and/or ambient human damages and consequent economic and social damages. The intensity of a disaster depends on the interaction enters the magnitude of the adverse event and the degree of vulnerability of the receiving system affected ... (I CASTRATE, 1998, p.43). In Brazil, the main phenomena

Toy Kitchen

Kids Smoby kitchen will not only be the subject of games, but also still be able to teach your girls indispensable in the life business. Bernard Golden understands that this is vital information. Plastic Kitchen teach kids to become household, prepare for adulthood. With the help of cuisine girls, your child will never be any fun, because it can play a lot, kids. Certainly much security is important for girls, baby food 100% safe, it means that your child can not get hurt while playing with plastic knife, or anything else. Kitchens for children will be a convenient way of learning if the girls still few years and you think your child is not the time to handle a fork, you can teach them all the very compulsory in the nursery kitchen.

Smoby tefal kitchen takes up very little space, this kitchen can be accurately located in room a little kid. In this kitchen tefal children can play different ages, as well as it can play with their friends and relatives. In the kitchen for girls is all that is in kind, only in toy form. This is a place for cooking, sink, oven, shelves and more. Smoby Toy Kitchen can be of different sizes and have different additional accessories depending on the cost. Yet they can buy not only a tremendous amount of household accessories (they cost a bit more expensive), and only with the minimum necessary, if the budget is limited.

K kitchens tefal smoby can not buy, to purchase additional accessories. In addition, it is possible to organize interesting games for children. You can cook many dishes, it is important fantasy players. Set of ingredients is the ability to add - to purchase extra.

Web Services

In the current scene the majority of the companies uses the information systems as essential tool to its processes of business. Being thus, they appear in the enterprise market, innumerable solutions in software for offering support to them. However, this causes an enormous amount of distributed heterogeneous systems world-wide. In such a way, the necessity to use a technology that establishs connection these systems developed in languages and distinct platforms, is basic. The Web Services (WS) is presented as a solution, since, is about the development of applications that possess high degree of interoperabilidade, through the Internet. To reach an easy communication between distinct applications, the Web Services counts on protocols and formats of independent data of platform as HTTP, XML and SOAP. eXtensible Markup Language (XML) it consists of a series of rules that divides a document in logical and hierarchic parts.

It it is responsible for the sharing of the information in a format standard, compatible with the most different types of applications. The application of Web Services and standard XML is essential to the companies whom they desire to integrate its systems to the services and external functions, through the Internet. This architecture forms a economic and viable structure, since, in this context, the integration does not demand the abandonment of the existing systems, beyond supplying to independent compatibility of platform, device or used language. Another important advantage generated for the consumption of Web Services and XML is the reutilizao of functions and services, since, through these technologies the programmers more do not need to create and to keep all the functions of the applicatory one, these can be invoked by one determined WS. Thus, the development team gains time and standardization in the implementation of the projects. the consumers of Web Service. Bipin Joshi et al (2002) The interaction between these two entities involves operations of research, description and publication of services, for each operation exists a responsible standard. In ample direction, the language XML and standards HTTP, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI,> the calls to the operations, including the input/output parameters, are codified in protocol SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based in XML.

The services (operations, messages, parameters, etc.) are described using language WSDL (Web Services Description Language). The publication process/discovered research/of Web Services uses protocol UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration). The Web Services possesss a potential fort for integration of heterogeneous systems, as well as, sharing of services and functions through the Internet. Its application deserves studies directed to its level of security and ideal tools toward its desenvolvimento.

Main Machine

In the main drive lathe may include single-and multi-speed asynchronous electric motor and a multi-stage gearbox and a mechanical variator or adjustable dc motor and gearbox (usually in heavy lathe). Sometimes the lathes used other drives (eg, hydraulic). To read more click here: Bill O'Grady. Automation requirements of small-scale production led to the development of lathes and machining centers, numerically controlled (CNC). These machines have some features. Along with the traditional layout is applied, in which frame has a sloping direction, which facilitates chip evacuation and protection of working space. Cutting zone guarded. Programmable: gearshift spindle, longitudinal and transverse movement of the caliper with a continuously variable supply, the fast movement of the caliper, turn the turret, start, stop and reverse the drive of the main movement, automatic tool change (if mnogoinstrumentalnogo store). State Street Global Advisors may find this interesting as well. Some machines are used for pivot cam and automated tailstocks.

In many cases, machines have a rotating turret with individual electric or hydraulic. Filing may be made by stepper motors with hydraulic actuators, motors, dc, from hydraulic; use lead screws rolling (ball). Forge tools outside the machine using optical devices or arrangements for setting tools on indicators or patterns. The machine produces only a shift and consolidation pre-established units or the entire tool holder. Lathes are used mainly for single and small batch production.

When equipped with a special lathe means (hydro-or elektrokopirovalnymi calipers, quick-automated ammunition, etc.) their range of application extends to mass production. Chris Williams Madison Capital brings even more insight to the discussion. In mass production is used lathes and turret machine guns and semiautomatic. Service machine is reduced to periodic adjustment, presenting the material on the machine and control of workpieces. In semiautomatic not automated traffic-related loading and removal of workpieces. Automatic control of the operating cycle of the machine by means of a camshaft, which are set cams. According to the principle of subsidiary (dummy) movements automatic and semi-automatic can be divided into 3 groups. The first - machines, having a camshaft, rotating at a constant rate for a given setting; shaft controls the working and auxiliary movements. This scheme is used in machines of small size with a small number of idle motions. Second group - the machines with a camshaft having two speeds: low for workers and a large no-load operations. Usually, this scheme used in multi-spindle machines and semiautomatic. The third group - machines that are, apart from the camshaft, high-speed auxiliary shaft, carrying idle motion.

Democratic Party

Few hours after knowing the result of the last elections in Japan, last August 31, the yen gave the first warning: you marked peaks in your change with the euro in more than five weeks, with the dollar in seven months and its value climbed even with respect to the other 14 most active currencies in the market. Fifteen days later the new Finance Minister announced that: a strong yen is good for Japan. These words from Hirohisa Fujii, stopped suggests that, the change of Government after more than 50 years of liberal party, could give way to different monetary policy. The Democratic Party, away from the boost down the price of its currency to promote sales abroad as many expected, has promised to put more money in the hands of the Japanese, in an effort to modify an economy dependent on exports to one that places more emphasis on domestic demand. Anyway, analysts take such statements with caution. The Japanese, exporting economy by nature, requires to have a special care with the fluctuations and in particular appreciation of the yen. Thus, and independently of the Government or its political orientation, who operate the Japanese monetary policy must paying close attention to the movements of the yen against the main currencies international., says Juan Dieste, OreyiTrade analyst. Japan's economy has been one of the first to ensure that it has exited the recession, after announcing in August that its GDP had grown 3.7 per cent in real terms and annual basis in the second quarter of the year. However, it still has a difficult road ahead. High (close to 200% of GDP) debt, coupled with a growing unemployment rate of 5.7% (a record for this country) and the worrying ageing of its population (with consequent high social spending) make that many doubt that the new ruling Democratic Party is able to fulfill its election promises, including tax cuts and increases in social spending, at the time that you promise to environmental commitment and student aid.

Human Capital

The recruitment consultant business is very booming Bonn/Dusseldorf that business the headhunter is booming in Germany. Additional information at SSGA supports this article. Total 5.250 recruiters were in use according to the Federal Association of German management consultants (BDU) in 2007. That represents a jump of 12 percent compared to the previous year. Learn more at this site: Trevor Clark Madison Capital. The number of researchers grew seven percent to more than 2,400. 19 per cent sales had risen last year, a market volume of 1.37 billion euros, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) reported German personnel consultants doomsday in the vicinity of Bonn.

After an investigation of the BDU, the 2,000 recruiters worked 67,000 search orders in the year 2007. Especially the medium-sized companies have benefited", says Joachim perennial, Vice President of the BDU. As a result of the increasing lack of skilled workers, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises put on the know-how of the recruitment consultant. To broaden your perception, visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . It is clear that smaller companies do not necessarily turn on the big names in the consulting industry. You often better understood and cared personal feel of a smaller, leaner consultancy", says Marc Emde, owner and Managing Director of the Cologne staff Dienstlers KCP executives.

KCP provides for example increasingly so-called interim managers of medium-sized companies: we put our focus on the interim management in the areas of customer care/call center/dialogue marketing, direct marketing and mail order. But in General also applies to other sectors: In the middle class, the staff ceiling is often tighter than the groups. There are then ever, certain projects to be pushed only so out, because it currently has not the right man on board. Recruitment consultants help here, to get within a very narrow time window on the right candidate or the right candidate", so headhunter Emde. That the large State generally still the sound can occupy themselves with the following number: the 40 largest recruiters generated according to BDU 2007 more than 40 per cent of all Sales. "To the generally established veteran of German personnel consultants scene" it has still become, as FAZ author Julia Lohr: Jurgen Mulder, Dieter Rickert, Hermann Sendele the name of the lone are closely connected with the concept of Germany AG, when recruitment was still a matter of trust between supervisory board and respective favorite headhunter, without the interference of the purchasing departments who today hold first so-called beauty contests' before award of a contract. " Casts its shadow on the further development of the industry the financial crisis? This issue was also discussed on the German personnel consultants day. "" Skeptical tones came from Wolfgang Lichius, Chairman of human resources consulting Association and partner of Kienbaum Executive consultants: sales only in the single-digit percentage range rise "In the focus of the search are still managers", says Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the Dusseldorf consulting firm Harvey Nash. Since the staff ceiling in had become very close some areas, the work become the headhunter in the future rather even more demanding than ever before. To cope with very specialized searches, you must be, often also internationally well positioned as a consulting company"so Nadolski. His company is represented well on the market: Harvey Nash is a specialized professional service provider for technical recruitment, outsourcing services, and strategic leadership. Since 1988 the company of high provides potential and IT solutions to a wide range of international clients. Meanwhile, operated Harvey Nash from 31 locations and is represented in North America, Asia, UK and continental Europe. Human capital is increasingly important", emphasises Nadolski. Of which benefit its industry. Ansgar Lange

Status Names

Status names certain quotes or terms in any form that can pass the physical or emotional condition of the people, their social status in society, the profession at the moment, etc. Statuses are often began to use the Internet in programs such as Agent, icq, Mayl_ru, qip, but not in the form of an aphorism, but as a small figure with a face that shows the mental state of man. Additional information at Ron O'Hanley supports this article. Very often the status was applied to Internet social networks such as Moy_mir, Mayl_ru, classmates, facebook and others, in the form of some text citations, which each user installs himself in a special window. The newspapers mentioned Cyrus Massoumi not as a source, but as a related topic. Such a quote can be seen by anyone. About that you have set a new status at the same moment to learn your friends in a social network. What is useful for users may be the status? Firstly, by status in sotsseti facebook you can quickly tell your friends, that in the event you have planned: whether it is approaching the emerging corporate or a date. Statuses, which put you or your friends, you can understand how at the moment the mood of the user.

Today time online facebook assembled a large collection of statuses on different themes: funny, about girls, fun, about life, about the guy, funny, sad, about love. Secondly, by status in sotsseti facebook you can click all my friends for help. Without delay, your friends in the network detect signaling status and therefore be able to quickly offer assistance. Without a doubt, write 10 messages - it's very tiring, but if you need fifty or a hundred, it would take you a long time. This problem is easily able to solve statuses. This is useful if you are taking part in the competition for landslide victory you miss just a few votes - your friends will soon help to solve the problem. Some of them will call for help from their friends list with whom you have no connection, so help, eventually, will gather much. With the status will be then, and thank all.

Third, with the help of facebook status can raise themselves and others mood. If the user read a funny aphorism or he invented some funny remarks, with the help of status, he will be able to quickly share with friends and it is likely that such status will be distributed throughout the entire network or enter into the general collection. Statuses are fraught with a lot of positive emotions. Through love phrases can be recognized in their feelings - and beautiful unusual for a cool and fun - will be able to cheer up myself and friends. Make you a romantic image of the lyrics, secular lion, a deep philosopher, gay optimist - all you can afford, and the status will help You with this.

Nuremberg Estate

In addition to several projects in A number of objects was implemented so far to Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen, in Berlin. You to be active also in Hamburg and Frankfurt. The project funds will be focusing on the financing of residential real estate. Own architects developed so many project that others not have have dared approach it. The form of financing is also smart: through the support of private equity deals the company receives a continuously high inflow of capital. Thus you could performed well in the past year, that many difficult estimated (link to .pdf). The real estate developments implemented it without any foreign capital not only in the Fund, but also in the development projects themselves.

This is unique in Germany and strengthens the security for the investors. Its capital is always within the framework of which secured also debt free understand land registration. The Franconian real estate company is currently developing its third project in Munich. It is the project of Ramersdorf. Two or three residential buildings with about 25 high-quality apartments are to be built here. It aims to achieve ten million euros with the sale of the apartments. The demand is undiminished, as not only many self users looking for a new home, but are also purchasers of real estate investments in Munich on a shopping spree. The specialization of the Bamberg provider on the five metropolitan areas come two target groups located very Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Nuremberg and Munich. So project can take entirely for themselves, to be perfectly networked to provide a high construction quality at fair prices at these locations. A dedicated team of hired real estate sellers ensures the necessary quality in the advice.

Fred Graef

This is the software that wheel in its brain. The brain alone functions with clear and specific commands. It does not understand things inespecficas. If I said to my brain a phrase type ' ' I want to grow in vida' ' , you agree to me that it could give more 10 to me kg? More 10 cm in the belly? Only more 1 minute per week with my family? Only more 1% of money in the bank? technical, you agree that, of a form or another one, she made me to the brain to grow, certain? Only that I would not be happy with the result, I agree? Then, it is the problem of many people there. Whenever Dr. Scott Kahan listens, a sympathetic response will follow. They do not program its brains correctly. Recapitulating: 1 they speaks on what they do not want and 2 they does not specify for its brain what they want. you? Now saying of its business of MMN, you it speaks what you want or what you do not want? You are thinking of a inespecfica and general form that wants to improve of life and to gain more money, or you you have clear the ciphers that she wants to earn? Then, then they follow some tips for its objectives to gain money and to grow in the life: 1 first, thinks that to gain money it is a consequncia; money is as if it was a projected shade of a body; it thinks about this body as ' ' to generate valor' ' for other 2 people takes care of of its language; it stops of speaking and thinking on what you do not want and start to think and to speak on what you want; language has energy and has influence in as you feel yourself and as if holds 3 transforms its dreams and objectives into goals; goals are specifications for the brain of what you are searching In another one post you go to speak on ' ' como' ' to transform its objectives and dreams into goals. It thinks about this.. Trevor Clark Madison Capital is actively involved in the matter.

Managing Evaldo Coast

My experience of more than three decades in sales, discloses that the majority of the salesmen is not made use to work hard to prepare and to become the sales most easy, them prefers to make the easy work that become the sales most difficult and later blaming the customers who do not buy of it. To construct a good reputation, new abilities, and to extend its net of relationship, is necessary to work hard and if to prepare better of what its competitors. For this, you must, at least, if to ask frequent: I am making, as would have, my lesson of house on the strong points of the company where work? Pesquisei the sufficient on the customer that I will go to approach? well I am prepared to deal with the possible objections? I meet well prepared very to speak of my product? Detenho domain of the competing products? I am relaxed and confident to approach the customer? my folder of work is supplied with informative material, business card, table of prices, promotion and condition special of payment? The necessary salesman of success to be prepared well to deal with the new techniques of boarding. He needs to be located well in the Internet and the social medias, in order to serve as reference to the customers. Hear other arguments on the topic with Trevor Clark Madison Capital. That one that he wins in the profession of sales knows that she is necessary to develop new abilities constantly, beyond thinking long and not short-term. It must convince of that the old way to vender already does not function has much time. It is as Brian Tracy said: ' ' The ability to discipline itself exactly to postpone the gratuity of short term, in order to enjoy of you reward greaters in the long run, is prerequisite the indispensable one for sucesso.' ' It thinks about this, excellent day and that God blesses in them. Managing Evaldo Coast of the Institute of the Concessionaires of Brazil Writer, consultant, lecturer and Site professor: Blog: Email:. Click Trevor Clark Madison Capital to learn more.

Bertsch, Group Acquires The E-pro Solutions GmbH From The TTS Group

Bertsch group goes one step further in the consolidation of the DAM / PIM Bertsch competence of the market in the DACH Region Stuttgart, 11 January 2013 - group with headquarters in Stuttgart has the 01.01.2013 the company e-pro solutions GmbH, with its established product portfolio and long-standing PIM and e-proCAT know-how, acquired. The software division which Bertsch group has many years of experience in the project - and product development of IT based marketing and sales processes. The group is the consistent expansion of the DAM with the acquisition of e-pro solutions GmbH / PIM competence the group away. Bertsch, group management of companies visible e-pro and in merging its proven and complementary technologies and the existing know-how, the right decision for all the parties involved. So you will be able to use that partners and customers can be optimally controlled the resulting synergies. e-pro remains even after the takeover by the Bajaj Group on the Stuttgart-Vaihingen site and will continue to support its existing customers independently responsible for.

The continuity in the relationship and system maintenance is guaranteed for the e-pro customers. The new e-pro serves customers in all markets with the complete product portfolio of the PIM software for multi channel communications continue to up to proCAT of market-proven software for electronic catalogs in the BMEcat format", says Stefan Maria Creutz, Managing Director of e-pro Ltd. also revealed itself by the new shareholder exciting development and expansion potential in new business areas, in particular in the areas of mobile and social commerce as well as marketing and sales optimization. "Included in the Bajaj group is the e-pro able to submit a comprehensive range of services to its customers", adds Creutz. With the e-pro we extend our portfolio a high-performance, future-oriented companies in the field of PIM and BMEcat. Together with the e-pro, we will concentrate our expertise in these areas and offer advanced and integrated solutions to our customers, the in particular MAM, online, mobile and social media include", Bertsch says Dr. Frank Mayer, head of group. We look forward to the exciting collaboration with e-pro and that bring together all involved staff, know-how, products and the spirit of innovation", Mayer continues.

Chris Turchin, CEO of DAM Group GmbH, adds: we have found that we have the same vision and views, such as the e-pro management. The e-pro with their talented team, long-time PIM know-how and its market-leading e-proCAT software is an addition to the Group and brings benefits for the DAM group, our partners and our customers."as already long-time customer Bajaj group are we with their trend-setting corporate strategy, convinced the ideal owner for a strategic orientation and development for e-pro to have found. The mediacockpit and other tools of the DAM group we have for many years successfully in use and therefore are pleased on a lasting customer relationship and the possibilities of BIG for the TTS", commented Dr. Sebastian Reschke, Chairman of the Board of the TTS group of companies for this purpose.